I’m a compulsive spender, I can’t have money in my hands and not spend, i cant have my atm with a fully debited account and not spend. I used to console myself with the fact that mom loves to shop too, i mean she’s the one I’m taking after right? my dreams of her smiling into my eyes and giving me this hug as she praises me on being her daughter indeed by knowing how to shop quickly fades when a look of anger bore out of irritation(more of resignation these days) is directed at me as she says ‘you spend like you’ve got millions stashed somewhere, when would you grow up and be responsible’...well i know i don’t got millions yet(but very soon), i know there’s no hidden trust fund from a rich grandparent, well somewhere at the back of my mind i still hope somehow to discover I’m the daughter to a long lost favorite cousin of Aliko Dangote....

So my habit is not hereditary, or maybe it is but not from mom,cos mom shops with a portion of her head on her shoulders, and besides she earns enough to indulge, and she deserves to spoil herself after going through so much, and her spending isn’t entirely on herself but on her kids and then there’s her sisters too(they just got to have em uniformed laces and stuff), so that doesn’t classify her as careless...but then there’s moms younger sister who i was so close to when growing up, she is such a shopaholic monster, she’d buy a pair of shoes and purse in every color just because…well just because they’re in different colors, then she sees the lace and has to have them all... she’s at oxford street as early as the shops open and there till its so dark,next day its Liverpool looking at laces and hollands. come to think of it, I think we both are kindred spirits, maybe we both take after a great great aunt who loved to trade kola nuts for hair treads or chewing sticks for loin clothes, maybe she was the shopper of their time, always bartering things all day long The only problem is aunty K can afford her excesses and well...bite me i'm always broke.

Why am i talking shopping? Ah...yes. Princessa/prisca/princes/princesa? and a couple of we bloggers decided to attend the carnival together (yes i hung with the celeb herself). Meeting points at the palms mall. As usual I’m earlier then everyone, i think I’ll wait in the car, I’ve avoided the mall for so long, I’m trying to learn how to save, i haven’t been to any atm or gone to the bank in a week, things are working out fine for me except I cant stand waiting in the car, so I walk out and promise myself I’ll just get a couple of books and head back to the car. I get the books head back to the car, but I still don’t feel right, I’m not even excited about the books I just got which is strange (imagine giving candy to a child and she's still sulking), i have to go in again and there it is, at the display window of tiffany amber is a mannequin with a red tee and the word SALE boldly written on it (and that single word rocked my world).
Listen to me, never walk into a STORE when there’s a sale going on, especially an overpriced store with beautiful things in it, because you’d spend more than you will on a non sale day. It’s just a big ploy to make you spend more. So I’m going crazy and thinking to myself how tiffany amber can do a sale without me knowing, I mean what happened to those annoying sms they always send?..., I’m mad at them but I decide to go in. 'I’m just looking' i whisper to myself, knowing quite well its all bluff....Mr Unnaked finally arrives, he saved me from picking two extra dresses as I only had time to try on two from the four I picked. my victory for actually saving is short lived as i wipe out my card and close my eyes as its swiped and my cool cash magically disappears. i bought two over prized unneccessary dresses. *sigh*

The beach was fun, we had such a good good time, I hate to admit that after all the fear of going into the waves, I sort of loved the water, I’ve never gone that close to the water in all my days of chilling at the beach. Although I’m all itchy now, who cares? It was worth it…..

P.S this is a note to unnaked and Tayo Odukoya, I was a proud member of the AA(alcohol anonymous) and unnaked had to jinx that by dragging me into newscafe and taunting me with shots of vodka(ahhh, vodka)…SA(shopping anonymous)if you guys came just a little bit early i never would have shopped, and CS(cosmopolitan anonymous) for two months I held out on reading and buying cosmo mags cos 'who am I practicing all the tips in it with' and I don’t really need a man do I? but the questions from those two of ‘why don’t you have a boyfriend?’ and the look it was said with…jeez that look. Twas enough to send me back to buying cosmopolitan and reading all them articles of 'how the right ones really been there all along'.
suddenly, you guys make me loose belief in myself that I’m cool like that, with who I be and my love for self…I suddenly felt like a pathetic young lady and now I’m back to reading all em’ silly 'how to' articles....and yes a CA too(cooffe anonymous) i've been consuming gallons of coffee, dont know who to blame this on tho.


  1. I see u enjoyed the party.
    couldn't make u out though from the pics in princesa's facebook.

    How work?

  2. LOL @ all the anonymouses!
    Come on darl! You’re far from pathetic!!! It may take time but love’ll def find you.
    Am honoured that you feel honoured hanging with me. Blog celeb ke?? That supposed to be afro now.

    Hmmm…spell check…princessa???

  3. as I'm reading this, I'm wondering "when is she going to get to the part where she says how many dresses she bought for me?"
    but alas! she didn't pshew!....wait! she said she bought 2 *thinking* which one is mines?

  4. Hi,

    My name is Hengish Cooper and I am a shopaholic.

    Everyone: Hi Hengish!

    Counsellor: Would you like to share your story with us Hengish?

    It all began when I was very very very very little and my Grandpa would take me shopping and tell me to pick anything I wanted.

    He told me there were no limits.

    My life has never been the same.

    Ever since then, my Dad has kept the tradition going and I later relied on my own wallet never without the support of the money tree my Dad has planted in our backyard.

    If I don't have it, I dream about it.

    If I dream about it, I have got to have it.

  5. I did not jinx you oh, i just inspired you :-D hehehehehe

    had fun ;-)

  6. @hengish-lol

    FQ, nothing do you girl. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Somewhere deep down inside, you know you won't spend all your money. But even if you do, you are prepared to drink garri until the next pay day, ain't that right.

    Abeg, carry go!

  7. damn girl you owe Unnaked about 50 or so bucks or more lol

  8. hey

    my how to articles aren't silly lol

    yeah, we are all brainwashed to shop

    you wouldn't shop as much if you had a fullfilling relationship

    this is what we all want and i think the main reason we take on destructive habits is because we are not getting our social/ emotional needs met

    besides, as you well know, the prosperity of the western world depends on the massive consumption of the populous

    plus advertisers (at least in the united states) spend almost half a trillion dollars to get us to buy their stuff

    that's brainwashing on a massive level

    don't feel bad just find something in life that makes you happy other than shoping

    good luck with that

  9. Lol.. i love this post

    Lol @ "kola nuts for hair treads or chewing sticks for loin clothes"

  10. "...well somewhere at the back of my mind i still hope somehow to discover I’m the daughter to a long lost favourite cousin of Aliko Dangote...."


    please if you find a solution to that shopping bug, let me know oh! if not, when i come to naija, i will just go totally broke....

    looks like y'all had fun at the beach... nice...

    love your blog!

    PS:trading kola nuts for loin clothes? hmm, now that i think about it, its not such a bad idea... *rushes off to try idea in Macy's*

  11. i have a theory that the real contributors to all the cosmo articles are 60 year old overweight white women with names like 'Darcy' who huff when they climb up the steps.
    all lies.

  12. girl you'll be fine. i think u should keep shopping, it's a very good habit.....infact when ur outta money, holla at me.
    Gosh y'all in naija r having maaad fun, r y'all planning sum'n for summer? i gatsta hang out too.

  13. Annon annon annon...you are not...our very own fantasy queen....

    yep,u lot had fun alright...errrrmmm wanna tell us the unwritten one??

  14. Y'all had fun apparently.
    SA(shopping anon) is a bug that just will not go away. Wonder why its so virulent among ladies?
    You went back to TA the next day, right?

  15. an ibo dude...yayyy, u finally show face, u couldnt make me out? uhmmm, i'll piont me out to u.

    princesa...prisca darl, i'm honoured u feel honoured that i'm honoured hanging out with you.lol
    i'm sure if i think hard enough there are more anonymous meetings i'm attending, like BA(blogging annonymous..ths is so addictive)

    bumight..how many dreses i got for you? you asked for the ones from the pre val shopping spree stock, now u expect me to give up my new babies(which havent been completely payed for).
    what do i do with you?

    olamild...lol'...special eh?

    hengish...lol, now that'd be some crazy SA meetings. wonder what song they have you guys singing or chanting as you hold hands.lol

    unnaked...you call that inspiration? my mom would call that bad influence.
    it was fun wasnt it? i had a blast after the initial shock of my statements.

    naija chikito...preach on sister. garri without sugar self.

    DoG...more like he owes me. there should be a law court ready compell him to compensate me.

    JT...do you really believe that, like the finding something else that makes you happy other than shopping to avoid shopping so much? i mean, shopping is shopping to a girl, love or no love, its fufillment is something out of the ordinary...but i do agree with the 'brainwashing on a massive level' by advertisers. so unfair, they put up this lovely images that keep hunting you till you can take it no more and have to get it.

    i need that luck. thanks.

    allied...lol. thanks.

    honeywell...we sure had fun. but do we really need a cure for the ever frustrating yet satisfying shopping bug?
    u're crazy girl, try that stunt at macys and you'll be named looney of the year(come to think of it, it'd amke you popular whe all the news are carrying your story and the worl is laughin at u, u'd get endorsements and enough money to shop macys out)

    freaksho...you're mean man, so you one of those dudes who get sneak previews eh?

    DL...errr, i might take u up on the holla for funds bit...dont u go changin ur nums cos i'll find you girl, i will.

    u coming down this summer? i'm sure prisca would have something down.

    tobenna...fun fun fun, yes we did.
    i wnet back to TA same day, after the picknic..lol
    u know a girl gots to do what a girls gots to do.

  16. what do u do with me? simple: take me shopping!!! or better still, u do the shopping... and then bring the goodies to me (I hate parading malls and not finding what i like, so since u love shopping...)
    Anyways, here are my particulars:
    dress size: 3
    jeans size: 1/3 or bri'ish 2/4
    top: S
    if u need any more info, holler!

    what would I do without u? lol!

  17. how come i was excluded from the bloggers rally??? I feel so left out! Ha can you imagine?

    Anyway, babe, try and curtail this spending thing o...one needs to save for the future! best thing is the fact that you have acknowledged it!

  18. hey DL

    if you got money like that can i holla @ u

    wuz up

  19. U Dangote me im hopin bill gates had an affair wit my mum and im the love child. gal i spend as if i am Bill. but its fun and rearin off the labels makes it worth it.

  20. My dear, av stopped trying to cure my shpaholicism...its not possible. My consolation is dis- I don't mind saoking garri for food but hell no, my baffs. bag/shoes/makeup has to be the bomb, i derive personal satisfaction just dressing up for myself and posing infront of the mirror, complements make me go crazy, as in am on cloud nine! I know its vain but girl, i work really hard for the money! so i tell myself until i have other responsibilities, enjoy ur life girl...so u guys r meeting up, dat's cool. hope to meet up when i come to nigeria!

  21. spending on shopping is good as long as u dont spend more than u earn


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