2 truths and a lie..........!

i got tagged by rita....

y'all know the rules. i'm too lazy to copy and paste and besides most of you have done this.

okay, its been tough trying to come up with truths that are unbelievable and lies that are so believeable.

1. i've flown in the presidential jet a couple of times.

2. i met the late great leader of north korea Kim Il-sung some months before his death, he really liked me and called me a 'little star of the north' .

3. in secondary school, i got suspended for sneaking out of school to stay with this man who was a retired brig. general and yes he was old enough to be my gran-daddy.

there you go people, my two truths and a lie. you figure.
i tag whoever hasnt done this INCLUDING afrobabe.


  1. sounds like 3 lies and no truth!!!!!......just kidding pls...lol!

  2. cousin, i dont want fellow commenters to spy my work, so i wont answer ....for now, lol!

  3. errrrr....if you're talking naija presidential jet, then 1 might be true, cant tell about 2 and 3. so maybe this is two lies and 1 truth no? lol

    i know u're been to north korea a couple of times, but i cant vouche for kim il sung.

  4. anon 1....3 lies and no truth, there rings a bell of truth in that statement.

    bumight...how possible is it that my coz knows so little she cant guess whats right, thus hides under the umbrella...:)

    anon 2...whats with d sudden emerging of anonymous comments?
    i'm not talking any countrys jet...just a presidential jet.
    like i said before, it could be three lies and no truth, or two lies and one truth or....

  5. pls this one na 3 lies and no truth true true o...they all sound like lies for u...u is babe have a lot of surprises up ur sleeves o

  6. sounds like 3 truths to me...you're good...

    1 and 2 are the truths; and 3 is a lie

  7. I'm with the first commenter... It sounds like 3 lies and no truth!!! But if not... then wow. I'm going to go with the presidential jet being a lie...

  8. Not fair, u didnt even allow us uss before you put up the answers...anyway I knew no 2 was a lie...

  9. cant believe tha answers are already up

  10. 2 obviously
    i like the jet gist

  11. If no.3 was true i will not be saying 'tis the lie.


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