....work of the jobless

My last official working day was Monday.

i'll liken my situation to break-ups in relationships. you know its for the best, but theres that comfort you get from it, the security. thus theres always the call that sends you driving with such frenzy to his house, every now and then. till you get used to the fact that its actually over and you need to move on.

well thats how it is for me. not like i love coming to work, but i feel guilty not going to help out. so when i'm called, i keep running back... to think i thought i wasnt the booty call type:)

work of the jobless is going back to work.


  1. LOL.. That was some imagery mehn... Never heard that used too describe work ever!

  2. work nd break-ups, hmmn, yea i guess its abt the security nd familiarity...

  3. How true... Felt this way when I quit work too. And despite the fact that it could be likened to an abusive relationship, for a while I did want to go back...

  4. You run back to work???

    Girl, u no want rest!


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