the premiere

for lack of better things to blog about:)
i was at the Lagos premiere of the 'figurine' staring Kunle Afolayan, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi, Ramsey Nouah, Tosin Sido, Omoni Oboli.
the movie was priemered at Genesis Deluxe cinemas at the palms. i think the guys at genesis did a wonderful job. as it went Hitch free and was quite glamorous.

i didnt take the pictures myself so you wouldnt have the best,as i would have captured more familiar faces and fun moments. i didnt get the red carpet pictures, i wish i did, it was grand, more like a raffia carpet, with the african tourches by the sides, ushers dressed in some funky styled ankara, food served in banana leaves, african staples like akara and thingys.....

the night went well, i was really impressed with the movie, not your typical naija movie, the plot, the cinematography, the acting, the suspense, the unexpected twist, nothing like your everyday predictable naija movies..... i mean i'm not a naija movie buff but gosh, i was soo impressed, ramsey killed his role, and the little kid? so not the 'mummy, daddy said(pause) i should have(pause, look at the camera for a second) ice cream today' typical naija child role type.
i love it that they took care of details, the rich didnt have mansions like our movies love to show with a dozen cars parked outside and body guards with tons of househelps trying to be comedians.....rather, they had a beach house, the effect was nice, a beach house is simple but we all know its expensive. the scence at the golf course was credible too(although they tried so hard in marketing the golf resort, and promoting unilever prouducts which were sponsors) i'm not so good at giving rave reviews, so all i can say is, twas a nice movie, better than the rest in technicalities.
only thing is i have a problem with the 'ararome' theme. I wouldnt watch harry potter movies and same reason i wouldnt go for halloween parties...the whole ararome thingy was quite scary and my senses kind of revolted against it, i walked out towards the end of the movie. thus its not a movie i'll go out of my way to watch, like i'll never go out of my way to way a harry potter movie even though its that good.

enjoy the pictures

i love this...the african theme
i've got to admit, never been a big fan of Ramsey, but gosh, he looks so pweety...oops handsome here. i still maintain he should have worn natives like his fellow cast members, afterall, the theme was african. but who cares. oh, thats his son by the way.
i love his(Ramsey) daugther, shes so cute.
'The Figurine' star Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi(she was fantastic, gave depth to the definition of 'successful desperate lagos big girl)ramsey Nouah and co-star Tosin Sido
Rita Dominic......couldnt find a pix of Genevive in the mix. she looked stunning too:)
is that a blackberry i see in Ritas hands? cant Nokia like sue for this? lol,shes supposed to be the face of nokia right? that means representing nokia all the way.
Omoni Oboli, Toyin Subair HiTV MD, Peter Balogun of Genesis Cinema

yummy...the lady had wacked it all
Singer obiora obiwon, Kene Okwusa, Tewa(publisher Exquisite magazine)
cast and crew of the figurine
cast, crew and friends
Kene Mkparu MD Genesis Cinema's and Ramsey Nouah
Kunle Afolayan(directed and featured in the movie), Kene Mkparu and Omoni Oboli with her son(they both did an awesome job)
Ramsey and family
patrick Dolye and Ramsey
Comedia Tee A and friends(i hate the tags on pictures FQ and friends, it pisses me but i have no choice here)

the Genesis fellas....or should i say Odeon convicts(they all broke out to come give Naija cinema culture a boost the Odeon way...only better, well i hope:)

errrr....guest??? i think the chics nollywood. i mean the photographer took her a pic:)

Adegberon Ajibade(aka) Soji in Mnet soap tinsel...hes an old school mate. what a jolly renuion we had(you'd think we were so close in school)
D1(abi keke? of primetime entertainment) Patrick Doyle, Fred Amata etc

There was loads of nollywood out to support, joke jacobs, kate henshaw, genevive nnaji, the cast of mnet series tinsel, errrrrr, cant remember em all, the musi industry too were well represented, roof top mc's, obiwon, the coporate top guns, and of course me:)

i'm not cut out for entertainmet news obviously, i'll leave that to bella and linda ikeji lol'. gosh, loading all the pictures and tagging them. i could have written a post with all that time.

Its Mum's 61st birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mum in the whole wide world. yeah i know you always thought your mum came first, sorry to burst your bubble, she comes right after mine:)
this year, theres no ticket and planned trip for her:) blame it on the recession.
but shes got the best gift ever, our love and our prayers.
God bless her and keep her and grant her long life and prosperity to see all her childrens children.
Going to creep into bed now with her......i love having my mummy around. it turns me into a baby all over again:)

bless you all.



  1. Interesting! thanks! the pics give me a feel of the event...relives the fun

  2. Awwwww, happy birthday to your mum…

    Heard great things about the movie…cant wait to watch it…

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  4. lo que yo queria, gracias

  5. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!


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