Heartbreak of Breakups

“why you dey cry?...e say e no love me again.... If e say e no love you again, somebody else go love you’....Sunny Neji
 Sunny Neji’s song seems like its all a girl needs to get over the heartbreak of a relationship. But the fact is, despite the consoling fact that someone else would love you ‘if e say e no love you again’ you still cant help but cry and dwell in the shadow of self pity because you’re wondering "Why did he stop loving me?" "What went wrong, how can I just become unlovable from the lovable can't live without I was to him?"
So even if somebody else go love you… It doesn’t stop you from wanting to run over his new giggling somewhat pretty girlfriend with your car, and coming down to walk over her with your 10inch heels to make sure the job is complete.

It doesn’t stop you from going over to his place to collect a long forgotten nail polish that probably doesn’t exist anymore, just because you want to be in the same breathing space with him. It doesn't stop you from driving round town all day hoping to catch a glimpse of him. It doesn’t stop you from buying that fabulous aftershave of his and splashing It around your house cos you miss the scent of him.
You see his name on the caller ID and give a smug ahah you’re sorry you left me’ smile, and do a little chicken dance before answering the call, then you find out he's just calling to ask why you keep calling and hanging up. ‘shoot, you thought you hid your caller id”(stalker 101 gone wrong)

“If e say e no love you again, somebody else go love you… rain or shine, you still fine, plenty go come……..”

But uncle Sunny, you don’t understand, Its really a terrifying end, you see being dumped jolts her back to reality, you know sort of like some prophet just emerged and announced to her that somehow, somewhere along the way she missed a part in her creation story and she's definitely not IT and the world doesn't belong to her alone, it evolves around others too and yes, she can be rejected too. So she really does need to cry, its not just the end of a relationship, it’s a crash land into reality, a reality that she, the creator of her little world can be rejected too. And besides Uncle Sunny, what makes you think she’ll love that somebody else?
I love Sunny Neji, his songs make sense…and o, this isn’t my breakup story. my friend just broke up with her boyfriend... and I'm guiltily yayyyyy about it, she was too good for him. Of course I'm not girl enough to tell her this. *sigh* They break up, you rant to make them feel good, they make up and you become the enemy.
If George Clooney dumped me, I’d do all this and more. But fortunately this is fantasy world, so he’ll never get to dump me. I’ll be off adopting a child somewhere with his best friend Brad Pitt before he even gives the dreaded ‘we need to talk’ line:)
So ladies… after the breaking of windscreens and puncturing of tires or wasting money on billboards. "If e say e no love you again…." just move on already, and stop hoping he’ll still have you back. After crying for a week, maybe a year and probably checking into rehab, dust yourself up, Move on, change your name, do brain surgery to extract traces of him from your memory, do whatever it’ll take for you to move on, because Uncle Sunny has assured us that ‘somebody else go love you” enough said.


  1. uncle sunny talk am well... but e hard jare my sista

  2. sigh. uncle sunny its not easy o...
    but i guess we eventually get over 99% of heartbreaks....
    hope your friend gets over hers on time

  3. its hard.........
    but we get over *them*....
    it does take tyme though.....

  4. Its take jus 2weeks 4 a girl 2 get ova any break ups,once u make up ur mind den dts i


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