You don't have to get me anything

I love gifts. But I hate been asked what I want. It kills a little fun out of receiving, that hot extra spice of surprise. Added to the fact that I never always know what I want.

Its my birthday on tuesday, and I've been asked again and again what I want....I'm on auto response "you don't have to get me anything" cos really you don't have to get me anything. its not an obligation except you family or my boyfriend or you're in the class of best friend.
I once told a friend I wanted this gorgeous dress I saw at leila fowler, he ended up giving me the money to get it myself cos he was sure he'd pick the wrong one even after I described it to him. I never bought that dress...thus I don't look in my wardrobe and think how sweet a friend cos there's no dress hanging there as proof. I used the money on something I can't remember,lunch here, fuel there and all the petty things.
So you see, that's why I'd rather have them pick something out even if they're clueless, at least I have something to laugh,cry,aww or sulk over depending on how the gift turns out.

I wish birthdays were like weddings where you open a gift registry in stores and have people do something. I can't think of what I want. I already bought myself my birthday gifts on friday, I'll be acting surprised when I see them again on tuesday. My sister already got me something I really really need. I think I'm content to an extent. But here's a bit of what I'd like
- A full option gift certificate to a spa,barazahi to be precise(facials,marine body wrap,herbal massage,thai manicure and pedicure)
- A Nixon D90 camera
- The bible experience dvd
- Pryor Convictions by Richard pryor
- A new phone
Seriously I can't think of that much material things I'd like. Of course there are lots more I want, but I just can't be bothered. Whatever comes is fully appreciated. But most of all I need
A hug that'll last for ever,if ever there was one. I just need some sort of comfort that'll pierce straight into my heart and a prayer so sincere and deep.

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  1. Happy birthday in advance, I wish you all the joy and fun and blessings.

    I understand what you mean about being asked what you want. I love surprises myself.

  2. happy birthday in advance.....God bless you

  3. Happy Birthday. I wish you the very best this new year and always.

  4. happy birthday in advance...
    now u've reminded me to make more noise about my birthday list-my usual practise.

  5. Happy Birthday!! I want the Bible Expereince too :)

    I started a new blog on hair care for west african women.


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