F is for Fairy tales

The African folk tales taught us great lessons. Mr tortoise was certainly a wonderful teacher… always going through the fire just to teach little children a lesson or two. Poor old thing.
But fairy-tales, did we ever get to learn from the whole castle, princes,fairies and happily ever after stories? I was thinking about some of the fairy-tales, and decided to squeeze some life lessons out of them. This is just for fun.. don’t take it serious or maybe you should or not.
Cinderella… we’re slaves of peoples expectations of us. They expect us to be anything but the best, agree to whatever demands they make on us and be shadows of ourselves. You want more out of life but you let yourself stay in that confinement because it's what is expected of you. Until that moment when you're dared to cave in to the pressure within by the bad friend fairy godmother. You dare to be free for once, you sneak out to have a feel of the world you imagined beyond your confinement…. You enjoy the waltz and the music and the dresses and having your way, but you feel guilty for having so much fun and dread getting caught, thus you run back to that place where your mind is locked and controlled by everyone except you.... and em, ops, i've lost the plot here, errrrrrr.... Whatever,so a pair of shoes somehow manages to break you out and free you from slavery, and you marry the one they don't expect you too, the biggest boy toh badt:) aka fine bobo aka the prince. Lets leave it at that, in simpler words, always make sure you forget one leg of your shoes(even if they're manolos) at events, someone will notice them one day and hopefully it'll be your prince that will come looking for you, and not some lady who wants to beg for the other leg, cos the manolos are these seasons:)

Rapunzel… sometimes we’re locked up in castles built by our past hurts, our fears, and betrayals and jealousy insecurities. We don’t want to be in this place we’ve been locked up in, we want out, and so we seat daydreaming, waiting for someone (has to be a handsome prince) to rescue us. So many pass us by, not knowing how, till that one special person comes along, and oh, he sees your locked up soul in those sad eyes of yours, and all he wants to do is rescue you despite the barricade you’ve built. But he can’t climb over the walls without your help, and so he does what the others failed to do, ask for your help*yawn*.
You’ve got to let down your hair and help him up… by learning to trust and dropping your defenses you let him in or else you’ll lock everyone out in your fear and insecurities. Make sure the hair extension you use is tightly sewn in, else your scalp will come off from the extra weight of his pot belly.
Beauty and the beast… Looks are deceiving. Not all ugly people are ugly. There's a Denzel within them.
Even a beast can have a heart of gold. Some haven’t always been that way. They’ve been turned into beasts by wicked witches ex girlfriends/boyfriends. They’ve been hurt and in turn they want to hurt you before you can hurt them back, no use getting burnt twice. It takes patience, and kindness and true love to break through the skin of the beast into that whole bunch of handsomeness/beauty within. Your love will eventually turn him/her into the prince/princess that he/she is on the inside (like I said… don’t take this serious) Don't mean you should start visiting zoos, looking for lions and bears to hug, hoping there's a fairy tale dream within.

Pinocchio? Errrrr… if you lie, your nose will grow long and your father will get swallowed by a fish because you're disobedient. *shrugs* Oh, and of course, you'll stop being controlled like a puppet by your father and become a real boy when you decide to stop lying,
Snow white. Phew…. Don’t go looking at mirrors, or your step mother will realize you’re finer than she is, and she’ll send you packing, then you’ll have to live with dwarfs with funny names, and stop eating apples(which is bad, cos an apple a day keeps the doctor away) and you’ll get sick, then have to eat an apple anyway to get well, but you'll die, and then a young man will kiss you and wake you up and marry you. But then again, maybe you should look in mirrors, how else will the prince find you if you're not dead, because your stepmother killed you?

Sleeping beauty… all you have to do to find the man of your dreams is sleep. Sleep and sleep and sleep till you dream him into reality. Then he’ll kiss you and wake you up from your dream. Shikena!!! Looking for prince charming? Be a sleeping beauty, have a make over, buy the best hair in the market, use all the makeup mac can make,pop a bunch of minty tictac in your mouth and then wear your best clothes and sleep. Note that this wouldn't 'werk' if you snore and drool in your sleep. Neither will it work if you live in naija, cos nepa will take the light, and then you’ll sweat in your sleep, meaning your makeup will run and your hair will stink from sweating, so the prince will pass you by.
Don't let me start with the princess and the frog... or little mermaid.
 I guess in the end, I'll be running back to Mr. Tortoise for life lessons,and not try to get deep and philosophical lessons from my princesses.:)


  1. I think disney had good intentions...but what these fairytales did was build up idealistic expectations of the real world..fantasy island! lol
    but we like these things that lie to us really..the truth is bitter

  2. I love fairy tales. I had to write my own one time for an online "class" I took (it wasn't for any qualification or anything, just for fun). It was great!


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