Z is for Zebra Crossing

photo source:www.rulesoftheroad.ie
The stripes of the Zebra gives you a right of way. Once you stand on the kerb, the cars ought to stop. You start to walk and every car waits for you. And that's such a saver, because crossing roads isn't an easy task for me. It is pure chaos especially on extra busy roads, more like especially in Lagos.(I know we don't obey pedestrian rules here)
You can take your time,walking, crawling, running across because it's your right, and if you get hit by a reckless driver who refuses to stop or is impatient, he has the law to contend with.

And that's how life is. We struggle through things,delays, failed attempts et co. It's like having to deal with busy roads, with no way to cross over, every attempt is met with a speeding vehicle or five, it's just almost impossible to try running across... that's why we have to keep walking, knowing that somewhere ahead, there's definitely got to be a zebra crossing. 
The crossing is our season. The season where everything we do is like a peaceful walk across that busy road. There might be cars speeding up on both sides, but we're not bothered, because its our right of way. Everything stops for us, opposition is held back, delays are pushed aside, and what we struggled for before is now just a walk... an easy walk, and anyone who dares to challenge the rule, break that protocol, try to knock us over when we've stepped on the kerb, will have God to contend with.  Because it's his set season of favor, and he makes no room for the devil or his mother in law.

I love how BBC put this "if the traffic does not stop, then you can carefully put one foot on the crossing. This means that the right of way is legally yours, and the traffic MUST stop so that you can cross"
It's that simple, when we come into our season, haters, fighters, lovers... everyone MUST one way or the other stop, so we can cross effortlessly.

It's all about being patient, don't try to cross a road with speeding cars and no zebra crossing or traffic light to aid you, more often than not, you'll get hit, maybe a broken arm or maybe something fatal. Keep walking(praying) till you find that crossing constructed specifically to aid you in your journey to the other side. It's there somewhere, you'll see it, because God has a plan and he works with times and seasons. You'll come into your season soon enough.

and Z is for ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yup, i'm snoring away. The challenge Officially ends today. Like the lizard that falls and nods it's head like it's applauding itself, i tap myself on the back and commend myself for making it through, Your gifts are welcome, unlike Wills and Kate, i would not be asking you to donate to any charity, send it directly to me.

I'm one of those who thought I'd be immune to the royal wedding. I was wrong, It was so beautiful, i have a lot to say about that, but I'll respect myself, and take care of the palpitations the wedding has caused me. As i snore away with Zzz, i should get some good royal dreams, Prince William might have charmed Kate away, but there's always Harry to crush after, and he's got full hair too, so that's a good bargain.


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