Wedding Bells...

And my 'favoritest' man tied the knot today.
Of course i missed it. But i'm sure he understands that i'd leave the queens land back to Lagos just for him if i could.
Am i glad he's hitched? Oh goodness, i am. Hopefully marriage will make him nicer to me. He's too hard on me sometimes, he bullies me and calls me names.
I mean who calls a nice little girl like me 'Mbeke'... and he still wouldn't let me know what it means.
Today, after years of courtship and acting like a lost puppy in the presence of his sweetheart, he finally can bark at the world and walk the walk of a man. He's married after-all.

He's helped me grow in my faith. He's been a source of encouragement to me, and even though we've had our moments... it doesn't make me love him less. I'll take his bullying any day to not being able to hola at him when i'm down and out asking for a prayer and a word.
I'm so happy he's found someone so special, someone so wonderful... he's found a good thing. And i can't wait for the favor coming his way from this good thing. For the word says "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord." Proverbs 18:18

Here's to Obiwon... the happiest man on earth today.
Enjoy your marriage my friend... you deserve it and much more.


  1. How cute!
    LMAO @ acting like a lost puppy in the presence of the he can act like a lost dog....
    Congrats to your friend and here's to wishing me a fruitful marriage in all ramifications

  2. Awwww. Congrats to your friend...

  3. Pls what is your relationship with him? Are u his sister, cousin or just his friend? I pray the same favour will also come or is already in your life. Pls pray for that too.

  4. thanks people.
    @cee Amen to that!!! Obi and i are friends.

  5. In traditional igbo context,individuals were named according to the names of d market days they were born hear names like Okeke,Okafor,Okorie,Okonkwo representing the four primary market days respectively(Eke,Afor,Orie&Nkwo)...the same applies to the female on the flip side. A female can be named mgbeke(this is d right spelling actualy) if she's born on the Eke mkt day...its now razz to name ur kids that way..civilisation&assimilation of foreign culture is fast eroding cultural mores...anyways,if you exhibit razz or village-like behaviors,you can be yabbed and called Mgbeke...this is d orientation behind its use in modern times.I'd for instance,a lady lacks basic make-up application skills and literally 'paints' her face.she cn b called mgbeke and finally friends just intend to get us riled up by calling us such names...which I guess is what Obiwon is doing..
    Just discovered ur blog and began working my way thru' an interesting journey from the beginning year till this post..Fabulous work here m'am!
    Felt inclined to help you disarm ur friend when next he calls you that name...Here's hoping i'm not behind schedule with my rescue!

    1. Lol, thanks for enlightening me, and thanks for being a part of eldorado...


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