For the love of God, Hip hop, Lecrae and You...

I love Lecrae... and i love you too. (You don't know who Lecrae is? *gasp*... google him, i refuse to be a Lastma trainer :p I wouldn't be mad at you if you forget to thank me... but you should)
That's why i want you to listen to and download Lecrae's just released mixtape 'Church Clothes' hosted by Don Cannon(there's a lot of noise about the christian rapper + secular Dj, but who cares? as long as the message is clear)... If you love hip hop, you've just got to listen to this. And the icing on the cake? It's FREE!!!!!

I love the different approach... he's coming straight to the streets without loosing himself or diluting the truth. In the track 'Church clothes' Lerae spills on hypocrisy in the church and how it drives people away, especially unbelievers.
His lyrics are like a stampede on grounds many have feared to tiptoe on.

He's far from being religious on his track, but they somehow manage to be deeply spiritual, creeping on you with the message... #DOPE!

I'm not a good dancer I can't dance, but I've been dancing moving in my room, and using words like 'dope', almost sagging my pants and getting gospel gansta. :)
It's that good! What better way to dance than to dance to words of truth?

Get your download here...

and here's the video for 'Church clothes'


  1. thanks for this,
    i listened to the track last week and didn't understand who he was trying to talk to

  2. The track "Church Clothes" is actually sacarsm, him rapping from an unbeliever's point of view, the excuses people usually give for not going to Church or living for Jesus ...

    So after he raps about things like "better not be no real God, real hope, that heals hearts, that shows me that I ain't livin up..." towards the end of the thought he says "No we don’t wanna see that, Cuz that might mean a life change.." Showing which perspective he's speaking from.

    The hypocrisy exposure part might be a secondary derivable message but the main idea is sarcasm to provoke thought



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