A Very Very Thin Line....

So how do you know when you’ve crossed the line between two extremes? We know just how thin the line is, but do we know just how close we are to crossing over or how close is the other person's brain to crossing over with wrong interpretations? 
We unknowingly cross over to the other side by oversubscribing to the good side. You know, just a little more spice to sweeten the food and you find yourself with a hot mess pot of stew…

There's a very thin line between....

  • Salvation and Religion
  • Loving and appreciating self and Vanity
  • Sharing info and Gossip
  • Friendly and Flirty
  • Ambition and Greed
  • Being caring and being overbearing
  • Rest and Laziness
  • Desperateness and Craziness
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Discipline and Abuse
  • Advice and Judging
  • Genuine concern and Intruding 
  • Being sweet and being silly/mumu/mugu
  • Speaking the truth and 'hating on'(shout out to all those who claim to have haters :p)
  • Fear and Stupidity
  • Funny and Annoying
  • Getting in touch with your feminine side and being a sissy
  • Diligently kissing endless frogs to find your prince and the tag 'slut princess'
  • A smile accompanied by a hello and 'Toasting'/Chatting up
  • A nice compliment and 'Toasting'/Chatting up
  • Cowardice and Bravery
  • "Just kidding" and the painful truth
  • Wisdom and Foolishness
  • Comments on blogs/twitter and Mental asylums
  • Johnny Bravo and that boy that was on my bbm list...
  • Mothers and Superheroes( i don't mind this)
  • Color blocking and Stark raving mad
  • Introverts and Snubs
Oh there's more... if only i could think. A very very thin line it is.
Trend with care or else you'll get served for what you're clueless about.



  1. Lol at the Johnny bravo one.

    Though, I believe that there are very very thick lines between some of these sha

    1. lol.
      Yeah i know not everyone would agree with me. But i have met people whose perceptions are that thin... it's so easy to jump from one extreme to the other.

  2. Lmao@Jonhy bravo and stark raving mad. I can so relate with most of these though. I had to make a post at a time that 'smiling' at you doesn't mean 'i love you' biko


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