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We all have treasures, and it is up to us to dig within to find it. 
It takes grace to nurture and polish the treasure we find till it shines, and it takes an even greater grace to offer it back to the King of Kings for His use. Giving back to Him the best part of you, to show the world the best of Him.

I was at the launch of the debut album of Benue Born Adakole William, titled ‘Highly Lifted’. This young man has vigorously polished his treasure and it shines like the gemstone that it is, and he’s offered it back to the King.
The 13-track album takes you on a journey of worship and praise, and leaves you in awe of God. It’s got upbeat and catchy tunes, but It's hard to loose the message even in the midst of the groove. One minute you're moving, and the next you're throwing your hands up in worship.

I’m excited about this album. In a world where you’ve got to mouth words like ‘1st of all, go down low' or 'shake that thing' to be seen as good and to have a fair chance to strut on the red carpet of fame. It’s great to see people choose to stick to what matters most, which is a love for God that isn’t fazed by the desire for acceptance and popularity.
I uploaded one of my favorite tracks from the album titled 'I am here'… I love it!!! A call from God to come to Him and just drop it all at His feet. Deep! 

Watch out for Highly LIFTED... available in stores soon...


  1. Understood. But when I got saved I wanted nothing but to give God the best of me and that's what I strive to do.


  2. I will certainly check it out. I wonder if I can buy the album on iTunes or Amazon. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas in advance too.


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