What If...

All this Jesus talk is getting more than a little bit tiring. End times this, end times that and blab blab blab, like restless sheep at a towns meeting. Why punish yourself by staying away from all the fun all around you. Why can’t you curse and swear, and be sexy and do it all? What if it’s not even real (doesn’t stop you from going to church on Sundays though, just in case)

So, lets take a moment to think… what if?
What if it’s true?
What if we’re really in the end times and there’s a possibility that trumpets and raptures are a reality?
What if there is a heaven and a hell, that not exactly fits into the description of what we’ve been hearing but a hundred fold more intense in it’s pleasure on the part of heaven, and pain as of hell.
What if there’s really a God who hates the fact that we abuse alcohol and get proposed to on the bed of fornication even if we have debates every day on how there’s no big deal in living together with your partner?
What if cheating on your wife is really wrong? These days, you hear men giving single girls all the reasons why it’s ok. (I've heard a thousand and one justifications on why it's okay for them to date me :|)

What if all liars really go to hell? Even the white lie gets a heavenly frown.
And there’s judgment awaiting every form of cheating and shortchanging?
What if?
Have you ever stopped to think?
That one-day it’ll be truly over and you don’t really YOLO, because when it’s over, it’s only just beginning. There is life after death, and your attitude to the YOLO hash tag determines how pleasurable the after life is for you.
What if this Jesus talk is as real as it gets?
Just what if?
What if you only get to realize how true the truth is when it’s too late?
What if heaven and hell are so real and so close to taking their share of the people of the earth? In this case, it wouldn’t be a case of every one picking their gym partner and you being left out, everyone is picked by one side. No one is left in the middle.
What if there’s really witchcraft and it’s bad?… Sod the white witch, black witch, Harry Potter cool kind. It isn't as cool as Hollywood makes it out to be.

What if miracles are miracles and beyond all the intelligent logic you dig up to cover up the extraordinary things that happen?
What if?
What if we really aren’t stupid for choosing this life of dying to self and living for Christ and there’s truly a reward for those holding on to the end and waiting on the Lord?
What if?
Even in a world that tries to get rid of our truth and feed our hearts with lies and doubt about the existence of our God, I choose to be on His side, even if people ask us "What if it's all a bunch of hogwash and there is no God or heaven and hell?"
"I’m on Aslans side, even if there isn’t any Aslan to lead." Silver chair, C.S Lewis.


  1. I'm on the Lord's side even though these questions ring in my ears and head all day. The small-percentage media is after me, chasing to make sure I keep asking 'what if'. I'm on the Lord's side. Safe and secure


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