serial blogger.

i just got this book titled "101 things to do before you're old and boring" and so here i am, creating my own blog cos the freaking book ask me to. i'm just 21, and i'm pretty much proud to say i've ticked some of the to do's off... i have to admit that some of the stuff are pretty lame, goffy and maybe senseless, but i'm doing what i can cos its fun and sort of twisted... i see other meanings to some of the task and they make me think about my life.
so here i am thinking to myself what this blog should be all about...should i be completely honest about my life or should i live a new perfect life here?....the imaginary life is the best you can get... though its sad to know somewhere deep down in your thoughts that you'll always have to wake up to face the reality of life(trust me on this, i should know cos i'm the queen of fantasy land, try as i may as queen, i havent been able to change this fact).

i'm a serial blogger.... i think thats what goes for people like me who happen to be a little bit confused...on a journey of self me if i sound drab. the whole deal is, i love to blog, i'm probably registered in a dozen sites i've forgotten all about. i can justify myselfy though, blogging is like having a new best friend, i can rant and rave about anything and everything even nothing, to a whole bunch of faceless people, i don't have to look them in the face when i tell my dreams, which can be sometimes a bit on the off side. i could also tallk about messing up without looking them in the eye and seeing the obvious disappointment. now i'm blabbling ain't i?

anyway this is my first blog on this site, i once hated the name inyamu when i was little and wondered why everyone seemed to love calling me that instead of the very english name which i loved then but recoil at now... i think i'm evolving with the world since everyones going ethnic cum afrocentric i just had to go with the flow and love the name inyamu...... so here you go 'inyamus eldorado'

the good thing is i get to use inyamu and still get to be as anonymous as i want to be:) yipeee


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