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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Beautified By Grace...

Heard a song by a talented young lady titled 'Beautified by grace'… and the words have been playing in my head.
Those words mean so much to me, more than words can say. I’ve always been called beautiful, all my life, I grew up hearing how pretty I was from strangers even when I didn’t feel like it. I have been chubby, slim, thin and in-between, and in all that, beauty has remained my constant. Beauty has been a part of my life, like my nose is a part of me… O, some times I see it… well more recently I’ve seen this beauty and basked in it. But the beauty that has floored me, taken over me and driven me crazy is the beauty of grace I have seen in my life. I can’t explain it; it’s beyond the physical of what my nose looks like or the color of my eyes. My goodness, how can anyone ever put to words the splendor of Gods grace and what it does to and for you?

I know just how beautiful I am. I have begun to see what strangers told me from days when I was a little girl… I have begun to see this beauty they talked about, but I see it through the eyes of grace and it makes it even more beautiful, it takes my breath away, as it rightly should. For the beauty of Gods grace should make me die to my flesh. My heart is renewed; fear has taken a back seat and o, the confidence, even in the midst of the uncertainty. Do I make sense?

It’s given me an assurance, given me a stand…. You know how confident we feel when we know we look extra beautiful on certain days? It’s given me confidence.
I can confidently say I’m beautiful. I don’t have to doubt or look for endorsements of my looks via compliments from strangers to know this truth.

You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. ( Isaiah 62:3 AMP)
The word has said it all, I am exceedingly beautiful in the hand of my God. 
Most times, when I get to meet people who've seen my pictures online, they comment on how different I look from my pictures… they say “you look bigger in pictures and you’re so small physically.”
That’s my life… it’s like what I am seen to be in pictures, and how I am seen outside the pictures. I am amplified under the lens of His grace, and I am so small and ordinary outside of this beauty of grace. This grace has given me a new kind of beauty… made me larger than life. Why would I want anything else when I’ve got all the goodness in this?
Listen to and download Beautified By Grace by Naomee Here

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Faith On Fleek...

‎Sometimes our strength lies in our willingness to break down.
My grandma is the strongest woman I've ever known... and one of the most stubborn women too. She's the best cook and entertainer as well. I have seen her sick but I've never seen her this ill and weak and restless.

I am strong as well, plus i'm this badass woman of God with my faith on a no crease fleek. I get worried but act like it's nothing, because most times I know it's nothing even when it feels like something. I tell myself it is well and I comfort people that it is well as well.
But the day I saw my grandma weak, the day she looked at me and didn't recognise any of us in the room. The day she was treated like a baby, this strong woman whose shoulders we all stand on... the day I saw her helpless even as my faith assured me that she would be back to herself marching to the kitchen and making my favorite soup with the biggest chicken ever. (The last time she sent soup to me, I was overwhelmed by the size of the chicken, maybe it was a giant chicken... Just maybe, because I kept sighing in frustration as I ate wondering how I would go through it. )
Anyway, my faith was on fleek but my heart was breaking, so I refused to be strong for a few minutes. I stepped out of the room and sobbed like a baby. I broke down and then I cleaned my eyes. Removed all evidence of fear and weakness and walked back to mama and my family.

What a relief that cry was. It made me realize that our strength sometimes is in breaking down, giving in to the emotions of pain, but just for a minute. It becomes a weakness when you let that downpour of pain and heartbreak drag you into a pool of selfpity and depression. That little cry strengthened me as I now move around in faith. Spending all day in the hospital and watching IV after IV flowing into her body and jabs of injections piercing her, knowing the doctors are doing their best, but resting in the truth that God's done His best already through Jesus, and that's our hope, our anchor, our faith on wheels, faith on fleek... 

Monday, November 2, 2015

This Love...

“For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." Zephaniah 3:17(NLT)
The message translation says “he'll calm you with his love and delight you with his songs.”
Oh how beautiful this is… to know that God’s calming my fear with His love, wrapping me in the comfort of His love and rocking me like a child and singing all these beautiful love songs to me…

Picture these words dropping all over you... "Child, I have paid the highest price, I have proven my great love for you and I love you through eternity.
Baby, have you heard what I’ve done? What your Daddy’s done? I have destroyed the works of satan, and I have given you victory….
Your Daddy is a great warrior, ho can stand against you?
You are a chosen generation, called forth to show my excellence. All you require for life I have given you sweetheart… you walk in power, you walk in favor, you walk in miracles. My love never fails, never gives up and would never run out on you.
I am jealous for you … O how I love you! My love for you has no end. You’re the apple of my eyes… You’re perfect in my sight. You’re my treasure. You’re worth dying for. I gave my life for you because you are beautiful and you have my heart. I have so much faith in you.
O, I’m your Father and all that I have is yours.
I love you sweet child. Rest in my love… be at peace. I gave up my best for you; all that I have is yours. I am your miracle worker; nothing is too hard for me to do for you. And everything I have done for you.
This love breaks every chain... this love sets you to reign in the midst of your enemies. This love is undeniable, unquestionable... more real that your skin. I love you my precious one."

Isn’t this glorious? The words of love He showers down on us. Drenching us in His glory. How can’t you know just how loved you are? Why can’t you understand just how special and precious you are to Him? Even if you just sinned… He loves you!!!

‘…. God told them, "I've never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love!’ Jer 31:3(MSG)

Expect love love love all the way.

Now think about the worse thing you’ve ever done? It’s that terrible right? Now… just picture this, God isn’t mad at you. He loves you fiercely just as much as He loves Jesus even in your sin. He's forgiven you even before you've asked. Accept His forgiveness and bask in this love.
"But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8 
It’s hard to imagine a love so pure and real and true… it’s hard to imagine that He loves the robbers and murderers the same, and would embrace them with the same love He showers on the pope/saints/pastors out there… sometimes it’s almost annoying because we think they don’t deserve this grace. Well look at you, do you deserve grace? That's the beauty of His love, it's all inclusive.

The story of the prodigal son is the story of a loving Father.(Luke 15:11-32) Lets not focus on the sin of the boy, but on the love of the Father. A love he kept alive and hopeful even when the son left His presence. He still spoke words of love in his hope for the sons return even if the son couldn’t hear. But look, just the steps back home, in repentance sent the Father on a love frenzy… he didn’t give his son the chance to walk with his head down, He ran off and welcomed him with royal robes and such an outpouring of love, that he had no choice but to take his stand as a son immediately, not a rebel placed with the servants.
Don’t beat yourself down for the mistakes you’ve made. God’s forgiven you and He’s singing over you songs of love. Now run to your Fathers arms and bask in the love feast He’s throwing for you.
O, yes, your older brothers and I may condemn you for what you’ve done and try to put a dent on your love feast, but pay them no mind! Know that Daddy’s so glad you’ve been found.

One of my favorite songs of the moment... It's all about this love!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hide The Money, DIsplay The Treasure....

I worked on Adeyemo Alakija street in V/I. One day I had to carry out a transaction at the bank. I had five million naira cash in my possession; it wasn’t an official transaction thus I couldn’t interfere with the company’s drivers schedule for a bank run. The bank I needed to pay in the money to was about five blocks before my office, only problem was it was a one way street and I would have to drive round the block in traffic for another 30minutes or so to get to a destination that was about a five minute walk, I wasn’t ready to do that or deal with finding parking around the bank.

So I picked up the Louis Vuitton carrier bag with stacks of one thousand naira notes, and headed out to the bank. As scared as I was, I was quite confident that no one would approach me because they had no idea what I carried although I was quite creeped out when okadas drove by me. No one expects the nice looking lady to be holding five million naira cash on a busy road, that’s what gave me guts to keep going. I can’t say how relieved I was when I eventually stepped into the gates of the bank.

See, we’ve all got treasures hidden in us, and we walk the streets of the world and no one knows what we carry because we’ve got it hidden in a nice carrier bag. We have nice jobs, or not so nice jobs that feel empty, but we do them anyway while the treasure just sits dormant in these bags. If people had an idea what I carried that afternoon, the thieves would try to steal it, and the sensible ones would try to beg me, because what I’ve got is an answer to their problems.

If you don’t show what you’ve got, no one would have need for you, because they have no idea what you've got.
Sing if you can sing, dance if you can dance, make hair if you can do that. Don’t roam this world with your treasure hidden, even in the nice job that makes you feel empty, find a way to display your talents.
In the world our physical treasures need to be hidden to be safe, but the treasures within us, the one that is worth more than material things are not given to be kept away safely. They are given to be displayed on the streets of the world, they are given so people can come and draw from them, get blessed by them.  Yes, some people would try to take advantage of you, like thieves would have tried to rob me if they knew what I carried. But let them try, that’s no excuse to hide out. There will always be people ready to undermine what you do, steal your ideas, use you for their gains… but don’t let that stop you. Take the risk.

There are people who are up there with their talent, but don’t let that stop you. i.e Beyonce is way up there with her talent, and there you are with more treasure than she’s got and you’re still so far from where she is. Listen, the only difference is that the streets she displayed her treasure on had more people or the right people. It doesn’t make you less talented, you still sing better, display it on your street and someone from the right street would see and desire to draw from you. If its only about blowing, then you don’t know what you have.

Stop hiding your treasures. You love to clean house, then clean house that’s a gift that can’t be underestimated. You love to talk, then talk your way into hosting events, and talk shows etc Just do it, express yourself, show off the beautiful treasure God’s put within you. He knows why He gave you of all people the love for dance/cleaning and not me… He knows what you can do with it, the life you would affect, even it if’s just open person… 

In Luke 19:20 The third servant made no returns from the treasure given him, he said “I hid your money and kept it safe” God doesn’t want you to hide your treasure, to play safe with it.
“Yes,’ the king replied. ‘and those who use well what they are given even more will be given. But from those who do nothing, even that little they haave will be taken away.” Luke 19:26
Put your treasure to good use… and even more will be given. New ideas to be the best at what you do, unique in your field.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Beauty In The Ugly....

I was driving the other day when suddenly the weather changed! The clouds went dark and it was so windy. It got me upset; I had to drive back home. There was no question of making any more stops.
In the midst of my grumbling, I noticed how beautiful the dark clouds that came to ruin my day looked. 

God is beautiful in all His ways. Even in the midst of a storm, when the storm is rising up, if you take your eyes off fear, off the blistering winds and look beyond the dark clouds forming, You will see the beauty of God in it. When you can see it, that in the midst of all these, God is there, still God and still beautiful in all His ways, then you’ll believe that all things work together for your good because God loves you.

“We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.” (Romans 8:28 AMP)

In every ugly situation in our lives… lets try to take our eyes off how horrible it is, or how hurt we are, and focus on God and how much He loves us, in doing that we’ll see His beauty right in the midst of it. O, we’ll still be in the storm, but we’re able to handle it better, to persevere because we know it can only work for our good.
No plan of the enemy, no destruction of his can dispute the fact that our God is a good God who loves us. Take your eyes off the storm like Peter, focus on the beautiful face of a loving God and you’ll find yourself walking on water right in the midst of the storm.

"Stop being mad! This battle was not personal but purposeful. If you humble yourself and trust God, you will never forget these lessons, and hell will NEVER forget this loss." Tera Carrisa Hodges
In ALL things, give thanks. What the enemy means for evil, God turns it for your good. God is too smart and too good to let the devil win in your life; He's won already (remember the cross?) So even when the enemy wages war against you, he's only creating a path for a greater good to come for you, he's working for you although in his 'wisdom' he feels like he's working against you! Look how He killed off Jesus in his wisdom, clueless that in the ugliness of the cross was the beauty of salvation. God used that for our good. “But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would not have crucified our glorious Lord.”1  Corinthians 2:8(NLT)

I see beauty everywhere. I see beauty in every season, even when it hurts, even when my heart pounds with fear… there’s a still voice within me reminding me of who I am and whose I am… reminding me that things can only get better, because God’s turning it for my good. Nudging me to look beyond my pain and see the bigger picture of the beauty bursting forth from it all.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Traffic Light... "Stop!' says the Red light, "Go!' says the Green.

While travelling to Abuja, we got to a traffic light in Lafia that was on red but the cars ahead just kept moving, and my friend who was driving went right on with the other cars. I was shocked that he did that, not because I hold a higher standard (cause I may have done the same thing in that situation) but because he isn’t someone to jump a light or even if he was, his dad was travelling with us, so maybe he would have pretended to be that person who wouldn’t jump the light. Thus I took the holier than thou stance and asked him why he moved while the light was on red. He went “really? I didn’t notice it was red, I just followed the cars.”

And of course, my wisdom cap came on when he made that statement. Most times we just go right on and follow people to do things when it’s clearly not right for us. We start the poultry business because A’s successful at it. We get married because we’re turning a certain age and our mates are long gone in the marriage game, we strive to travel for summer vacations because neighbors are doing it even when we can't afford it, we go natural because everyone seems to be doing it, we start a church because those we served with have moved on to have their churches, no personal revelation, and so we just go right ahead, and half way through, we crash, because we weren’t ready, the light was on red, but the cars ahead were moving and so we just moved along. I know a lady who's dipped her hands in different businesses she has no business being in, that the one thing she's perfect at has been pushed to the side. And no, those businesses aren't doing great, she's suffered loss from them. She just followed the bandwagon!

We follow other people’s paths, we don’t follow Gods timing or instructions. There’s nothing wrong with waiting, when you’re waiting on instruction, when the light is red, but there’s something terribly wrong when we stay still when the lights green. Know the difference.
When He says wait we just move on, why wait when you can move? Look other people are going. When you see people do things, hear for yourself; get your personal revelation before plunging right in.
You would do wrong when your eyes are not on God, His word and direction but rather on the cars ahead, you could crash jumping traffic, running on a traffic that isn’t God.

Peter toiled all night for fish and caught nothing! Jesus came to His boat asked him to launch into the deep again, and there was a big catch, an overflow. Now if you were a fisher man and you saw Peter and his friends coming in with his spoils that early morning, you would get in your boat and head out in that direction to fish, and toil and sweat, and waste time without getting anything. Why? Jesus asked Peter to move and he got a supernatural catch where there was previously nothing after toiling all night. Jesus was involved in his success, he launched out because Jesus gave the word, that’s why he was successful that morning, there was a personal revelation.(Luke 5)

I was on instagram and saw a former school mates post… she made herself some  cabin flakes. I got all nostalgic; I wanted it! If you didn’t do boarding school in Nigeria, you’ll find this hard to understand, and I’ll find it impossible to explain just how this ridiculous meal was a treat to us. So, because I saw her having it, not because I craved it, I went down to the shop and bought myself a packet of cabin biscuit (little rant… after all these years the pack still looks horrible, like seriously?) I put in the milk and sugar and a little water, just like we made it back in the day, but I couldn’t even take a spoonful of it. It was disgusting… what were we thinking? I couldn’t stand it. You see I made that out of someone’s own revelation, not mine. It’s something I would never have thought of doing again, I just followed her. When you follow blindly, you don’t get the same satisfaction.

Why are you doing what you do? Are you following or you’re convicted? Remember, life’s simpler and you may run into less hassles or confusions if you’re doing it for you, answering your own call, and not their call, not about who’s doing what and not.
When you’re called to a thing, hear for yourself.

Bishop Jakes said, “The right thing done at the wrong time breaks the rhythm.” Moving forward is the right thing, but if you do that when the light is red, you run the risk of crashing, right thing, wrong time... broken rhythm.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1st

I love Nigeria!
I’m proud to be a Nigerian…
Happy Independence Day! 
God bless Nigeria.


Sunday, September 27, 2015


My mum called and I wasn’t sounding myself while we spoke, thus I had to admit to her I wasn’t feeling well. I had been having difficult nights for some days. The worse of it had passed, and I was doing fine, just dealing with the residue of the symptoms when mum found out. I didn’t let her know when there was danger and I needed a hospital because I hate the overreaction from her, especially as it tends to triple when she’s not around you to know how you’re doing for herself. She got to know when I felt much better, but she still panicked. Mum kept calling to check on me and find out how I was feeling. She told my aunt, who joined in the nagging calls, and insisting I stay home to rest. I laughed to myself as much as I was getting a little put off by their worry. My mind was like, “dudes… I’m not ill. When I could have dropped you had no idea I was ill and when I’m feeling strong you’re worrying your pants off.”

Most times we go through really bad situations and God doesn’t reveal these things to us when we’re in the deep end until He brings us out of the emergency room, and then we panic at the little we see, clueless that it’s just a residue of something worse. (Well, that’s what I think and I’m sticking with it) I’m sure He just shakes His head at us in amazement, like chill child, If only you knew what I just delivered you from, you wouldn’t be loosing your pants over this little symptoms that you see.
Thank God for battles unseen He’s brought us out of.

I’ve come to realize that if God lets me see it, its because the worse is over. Like I only gave away that I wasn’t feeling too strong to my mum because the worse was over. The troubles that appear are just shadows of the real battle God already won. What can shadows do? Nothing… they only seem to have power when we allow fear drape over us as we run in circles round the harmless shadows.
The psalmist says “ yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalms 23:4
He walks through the valley of the shadow of death, not the valley of death… so even here, he tells us that all the valley holds is just shadows and not death itself, thus we don’t need to fear in the midst of the problems, for God is with us, and He’s dealt with the worse of it already.

What are you going through right now? As bad as it looks, remember, shadows, don’t let fear get you to the place of depression. Even it’s all up in your face, remember, God’s dealt with the worse already, and this is just the residue symptoms of something worse, and it’s going to be alright.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rapture, Social Media and A Little Petty Post...

A little throwback... I’m editing and reposting this…

What if we can use our smartphones when we're raptured?
Oh what madness, twitter, instagram, facebook and bbm updates would go crazy. Some of the things you'd see up would be:

Yo, Jesus just came and I'm so excited. I'm going home baybay!!! Rt if you're ascending too. ;)

Wow, you wouldn’t believe who just soared past me...its @inyamu_fq who would’ve thought that one would make it.

Y'all should see the angels, its crazy up here. Imma post a picture for you in a bit. #rapturetweets

If you're not here you're on a lonnnng thing. Fi le!!! #rapturetohbad

@mboy: See this bad guy o @jboy how u take join us? You don bring your 419 here ba?

@jboy: Guy, the tin fear me o, I just go church 2day o, just now I take altar call I dey c myself here RT@mboy: See this bad guy o @jboy how u take join us? U don bring ur 419 here ba?

@Savedlady209: Wait a minute, where's @pastoryomi we were standing together and I don't see him going up with me.#iknewit #fakeprophetalert

There would be rapture selfies with these captions…

Kai, see beef o, All of you hating on me, remember when I was posting all those messages and you blocked me? #donthate #thatisall #chewgrenade #hugtransforemer #meIdongo #raptureselfie

It’s so sad, seeing all the peeps left behind. O well so excited, seeing my mansion in a minute yayyyy!!! Can’t wait to post more pictures. #mansionselfie #neverendingvacation #igotpaid

Look who the trumpet called... #raptureselfie #i’mtoosexyfortheearth

I can think of more annoying things that would be posted, the insensitive smug statements and I told you so.  Because really, everyone wants to show off one way or the other and the rapture seems like the ultimate showoff.
But thank God He wouldn't let anyone rub it in anyone's face...because we are saved only by GRACE and GRACE alone, not by our works, so we have no right to disparage anyone like we earned the right to riding the wind to heaven.
The world of Christendom where love ought to reign as king has some people walking around with the ‘holier than thou, better than thou attitude.’
Salvation has no class and is absolutely free, or else some of us would be made to sit in economy by the real Christians, with only the 'chicken and beef' option to choose from while they lounge in first class with chinaware and a menu because they're 'more Christian' than us.... All because we refuse to clean our makeups and take off our earrings after salvation.
#thankGodforgrace it humbles us.

I recently got to hear about a conversation a pastor had about me.
This lady went to the same uni as I did. We never spoke because we didn’t have anything in common.
Years later I see her again and she happens to be the wife of a pastor I just got acquainted with. I had to make a quick stop at their home with a friend one day and so I gave her that respect that comes with the title. And for the first time, we got to say hello and I even got to hug her and we’ve smiled at each other and exchanged pleasantries whenever we see since then. And then I hear this; her husband calls this friend of mine some days after our visit and warns him off me. His wife apparently said some nasty things about me, and this pastor relayed the vicious talk saying I painted the town red and black back in the day. He goes on to talk about how all these girls who have rocked come to church and you don’t know what they want, meaning, drop her like she’s hot before she corrupts you! Apparently I was given the censored version of the pastoral advisory call. My friend was too disappointed at the pastor; he kept that conversation from me for so long and when he spilled, he censored it. (Well, yes I agree I painted the town red and black. I still paint towns red… I’ve never been one to be ignored.)

Am I mad that they said untrue nasty things about me? Na, I find it hilarious… that’s what happens when you stand from a vantage point of truth, you laugh off the stories. Even if they are true, you still laugh because they’re in the past, and as much as it kills you when they’re lies, you laugh as well, because well…
What hurt was that this pastor made a statement about “these girls” coming to church. That’s where my pain came from. I'm so thankful he isn't my pastor!
Now this is a head pastor of a church that isn’t an old traditional church, a church that is meant to teach grace, and this is the statement he made. Even if I really had that past, even If I was the head Rahab of the town, the chief prostitute of my uni, and my car was bought by an Alhaji and the nice clothes I wore then by a minister… even if I was all that and more, isn’t the church supposed to be a watering hole for my spirit? A place for my mind to be renewed and transformed? Isn’t Christianity about the forgiveness of sins? Shouldn’t he be happy that a town painter now dwells in the congregation of the righteous, and has taken a step in rebuilding her life? Has come for her soul to be healed and cleansed? Shouldn’t people be welcomed with open arms irrespective of their pasts? Is the church for the saved? Jesus said He came for the sick.

The hospital wouldn’t be a hospital if we didn’t have sick people coming in there alongside healthy people who come in to maintain good health. The church seizes to be the church if it doesn’t accept sinners. If this wasn’t me who is so sure of who I am and my stance with God, and it was a true story of some girl with the past they painted, what would she do? Will she be so crushed that her past was dug up and used to try and dissuade a male interest from her? Will she go back to a hole of condemnation, seeing herself less than Christ sees her and probably telling herself she deserves nothing nice because she did some not so nice things in the past?

How many people have been sent out of church because of their past? Instead of healing, they get condemnation and retreat to their old life or live a tortured life, even after Christ says when we are in Him we are made new and there is no condemnation.

This post isn’t about what was said about me. It’s about the pastor’s reaction to his wife’s lies, his obvious glee at condemnation, that he had information to dissuade a friend from thinking too deeply into anything further with me. Shouldn’t he have been excited that God can save anyone… even a girl who rivals Rahab? I mean he’s supposed to be my friend, so if his intentions were righteous, shouldn’t he have called me to counsel me? Or was he scared I’d paint him red and black as well when we get to his office?
I obviously still stand in a class higher than she is… or why else would she want to put me down with lies? (I just realize I still don’t know her name, I only know her as pastor xxx’s wife) I’m still painting not just the town red and black or whatever color her husband says, I’m painting the world in more colors than that, and in that vantage position God has lifted me, still above her, I will hug her and her husband and smile and give them the respect their office demands. I will act like I heard nothing, I know nothing…  But I’ll do this petty post as long as it drives my point home.

What’s my point? Sinners should be able to be in church, not proud of whom they’ve been, but unashamed of where they’ve come out from, because they’ve met with this grace that transforms life and makes you more beautiful than your past.

And so when the rapture happens, I hope I’ll have no more colors left in me, because I’ve emptied it out painting the world in colors of love, colors that overwhelm the painting of condemnations in the lives of the people whose world I encounter. I hope I wouldn’t be one smugly tweeting if we are somehow allowed a phone and wifi.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Mirror, The Look and The Heart!

I was thinking about an attitude I had towards a certain girl. You see, I was justified to feel that way about her, because literally every mutual acquaintance had the same thing to say about her, so it wasn’t a hating. I started reviewing myself when I realized we were always talking about her, we didn’t see it as gossip per se, we just constantly reviewed her shenanigans after different run-ins with her. After one of those talks, I got upset with myself and reviewed my mind; I told myself it had to stop, so what if she’s that way? So what if everybody has an issue with the way she is? So what? Why was I being consumed with her? I could disagree with all she stands for, but I really don’t need to talk about her as much as I do or at all. I made up my mind to stop after examining my mind in the mirror of my faith.

A few days later I was in church and this statement hit me from the pastors sermon “We give more attention to how we look than how we think”

I love mirrors. I don’t pass a chance to give myself a stare, because I love myself. Not in the Johnny Bravo kind of way. Now I don’t think it’s a bad thing or a vain thing, I’d rather this self-love than have zero confidence that keeps me away from mirrors. Even on days I know I look good, I still double check when I see my reflection on a car or a window, my friends sunglasses or anywhere that can give a reflection, as long as I don’t look obvious doing it. I don’t come out looking super model glam after all my time in front of the mirror, but I impress me most times, I’ve got a couple of mirror selfies to show for it. 
Bathroom mirrors are just perfect for mirror selfies!
Wouldn’t it be way cooler if only we would look at our minds with the mirror of the word as often as we check ourselves out in the mirror? We'd have transformed minds more beautiful than our well made up faces! I’m not pointing fingers; I’m a culprit when it comes to not consistently studying my bible. I see people who at every break bring out a bible to study, you know, just like I look in a mirror at any chance I get, and I’m thinking … you’re so cool bro!
The day I stopped to review my attitude to this lady was one of the days I looked at my mind in a mirror. As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person. Porverbs 27:19(NLT)
Are our hearts as beautiful as our faces? Because with all the beauty in the world, enough to qualify you for the number 1-100 spot on some most beautiful list, you’re only as beautiful as your heart is.

You see, I don’t keep staring in the mirror because I’ve forgotten what I look like. I keep staring because I want to see more, to reassure myself sometimes that I really do look good and my outfit is ‘on point’, nothing sticking out, no VPL, no rips, stains or peeping toms. I want to adjust my makeup or give my confidence a boost by smiling at myself. That's why I don't just look once a day and move on with life. All the same reasons why we should keep reading the word, looking into the mirror of the heart even when/if we've read it before… to adjust, to reassure, to boost our confidence/faith, to stand tall knowing who we are in Christ and what we look like and to seek for change and adjustment where we see a crooked crown.

And all of us, as with unveiled face, [because we] continued to behold [in the Word of God] as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another; [for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3:18(AMP)

The more we glance in the mirror of the scripture, the more our minds are being renewed and we begin to be transformed in our attitude, displaying God’s glory in the way we live. Glancing in the physical mirror is a daily necessity for me, even when I’m running late, no matter how flitting It is…  Lets make glancing into the mirror of the word just as important as the floor-length mirror we’re so in love with, even when we feel like there’s no time, lets make enough time to glance into the mirror of life. It's time to give more attention to how you think than how you look. Your thinking is shaped my what mirror you use to reflection on your mind...

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