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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Sunday, October 14, 2007

59 hearty cheers for my supermom

59 hearty cheers to a woman of great value, a woman who is strong and successful, a woman whos sacrificed alot for her children, who's given up so much to give us all the comfort she feels we ought to have. a woman who stays strong in her weakest moments, who keeps walking even when the road seems like a deadend...i'm so proud of her and excited that shes come this far....
shes achieved a lot in life and made a difference on grounds she has trended, she is my(our) life support,she stands tall among her peers and in her society and i intend to stand on her shoulders, on the foundation she has built to attain higher grounds in life.
i love my mom to death, shes the next best thing to being a perfect supermom, the best granma, the most wonderful mother-in- law(for all you suitors).... shes my all in all(whatever i say, of course God always comes first), my source of inspiration, my woman of substance, my friend, my joy, my defination of unadulterated love......mama, loving you is like food to my soul... i love you.

mom is like no other.
she is one of a rare kind
An enchanting beauty,and a rare find.
a special person,my superhero
without her loving care or even her scolds and disapprovals
my life would be zero.
i'm thankful for all the love she has shown
When she is around I never feel alone.
for all the things she has done and sacrifices she has made,
i'm thankful
She brings joy to my life, and so much laughter
i can't measure the depths of my love for her
in so many ways shes been an inspiration
She is the joy in my life,the fountain where all my fears are washed
When she is around, I am never sad.
I am so glad she is my Mother
she is the wind beneath my wings
the force that pushes me to soar beyond the skies
I could never say enough of how much i love her...
on on her special day, this is my wish for her
laughter and joy
success and enchantement
Gods peace and fufillment
his love and goodness
all the days of her life which shall be long and prosperous...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

when milkshakes go sour...

whenever i decide to sit still and blog about breast cancer, i somehow always push it aside,but i would today,not because i have the time, but because i have to. its a painful subject, and i'm sure one way or the other its affected us or we know of someone who's battling against it, fighting for survival.

October is the month put aside to raise awareness on breast cancer, i think we all need the awareness because lots of us are still in the dark, we see it as something that happens to other people, forgetting that we are also the other people and so it can happen to us, even the men...yeap,y'all dudes out there saying its a female thingy, better think twice cos it affects guys too. it could be genetic, statistics show that african american women have a higher risk factor,so i guess that means we full blooded africans too. unfortunately we in africa/naija are at a disadvantage, with the health systems being in shambles we hardly care about going in for regular checkups,i dont think any doctor has ever suggested to me to have a mammograms or asked if i do the self examination thingy(cos they just dont care, untill we tell them theres a lump..God forbid though). its also genetic, we hardly know our ancestors talkless of their health history, so we cant answer questions to acertain if we are at risk or not.

a close friends lost her mom to breast cancer, it was a horrible experience, but i've never seen such courage from kids so young, i watched as she and her brothers cheered themselves up in that horrid period, i watched as they said goodbye to their mom every time she set off for london for her treatment, never knowing if that was the last time they'd see her, i watched as they lived in hope for years, thinking it was finally gone when it went on remission, i watched as they comforted their mom after she had a mastectomy, and her boys would lovingly dress and bandage the place that was once a breast that nurtured them, and i watched as she left home for the last time, back to uk...i watched as she was buried, and i knew life sucked, because she was a good woman and a wonderful mother. a strong woman who didn't let cancer get her without a fight, and thats why she lived six years after she was diagnosed, she fought with her last strength.

two weeks after my friends mom was buried, my moms best friend died of breast cancer, maybe she could have lived if she was diagnosed early...maybe. i've lost two dear people to this disease that sucks and that sucks because they turned out to be the other people i thought it happened to except they were my people.
Dr. olufunmilayo olapade of universty of chicago is one of the leading dr's taking charge of the battle against breast cancer, i'm proud shes a nigerian and fighting for a good cause.
i'll don my pink ribbon this month and be a pink lady in this battle for life, i'll help spread the word cos we all should choose life and the only way to do that is be watchful and alert with our bodies...so girls n fellas, please do yourselves a favor and check those milkshakes of urs(by milkshake,i refer to the ladies of course, u guys can check the dots on ur chest)....lets not let our milkshakes get sour...keep it pink y'all.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Return of the Juv..

he sounded happy, he sounded sane, i sounded excited...why shouldnt i be, havent seen, spoken or heard from him in years, dont know what he looks like now, cant imagine how tall he'd be. stubborn? yes he was, but the nicest stubborn soul ever. did he play all the pranks for attention? a chance to be heard or for want to feel Bad. his grades were worst than bad, he was always sent home from school, he moved schools like i change lipsticks.

Yes, he stole, it started from the little bits here and there, a gold earring here , a gold pendant there, a couple of thousands of naira, then a hundred thousand here, a thousand dollars there...all when he was in secondary school, and then somehow he went overboard, carted away with hundreds of thousands and a box of jewelry worth more than the money he stole...that was the last straw, it was obvious it wasn't a phase that would pass or a thing that could be dealt with at home,he was shipped off to remand home to everyone's relief and joy, but there was the undertone of worry, would he come out worst than he went in? or would he actually change for good?...my poor sweetheart, he was just too nice to not feel any sympathy for him.
he'd distribute money at Christmas to we the cousins, he'd buy me gifts(of course with the stolen lots), and take the boys out to buy them drinks...and some would take from him cos we knew he hid his loot in his shoe box, and we loved it when he walked about complaining that his money was stolen, i always laughed at the irony(they were stealing from the thief)...i cant help but wonder if we were part reason for his growing out of hand, we knew what he was doing, we let him receive the punishments even though he kept denying he wasn't the thief, and we encouraged him by taking when he offered... did he think the only way he could be loved and accepted was by giving?, but thats no excuse.
i've tried to think of moments where i harbored raging anger for him, i can't remember...not even when my gold set disappeared and i knew it was him(with no proof though), or when he took this fancy diary i had to his school, which was the brother school of my school and my crushes were revealed(the boy i was fronting for got to know i liked him) and other girlie stuff...you couldn't stay mad at him.

in the years since he was locked up, i kept imagining what it'd be like seeing him again..that was till now, now he's coming home, his grades are all A's, he's written jamb and soared high with his grades. he sounded cool and excited when we spoke, i couldn't think of what to say to him, i desperately wanted to ask how he coped, even though we talked about everything before, i cant baer to talk to him about that. i told him i was proud of him for his scores, he said he was proud of him too.
he's coming home, but what home? would it still be home to him? would he be welcomed? would the label be placed on him for the rest of his life?, would the isolation(if there is one) send him back to the place he was?
i love him, and i wish everyone could honestly say welcome home to him...because i know despite the front he isn't welcome in the family home, they're all worried he isnt changed and maybe they'd be the next victim of his act.
i wish every other person could have a little faith in him...as i do. or do i? am i letting sentiments come to play here?..

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sleeping three nights straight without an alarm definately spells trouble on the fourth...i mean it was pure bliss till i had to sleep on monday night, thought the whole jolly good life would continue and busted the alarm deal...you got it right, late for work, and the rain?...very late for work. i proceeded to have a lousy day, some annoying dude decieded he could tell the sort of person i was cos i was wearing an anklet...forget that one...i fume just playing back the conversation
my weekend was loveeely, except for the friday night cramps. i loved wearing my shorts and jeans and tees three days straight...it was bliss... having to forgo those stuffy office wears.
i've never been more excited about independence day as i was, not even in secondary school where it was a chance to excape the walls of my boarding school to eagles square to (very embarrased here) match and salute our dear president...this is so much better...no work on monday.
sunday was beautiful, i had a date that i didnt back out from, it was worth it, i had a nice time, i laughed and i got to dress up...and i did so prettily, i felt all grown up and pretty in my black lil' number...even indulged in a little vanity by taking pictures and posting em' here(it felt sinful not doing so)...lol' i guess i'll get over the feelin soon and delete the little spoof of vanity. i'm not a dancer, more of a bedroom dancer(hush your dirty thoughts, we aint talking strip dancing here)but i danced the night away (or maybe the wine did it for me) and it felt good....and even better knowing i wasnt going to be pressured for a goodnight kiss at the end of the night or end up fighting off a groper and taking a cab home

hope y'all had a wonderful holiday!...oops...got over the showing off phase...couldnt get around posting any pics...maybe i overated my looks...my bad!
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