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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Thursday, October 30, 2008

halloween fever, set your face to scared.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! its halloween, welcome to fright night!!!

theres loads of Halloween parties today its disgusting. my phone's ringing every minute with this invite to here and there for this 'awesome' halloween party and that other more awesome party and then there's the 'costume and karaoke party'(now that sounds tempting to drop in on)everyone's screaming and whining about costumes. i wish i was a witch so i could just shut them up. unfortunately i don't do parties, i'm not so crazy about the socialites' around, so i avoid most of this things.

you would think they're so desperate to be somebody else, like hallooween is the one time they can put on a mask to disguise their scary faces, more like make themselves look less scary...lol

miss B my friend calls from UK and exclaims that shes going as herself for a party, after we've had a very tiring discussion on what costume she should wear. i asked what herself is supposed to be and she scoffs and says 'stunning, what else? i'm gorgeous, i'm sexy, hell people try to imitate my looks sometimes"
lol, i can confirm shes mad crazy.

last years halloween party held at bacchus had this chic all dressed up as a mummy, and she so rocked the look, all wraped up in bandages and safety pins....i saw the picture and was like damnnnn it must have really meant something to her, as i wouldnt go through all that for a costume party.

come to think of it, when did nigerians(well mostly lagosians) get so tuned in on halloween?
i dont believe in the idea behind halloween. i still have that story i was told years ago that it was all about witches and ghost of the dead coming to life and bla bla bla, why would i celebrate some evil day like it was christmas? i have never celebrated halloween and of course growing up in nigeria has cancelled any form of conversion i might have encountered, especially the lure of candies from trick and treating.
(my own opinion, everyones free to have all the fun they want, cos remove my uptight attitude and it really is fun costume dressing. dang my stupid principle is making me miss out on all the fun. i have lots of ideas i would like to try besides playboy bunnies. maybe i'll have my own costume party after halloween:-))

i'll stay home, skip all the channels with frightful movies(who remembers all those really scary movies when growing up? From omen to Night of the Living Dead to fright night or the one where the little girl was drawn into the tv or the one with the black slaves and haunted houses....,urgh, they were pure torture and I had to watch cos my whole siblings were watching and I couldn't be left alone)

I'll try and finish 'to saint patrick' tonight, its the book we're meant to discuss at the bookclub meeting on saturday.

i'm wondering how i'm going to manage my time on saturday.
late breakfast/brunch @ 11am with a friend, we've grown apart this past weeks and shes trying hardest to wedge that gap thus shes paying for breakfast at cactus

bookclub at 2pm

book reading with Ekene Onu, the author of the mrs club by 4pm(thankGod its same venue with the bookclub)

birthday house party of a friend at 6pm
birthday dinner at 8.30pm of my dear dear friend at marco polo resturant

i'm wondering how i'll handle it. not looking forward to cloth hunting for the parties.
good thing i squeezed in a manicure/pedicure after work on Wednesday and i braided my hair last weekend so no salon runs for me or else I'd be more wrecked than I feel right now.

thinking of the day makes my whole body jelly weak....

y'all have a beautiful halloween celebration and weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

brown eyes...for charity sake!!!

i got this in a thread from chiedo ifeozo, i'm sure lots of nigerians belong to his group on facebook. i think hes a talented fellow. i'll try to put up links to his poetry on youtube or you could search for him. i dont know him personally, but i think hes a wonderful person, for what hes trying to do for charity and his mind blowing poetry. if i was his girlfriend....i'll hold that thought, but i'll definitely never be gloomy cos the words of his poetry would drown me in its wholesomeless.

this really perked me up as i've been feeling gloomy for lots of reasons, the death of my GM and stuff. i was just opening my mail and reading this brown eyes poem when coincedentally flowers were delivered to me...(long story about the flowers that i'd rather not talk about ). i almost made myself believe he(or some imaginary guy of my dreams) wrote this specially for me and the flowers were part of the whole show of affection *dreams* i know.(i'm so desperate for soft romance i'll imagine anything)
i've got brown eyes,bonafide brown eyes. so whoever ends up being the love of my life had better write a brown eyes poem for me or better yet, i could save this and make him read it to me. lol(its not one of his best works, but its got a whole lot of mushiness i could do with)

Brown eyes
I see your sighs
Sometimes this life comes with scars
But still you shine like the stars
Close your eyes, feel the highs
Don’t be shy, touch the sky
Brown eyes I'm lost in your roundness
I'm comforted by your softness
In your eyes I feel the warmth of the sun
I feel like they've known me since the day I was born
Sometimes I feel I have no where to run
But in your eyes I feel I am right where I belongI see through your eyes as if they were mine
The future is only a matter of time
Close your eyes,Close your eyes, Feel the highs
Beautiful brown eyes

by Chiedu Ifeozo

poetry for charity

we really need your help- poetry for charity.
We need to raise the awareness level for the Poetry for Charity project

as well as the link to the purchase site http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=2996281

We need you to pick up a copy of the Poetry for Charity collection.

We need you, but they need you even more

the students in Makoko need you,

the funds raised from this project will help to improve their school and provide much needed reading materials

the sickle cell sufferers need you,

the funds raised from this project will be used to provide medicines and financial support to them

the poor need you,

the funds raised would assist organisations in the fight against poverty

They need you to get involved,

They need you to remember them in your hearts

All they need you to do right now, is to be aware and show that you care, and be the driving force of change

all they need is your support

all they need is your voice.
i tried to do a post in my own words on this charity thing, but i was so tired. who cares that i copied and pasted. its still saying same thing.so y'all give a big big scream in support(its only about $9.00). i know you'll be sweethearts and go online to purchase the book. and if you can join the group on facebook 'thoughts on a page...a collection of poetry'

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

another sting!!!!

My holiday went perfectly well ,to an extent, well that’s if we take out the details of the attitudes i got from my sister(leaving me alone in the mall and me almost getting missing since it was my first time and her second she knew the way more than i did); add all the luxury of it. we stayed at the Marriot Harbour hotel and apartment in dubai marina(i know, not the atlantis or the burj, but next time, whatever ours was a 5star too), our three bedroom suite on the 30th floor had such a beautiful view of the marina. it was so glamorous, the resturants were out of this world, the resturant at the obsevartory on the 52nd floor with a breath taking view of dubai marina and palm jumeirah. the spa was glorious and so chic, we were treated like some hollywood stars, my sis and i made them wonder who we really were:) with all the shopping and bla bla bla I’ll save the story for another day.

I got back home, went to work on Monday, avoided my GM, I walked to his office when I was about closing for the day, I overheard him laughing , decided I wasn’t in the mood for fake smiling with the boss and walked away.
The next morning as we prepared for the EGM of the company, I heard he was dead, that’s the disadvantage of getting every news that comes before every other person, because you're freinds with the directors. Apparently he slumped in the office when he went to get some files to meet us at the lagoon for the meeting, he was rushed to reddington where he died.

I had to go about the meeting smiling like I knew nothing when inside I was screaming. Not him, how? I didn’t even say hello to him a day before, I heard him laugh….
He liked me, he kept telling some clients I was ‘staff of the year’ a day before I traveled, the last time I sat down with him, he laughed and asked me if I knew what his driver called me? I said I did ‘asa’ and he told me asa means beautiful in igbo.
He wasn’t so popular with the staff, but he was nice to me.

I was at the hospital after the meeting, I refused to go in to see his body, but as he was wheeled into the ambulance to move him to a mortuary I saw his body wrapped up and there was this feeling of 'jeez lifes got jokes'
I headed to the airport for porthacourt, I felt dreadful during the flight, I kept seeing the lifeless form of his body floating in the clouds as i kept wondering how possible…I didn’t sleep that night.

I’m back to the office for the first time since he died last week. I’m really not that weak I think, but I dreaded coming in, I had a near panic attack, I’m holding on to my inhaler. I cant bring myself to go downstairs to his office where he slumped, I heard his shoes are still in there and his jacket.
Life’s sad.
I saw the papers yesterday, the net is full of stories, they said he died of cardiac arrest from the downward trend of the market. What a joke that paper should be sued.
I’m trying to get myself together to work today.

I’m not sure if I’m to say ‘rest in peace’ cos I remember 30+ saying it doesn’t make sense saying that.
So I guess adieu it is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my sunday...

heard i'm in this sundays thisday style...i didn't get the papers today :( so havent seen it. but from the description of my outfit by the 'see'ers' the pic was taken at the recently held 'nigerians next super model' show, as long as i wasnt being dissed which i wasnt(i've got style so no fears) and so long as i'm not on the 'do not' list then i can be right smack in the pages.

its funny the first thing i thought of was 'damn and i was going to wear that outfit in two weeks'
i'm still wearing it, i cant let one of my best ever deola sagoe pieces go to waste:)
i always have a mocking word for those 'friends/people' i regard as 'socialites' when i sight them in the style pages, so i'm not sure what to feel now, hypocritical if i say i've got a feel good thingy about it and also hypocritical if i say i'm not so sure how i feel. but who cares.

had my nails done today, i love it ;) turayo at nail place is the best.
then went to terraculture, its no Broadway but its just as lovely. twas trials of brother jerome and the sequence. oh, how we laughed, it was fun, it was well played out, it was much more than i expected. i'm glad i got invited by my friend. i've always wanted to go for the plays at terra, but no friend seem to be theater inclined like i am, the thought of going alone fazed me, now i know its no biggie going alone,i'll get to meet new people. i'll be doing that more often. trials of brother jerome will be playing all month, and next month the lion and the jewel would start. i'll definitely be seeing that. plus the price is good enough, N2000 for tickets. it runs at 3pm and 6pm respectively.

i'm not prepared for my trip, not as excited as i was when mom was in the picture, haven't changed currencies, haven't packed, i hate packing. especially whenever i know i'll be doing loads of shopping. if i had my way i'd never pack more than one change of clothes cos i always get new things so whats the point, but i cant do without taking more than i need, just incase. i'm the master of excesses, partly cos i dont know how to pack well and stuff things in suitecases,so i know what excess luggage i'll be coming back with.
i'll try and have as much fun outside shopping as i can .

church was solemnly exciting, we were compelled to renew our covenant with God, and he'll deliver us.
talking of covenants/promises/vows....we all take it as a joke today, especially in the most sacred of them all...marriage. its appalling the number of married people prowling the streets and chasing after girls.
i made a pledge and i redeemed it. it was hard, i kept thinking, i dont have to, they dont need it, i can get away with not coming through afterall they're family and they'll still love me.
but i did go through with it and i'm glad, the thankyous melted the heavyness in me that i was sweet and thoughtful and all the goods,
i'm glad i went through with it, cos seeing them proud of me has made my year. its got a feel good enzyme i've been dwelling in.

have a great week y'all!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

lagos na wa....

lmao....lagos na real wa.
just got back from picolomondo.
went for drinks with this friend of mine. i desperately wanted to sit upstairs but when we got there, it was filled,lots of people i really dont care about, so i dragged him downstairs.
dude is one of those interesting guys that every girl wants to be around, hes a friend and a funny one at that, you just find yourself spilling out to him. which is risky cos you dont know who his next date would be and what hes saying about you.
plus since he knows everything, i get to hear the true stories first hand and like they say 'talk about the devil' as hes finishing with one story next we know the talked about person walks in, or a person walks in and he starts narrating a funny experience, most of them involving him dragging over a babe with some guy...if city people employs me, lots of people would be in trouble, or maybe i could start my very own gossip girl nigerian blog.lol

so we went downstairs which was relatively empty, save for a table with three girls, i noticed the louis vuitton bag(one of the damian collection bags placed heavily on the table. like it was the lord of their manor ). there was a heated arguement going on and lawd, how i tried not to eavesdrop even though i wouldnt have been wrong to do so as they were arguing loud enough for everyone to hear, then they'd switch to yoruba when they felt they had to be descret. my companion is a proper born and bred yoruba dude.

apparently, some guy got a gift for one of the ladies, i suspect its the very same bag gingerly placed on the table. fair enough guys buy ladies gift but this chic was married.
so chic is standing with her husband when someone compliments her bag, she graciously and i suppose 'modestly' says thanks and explains its a gift.
her friend now blurts out, a hundred and fifty thousand naira gift.
there comes the trouble, hubby blows up when he hears the real price,why would so and so person give you such an expensive gift. and till the moment they were 'digging it out' at the resturant, things were tense at home.
the poor babe who exposed the madame was been bombarded by madam and the third lady on the table with insults as she calmly tried to explain that she didnt see anything wrong in saying what she said, and except her friend is actually doing something with the guy, then theres no need to sound so guilty, bla bla bla.
the third one screamed at her to 'shut up' if you're jealous tell one of your so called executive boyfriends to get you a bag and.....
that was the straw that broke the camels back as the calm one lost it, got up, picked up her purse and muttered to the two yellers 'if you want to scream, scream at the person you're defending, shes the one who slept with your boyfriend'(she said this in yoruba)
thats when the slap came, the louis vuitton was thrown on the floor as the two previous 'best friends' went at it with each other, forgetting the one they came to fight as she calmly walked out.
classic performance. i wished my camera was there, i desperately wanted to take the picture of the 150,000naira bag lying on the floor, forgotten as the ladies attacked themselves.

and then the one and only 'prestigious' gym in v/i(hint hint, on ozumba mbadiwe)
****had to take off that it of the story. sorry

the things we see and hear in lagos everyday...*sigh* lagos na wa!!!!
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