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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Speed Bumps

Life is like a journey on a beautifully constructed road. The excitement when we're given our car and license is heady... We want to get to the end, the destination that is unknown, and we want to get there fast.
And so we drive recklessly. Going too fast, ignoring speed limits and the road rules... thus we easily crash and die, missing out on the goodies of the destination and even the excitement .

That's why we need speed bumps to slow us down. To wake us up, to keep our eyes on the road.
And in life speed bumps comes in different forms, a failed business, a shaky marriage, a betrayal of trust, a dry spell, jobless even with all your qualifications.....
When you go too fast, you feel too big, like you're doing it on your own, you slowly forget who gave you the car to take you through life... You forget God!!!

And to bring us back to him, he let's the bumps come up to slow us down.
They're there because he really does love us, they're there to keep us focused on him, they're there to bring us back to him, to help us remember he's the one in control, he's the only one who can help us, not our ability to drive really fast.
They're not there to kill us or to bring us shame, they're not there because he loves us less...

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze." Isaiah 43:2

The seemingly frustrating situation is only there to build us up, to bring us back to shape. To help us remember our loving father.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let the Past be.

You hear of her engagement, be happy for her and stop telling the story of her sleeping around In the past.
He bought a new car, celebrate with him and hush with the snide remarks about how he walked about town so much, he even knew a shortcut to the mainland. Without having to go through third mainland. Well where’s your car?
She just opened one of the biggest spa In town, celebrate with her, and she might even give you a free treatment or two. Stop the vile talk of how she used to bed wet in school and always was in the bottom two.
It's time to stop ripping our guts out at people’s success. You used the term ‘used to’ well they didn’t let the past determine the pathway to their future, and your vile talk and bitterness wouldn’t reverse their achievements. If you’re talking about a persons past then say it as a testimony to what God has done, how far he’s brought them and drop the malicious tone somewhere. Hating on them wouldn’t change their situation.
“People beneath you will always want to pull you down to their level. Shake them off and keep climbing” tony gaskin
Ignore those that talk about you, spend less time worrying about what they say and keep doing what you do that makes you so fabulous.
We all want for people to remain at the place where they were, it’s like there’s this dagger that digs deeper into our guts, the more a person climbs the ladder of success.  It doesn’t matter if you’re clueless as to what the person does, just because he’s out there and you’re not is a federal offence.  Or just because you’re up there and he's catching up makes you cringe with hate. It really Is lonely at the top. you need people up there with you. So celebrate your friends with all sincerity, wish them well, the fact that they can afford the dress you wear doesn’t make you any less than you are but hating on them makes you less than you are.
Insecure, bitter persons are the ones running around with stories to tell. Right in the middle of your celebration they're there, drinking and eating with you and telling the story of how you used to be. Wanting to drown your joy in the pain of your past. The best way to handle them is to ignore them. Your silence just gets them feeling all hot and bothered and stupid.
Even our lord Jesus went through the same .... "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?" Matthew 15:55-56(kjv)
There will always be haters, people ready to point out our little beginings or tainted past in the bid to bring us down and discredit us. But it never stopped Jesus, he still did what he came to do, he didnt go about sulking. Thus it should never stop us from doing what it is we do. Don’t let people use your past to stop you from reaching out to the glitz, glamour and success of your future.
It was my sweet sweet sister’s birthday yesterday, my one and only rasta boogie, my inspector general of English, Miss E. I love her so and yes as usual this is a sponsored shout out… although she doesn’t know she's sponsoring it, I expect a cut from that cheque after shes read this.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Arise oh compatriots...

“I look around at some of my compatriots, and I see anger (not optimism) in their eyes, pain (not will) in their resolve, and I see disdain (unwillingness to give d benefit of doubt to public officers)...and I say to them today- PROGRESS DOES NOT HAVE TO COME ON THE ALTAR OF ADVERSITY!” Ade via facebook

I love the awakening of the passion of the Nigerian Youth for their country. It’s exciting to see a generation that has been tepid get red hot. So hot that they melt themselves(ok, bad joke) Its like the national anthem coming to life "arise o compatriots, Nigerians call obey...."
What kills me about this awakening is the negativity they exhume, they’re so full of bitterness that I’m scared they wouldn’t even notice when the sweet they fight for is given to them. They’re so against PDP/ACN or whatever party doesnt sound nice, that they’re unwilling to see if there’s any hope or slight improvements. If you’re not willing to give a person a chance, how do you expect him to perform?  wouldn't you rather work with whomever is in power and fight for change than stay outside the box watching and criticizing every move? would you rather let yourself have an accident because you hate the driver of the car, so you don't bother to tell him to stop when he ought to?
“never hate your enemies, it affects your judgment.” Michael Corleone
Everyday on facebook someone is lamenting (calling politicians bastards while seating in some pepper soup joint, or updating your fb status cos you have nothing better to do doesn't make things right, or make you look good for that matter)
Every thing is the fault of the government, any accident we hear about, we scream ‘government’ even when its on a nicely tarred road with no potholes, it doesn’t matter if the driver was drunk or  speeding… it has to be the government, because in our minds, the government is responsible for the air we breath. We may not be far from where we’ve always been as a country, but we’re not where we used to be. Someone was complaining about the weather the other day and i almost made a comment 'the government ought to do something about it" that's how spoilt we've become, we expect everything to be done for us, without trying on our own. I mean, so maybe the government can help with the heat by constant power supply, but if you don't take off your shirt and fan yourself when you wait for help, na you sabi.
I’ve realized that most of us don’t think for ourselves, we read other blogs and Sahara reporters et co, and just sound off what we’ve read without giving it a thought just  like the duffleduds in chronicles of Narnia. Empty gongs that make the loudest noise when hit with the news on the websites… If that’s what most people think then that’s what you should think. No rationalizing, just judging all the way. Most of the youths are just uneducated graduates.
It’s like the Lagos market place, you see a person running and you run along, without finding out the reason, because you don’t want to be caught in whatever it is that's causing the mayhem, thirty minutes later you think to stop and ask "why are we running?" but then its too late, you've lost a couple of things in your panic, just because a woman was running home when she remembered she left her gas on.

Most have lost credibility in my sight as they only speak against the government when they’re not the ones ‘chopping’ they hate it someone else is there, and thus fight with all their might for their ‘person’ so they can arrive. I'm not even sure what we're crying for anymore, because just a handful of the youths are genuinely pained... most are just pained till they get into the system and start 'chopping' and that's all. Just a few are awakening with fresh breaths, they others just stink and make waking up distatseful.
Our hate has clouded our minds and we don't realize that the future we spoke of is here(days we sang we are the future of the world), now, and we are it, in it,and its time to take it. Not by making noise on facebook, or the web pages, or by giving hideous names to the politicians, but by building ourselves through educating ourselves beyond our books, even when there's no job.
By learning to be less selfish, by joining queues when we see them and not cutting corners, by not giving the little bribes, by not being late for appointments(afterall its african time) by not biting more than we can swallow, by being honest and reliable, by following due process.... the big things we criticize the top dogs for are the little things we chew ourselves, if we can't stop the 'dropping something' at our level, how are we going to be able to stop it(corruption) when we're given a chance to lead??
By not trying to bite off the heads of those who were invited to a lunch with the president. How else do you get heard and exchange ideas if you hate your 'enemies/government' so much you refuse to dine with him and put your cards on the table?
Ask the average youth screaming for change off camera why he wants to be in a position of leadership, you'll be shocked at what you'll hear "chopping". And i wonder, are you insulting the government out of office just to go in and do what they did? What is your motivation to get to the top, be it in government or your private practice? if its just about money and power then maybe the youths should go back to bed.

The future is now for the youths, its our time, its not enough to be intellectual and look out for only the bad, the now belongs to us, its time to start hunting for the good and highlighting it, grabbing opportunities and using it as stepping stones, giving ourselves the hope we desperately need, by being the good we ought to be.
Let's learn to wake up with fresh breaths, bad breaths are not appealing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

P.s I love you

It's the reason why a woman in an abused marriage stays on, even when we on the outside advice her to "just pack up and leave" it's really not that simple. And that's why we shake our head in disgust at her 'stupidity'
It is the reason why a woman with a cheating husband forgives him over and over again.

It is the reason why a mother would fight for her child who brings shame to the family.
Why she goes around crying for help when the child who disrespects her and steals from her gets into trouble.
Its the reason why we keep giving second chances.

Love is the reason.

It's why a king would send his son to die in place of his subjects even when they are nothing but misfits...."For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. " John 3:16(amp)

It is the reason God loves and still cares for us despite ourselves, even as we daily mock his immeasurable sacrifice for us.

True love covers up a lot of things. We wonder why and how we keep taking certain things from people, how they can hurt and annoy us so, and same time get us all hot and bothered when they're in trouble.
How we can get over that seemingly unforgivable act and love them like we've always done...
True love blinds us to reason and places hope in place of doubt that maybe, one day, this person we love, who keeps hurting us will realize and come to accept the love we freely and generously offer and turn from their hurtful ways... "for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others]." 1 Peter 4:8(amp)

Thus Love is patient and kind(and hopeful)
Love is you dusting the dirt off shoulder and skipping away happily with the person responsible.
Love is a mystery.
Without love... Life is toast.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Its my birthday today!!!
I'm 26...
Oh my Gosh, I'm gonna cry
Just a few hours ago I was 25, and just the day before I was 5.

God has been good. He's been so Good. I'm aging gracefully. Like fine wine.

I am so blessed. Blessed beyond a curse.

Not where I should be, but so far from where I was.

Its going to be a great 26 for me and those around me.

Been a while since I had a birthday at home with mom... So the cook's doing something special for lunch(party rice toh bad), there's small chops and there's cake and there's a hands full or less of friends. And there's communion in church tonight...yayyy.

Please say a little prayer for me before closing this page... The best thing you can do for me if you're not sending me any gifts.

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