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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mind The Gap...

Because some platforms on the London Underground are curved and the rolling stock that uses them are straight, an unsafe gap is created when a train stops at a curved platform.[4] In the absence of a device to fill the gap, some form of visual and auditory warning is needed to advise passengers of the risk of being caught unaware and sustaining injury by stepping into the gap. The phrase "Mind the gap" was chosen for this purpose and can be found painted along the edges of curved platforms as well as heard on recorded announcements played when a train arrives at many Underground stations. Wikipedia
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You often hear and see signs with the warning “mind the gap” when you’re on the London underground. Its so glaring, you can’t miss noticing it. You’re reminded to mind the gap between the train and the platform, because sometimes you get so distracted by all your thoughts, the music plugged in your ears, conversation with a friend or the paper or book you’re engrossed in that you absentmindedly get on and off the train, but those announcements cuts into your thoughts and you’re quite deliberate with getting on and off the train… it’ll cause an avoidable havoc if your carelessness causes your feet to slip into the gap. That seemingly small gap is a big problem if you slip and fall in. There’s delay with the trains and probably injury that completely derails you from arriving at where you’re going to at the time you want it get there, if you get there at all.

Mind the gap; Guard your heart.

We should have such warnings to guard our hearts everywhere we turn. We shouldn’t get so distracted by life, that we forget to remember to ‘mind the gap’, guard our hearts as we hop on trains from one season to the other… when we don’t deliberately guard what gets into our hearts, its easy to slip and fall into that gap leading to self inflicted injuries of depression, strife and offense. And we know it’s hard to continue your journey when you’re injured with strife in your heart.

This is your reminder to mind the gap/guard your heart. Don’t be distracted by the relationships that have gone sour… (no relationship should be so tasking that it distracts you and makes you so weary that you don’t pay attention) don’t be distracted by your desires… not even money, your needs or wants should be big enough to distract you… falling or slipping into that small hole is of bigger consequences, God is too big for you to limit him or lock him down to your distractions of self. Don’t get tangled in the small… those seemingly small issues have bigger consequences.
We’re so distracted by self, that we don’t pay attention to where we’re going, thus easily fall in the gap of strife of offense. With self-centeredness, it’s easy to fall into the gap of offense, and the feeling of being offended broods more injuries than we can handle, causing a larger damage.
People would hurt you yes. You gave your all for that relationship and in the end, you weren’t treated right, stop brooding on me me me… and get over it. Dust the dirt, move on, forgive, as hard as it seems… and it is hard, because you have legit reasons to be mad at that person, to wish them evil… but you realize that making a decision to not pay attention to how the hurt is affecting you sets you free and saves you from a lot… it takes a decision to not dwell on the hurt, to let go and wish the person well… its good riddance for you. Treat the open wound, let it heal and move on. Many girls especially have fallen into this gap of bitterness, and we cant blame them, but it doesn’t make it good for them. Not everything that is right is good for you. Some drugs as much as they come with their healing abilities, have adverse side effects much worse than what they cure. Your heart doesn’t need that.

People would come to talk, to distract, to share grievances, to entice you with pity so you start to pick on the wound that is healing, letting anger lay hold of you and soon your heart gets so intertwined with bitterness, you fall in the gap and end up delaying yourself from the better that the train you should have boarded was supposed to take you to. Forget the past and move!

People would talk about you, good and bad words would slip into your hearing… don’t dwell on them, or as you take in too much candy of the good words you hear, when the bitterness of the bad comes, it affects your mood and you stay wounded and distracted by self, too distracted by being so focused on this opinions to mind the gap and you fall a victim of your own self-centeredness… Take heed to those things lest at anytime they make you slip… Stop opening your mind to irrelevant things.
You’re not truly free until you are free from the opinions of men.” Moyo Akin-Ojo

I recently began to realize that most times, self-centeredness/pride is the cause of most of the issues we go through. It was a hard truth to take in, but I did take it in.
When we fail at something, why do we feel so beat up? Most times, its because we’re so concerned about reputation, what people would say, how they would laugh… and so we refuse to try again to save face. We let failure define us because we’re so selfish… dwelling on self.
I recently hosted an event and it went well… but I was so full of self at some point that I forgot the motive/vision of what the event was about, and I kept sulking instead of enjoying myself, I sulked so much I couldn’t speak well when I held the mic, I sulked so much, I missed out on doing something important God instructed me to do during the event… You see, I was so distracted by self that I was almost falling into the gap, I quickly realized what was happening to me and I repented. Did I follow my dreams in hosting the event? Yes. Was it successful? Yes… it only didn’t go the way my self wanted it to go… in a way that I’d have glorified self.

I have tried to convince myself that I hate public speaking; I would rather write all I want to say and give people to read… I’m so concerned about how I sound and if I’ll look good doing it or what the people are thinking that I forget that there is a higher purpose to my being called to speak… and I have to stop being such a selfish person to overcome the fears and just do it… the Nike way.
There are many things many people dream of doing… things they have pictured in their hearts for as long as they can remember, but are so selfish with their fear of failure that they don’t even try to step out. Every legit reason for not trying has an undertone of selfishness. Mind the gap, guard your heart, and don’t fall into that trap of being so engulfed with self that you miss out on so much.
God sent Jesus to die, knowing we had a free will to choose to believe and accept Him or not… but He did it anyway, not holding back on His vision/dream because He feared no one would accept this sacrifice… He did it anyway, moving beyond self and it’s paid off, because every day, people’s hearts are surrendered to the power of this love and the sacrifice of the cross.

Refusing to forgive people who’ve hurt you in one way or the other is a sure way of slipping into the gap and not getting on the train… you’re justified in your offense, just as God is justified in His being angry at us, but He chose not to exercise His rights, instead He forgave us ALL, through Jesus death. If He could do it, what’s our excuse? God isn’t a selfish or self-centered God, He thought of us above all… He doesn’t dwell on how much we hurt Him, or how we offend Him, or how after all He’s done for us, we throw His love in the trashcan every chance we get… Instead He dwells on how much He loves us. The blood of Jesus is His eternal ‘mind the gap’ reminder that He can never be angry with us anymore.
Let the same blood and the love that allowed it spill be our own eternal reminder that we are equipped to let go… that we have been equipped to move on from the past into the future. We are equipped to rise above every hurt and disappointment and move on to better. Let the blood be a reminder that we can guard our hearts and chose to rise above shame and despair without falling into the gap of depression and condemnation, that trap of self-pity that only helps in disrupting our journey.

Guard your heart because out of it comes issues of life… when your heart is wounded, everything around you, every issue you face mirrors the wound in your heart… you deal with people based on the hurt you experience, and distrust causes contempt which just deepens the wound some more.
Keep vigilant watch over your heart;
    that’s where life starts.
Don’t talk out of both sides of your mouth;
    avoid careless banter, white lies, and gossip.
Keep your eyes straight ahead;
    ignore all sideshow distractions.
Watch your step,
    and the road will stretch out smooth before you.
Look neither right nor left;
    leave evil in the dust. Proverbs 4:23-27(MSG)

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Happy Bride...

What a bridegroom He is. What a lover He is. What a God!
This is the greatest love story ever told… the ultimate proposal story… the highest/greatest bride price ever paid… the cross… the blood that was shed!!! The shed blood is of much more value than diamonds and gold.

God proved His love once and for all by giving us Jesus to die for us, to redeem us from our sins, and not to condemn us in our wrong. Through the cross (His death, burial and resurrection) He paid the highest price to make us His spotless bride. His blood ran red and made us white as snow. Made us the righteous ones in Him… gave us a title deed “the blessed ones”. In this price that was paid, in my acceptance of His proposal, I become one with Him… coming with nothing but filth, and He came with EVERYTHING, and covering my nothing with his everything. His perfection swallowed my imperfection. I now carry His name as His bride; I drop my old name and all that comes with it… I am a new creation in Christ… Glory!
"This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. John 3:16-17(MSG)
The cross answers all questions. Clears all doubt about His love. Some brides have a tiny bit and sometimes even an enormous pile of doubt as they exchange vows… but by the cross, that sacrifice, He silenced my doubt… how can I ever doubt He loves me? He silenced the voice of my debtors… He paid an over price, He gave me His name… the voice of sin and shame has no hold over me. They have no right to hold me down in bondage. I am no longer a slave to their whims.

As His bride, I am well taken care of… blood has been shed, the price has been paid… all things are mine and working for my good.
Because the price has been paid, I resist anything contrary to what this perfect sacrifice has done. What a price he paid. He made an open show of the devil. He made a place for me in him at the Fathers right hand, where I sit and make my enemies my footstool; everything that is made to cause me pain has been made a footstool, placed under my foot. I have the power to overcome every day that turns dark, to rise above every storm that tries to destroy my sail, and cause my walk on water to turn into a struggle to keep from drowning, every fire that lies to me and threatens my assurance that I am the beloved of God and I have the victory. The game of life has been fixed for the precious bride, for me… I am more than a conqueror in Christ… I always win.
Spoiler alert… my bridegroom is the master of the universe, and He has changed the game… so no matter how it goes, even if I receive a punch or two, even if I fall down a couple of times… I always win. That’s what keeps me going because given up is not taken advantage of all that I have.

The signet ring of the Holy Spirit He’s given me has given me power and boldness to step out as His bride. His name has opened the doors for me to places I was shut out of before.
My bridegroom rejoices over me with singing (Zephaniah 3:17)…  
Knowing such a love and being constantly reminded by the signet ring of His Spirit and name, that sacrifice on the cross helps me to resist discouragement, fear, depression, self-condemnation, weariness, shame, lack… Oh they come my way, sometimes close enough to throw some slaps at me, but I always rise above the moments and conquer them, put them where they belong, under my feet.

The Cross equals love… and I’m proud to be called His bride, to bear His name, to bask in His love and 'slay' in the robes of His righteousness.
I will sing for joy in God, explode in praise from deep in my soul! He dressed me up in a suit of salvation, he outfitted me in a robe of righteousness, As a bridegroom who puts on a tuxedo and a bride a jeweled tiara. Isaiah 61:10(MSG)
(I love it how my Easter outfit by StylebyCecil Inspired this post...)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Musings...

I thought of something to write about the cross… about that gruesome Friday that is called good because it’s the greatest thing that could happen to and for me. Sometimes we don’t have to go too deep to bring out certain truths. Sometimes, its okay to run your fingers on the surface and glaze through what lies there… because in truth, even a surface should be so sharp, you get bleeding fingers.

Jesus came, He died, he was buried and He rose again… His death, burial and resurrection is all the truth there is to live the life of victory. He made an open show of the devil in this selfless act. The simplicity of it all.

He died that His will would be executed in our lives. He died and the will has been read… all the promises and blessings written in the bible have become legally ours because He died on that cross. In His death burial and resurrection, He has given us all things… He has blessed us, He has forgiven us, He has given us victory, and He has given us a rich and satisfying life.

In His death, He proved once and for all how much He loves me…. You… and even him, the one drunkenly sprawled in his own mess. It’s all so simple… all we have to do is believe. And In our believe, we are raised up to that position of victory, of rest, seated with Him in heavenly places, high above principalities and power.

The simplicity of the gospel, gives every room for the desire for complicated, deep revelations to blind us… and we see people so blinded everyday with pointless arguments. We don’t argue about truth, we just believe it.
I have come to know this Jesus, I have come to know His love… indeed, I can’t know him without knowing His love. He is love and this love is Him. I have come to believe in him with all of my being, that even when I doubt, there’s so much belief in the voice of doubt that gives it no chance to find expression.

The Jesus I have come to know, the love I have received that has caused me to love Him back is not one I want to argue about.
I go through challenges, I have my moments, but nothing is big enough to cause me to doubt the power of the cross… the resurrection power.
I don’t go to church to get stuff… I don’t believe in Him because I have needs. What if those needs are not met as I want them to be? Does that mean I stop believing? I become disgruntled and angry at him?
It’s more than the superficial things… its so much more.
Like the song "crown' by  Hillsong goes
“And all my wealth is in the cross
There's nothing more I want
Than just to know His love
My heart is set on Christ
And I will count all else as loss
The greatest of my crowns
Mean nothing to me now
For I counted up the cost
And all my wealth is in the cross’

Why would anyone want to be anywhere else? When the warmth of His arms is everything to live for?

He took the fall.
His body was broken.
His person was mocked.
He was called names.
He was tortured.
My salvation was born.
In the lashes He took.
In the nails that pierced His hands and feet.
In the pain that rushed through His body…
My salvation was carved.
Such a beautiful masterpiece was weaved through the ugliness of the cross, the shed blood, the pain and the shame.
Such a masterpiece was weaved in the words that He sighed, “It is finished”
It is finished indeed.
I wear the garment of salvation with pride.
I do not deserve it, but His love found me, washed me and clothed me in the royal robes.
About 2000 years ago, love was defined, love reached its climax… Love conquered.
With all His excellence and glorious splendor. With all His strength and power. With the armies of the heavens He commands… despite it all, He chose to be weak on this day so He could become the strength of my life.
Through the storms, through it all… I stand, because all may fail, but He is indeed the strength of my heart.
“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart. He is mine forever” Psalm 73:26

Thursday, April 13, 2017


INCENSE… Five meetings compressed into a less than 60seconds video…  The plans, the steps of faith, the enlargement of heart, the taking God at His word, the trusting Him in the face of brick walls and empty wallets, the friends that held my hand, and the people who believed in the vision… The story so far; Makurdi, Cyprus, Lagos, Abuja, Makurdi Prisons and my heart is overwhelmed and expectant as I plan for the sixth meeting in Makurdi, Benue State. I'm quite excited as it's going to be hosted in the church I've called home this past six years.
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It isn’t a social event neither is it a religious one. It’s not about the church you attend or who sings better. It’s non denominational. It’s a matter of the heart… a love affair, a gathering of people who are encouraged to be bold enough to come as they are, naked and unashamed… you may call it a nudist event and I wouldn’t be offended. We come together as we are to worship… in one voice to sing in response to this love of the Father that is greater than any love we can fathom. It’s a gathering of people who are loved by God… its not about how great a Christian you are… and it isn’t about pointing at how far away you are from God… it is devoid of judgment and graced with love (if anything, it convicts you of the Fathers loving heart towards you) an atmosphere laced with the tangible love of God, the love that covers us and plunges us deep into the waters and releases us to free fall into a Spirit and truth kind of worship… One that sends us away revived to worship in our personal life and live a life style of worship… to live as one who knows he or she is loved by God and so the world is ours to conquer.

There’s something about a gathering of believers to worship, it awakens something within you… it makes your heart burn and revives every weariness in your personal worship life,
We’re not coming for ourselves, to be entertained or to show how righteous we are… its all about one person, one audience, the one who loves us in our sin and in our repentance, the one who cares, the one who’s good. An audience of one… together we burn the incense and we offer it to our king. As we have people to help us release this smoke of sweet incense…we experience the beauty of His tangible presence… the presence that heals, delivers restores, mends broken hearts, enlarges our hearts and cause us to dream big… provides for us, favors us, makes ways and cause walls to fall for our sake.
With lifted hands, we reach out to our Abba Father, and He lifts us up into His arms like the loving Father that He is, and we rest in Him, in an elevated position that shows us that the problems are really as grasshoppers, we are truly blessed and highly favored and loved.
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What better way to spend good Friday than enjoying the love of the Father... That love that made Him give us Jesus!
"The cross was the place where God and sinful man merged with a tremendous collision and where the way of life was opened, but all the cost and pain of the collision was absorbed by the heart of God" Oswald
Its a love encounter... A worship experience to an audience of one.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Entitled: Inheritance...

My mum handed over my ‘portion’ from grandmas’ things.
It was an emotional moment thinking about how her possessions had been shared. Grandma was so careful with her things and kept them safe and in good condition.
I was given a set of gold earrings and pendant with a nice and quite a heavy weighty set, a lovely thick necklace to go with it, an outfit and a lovely purse.

All the items are valuable… but obviously the gold has a lot more monetary value than the others.
Amidst tears, I took my things… but gave the gold set back to mum to keep for me. I did that in condemnation to self.
I was thinking mum was judging me as she handed it over to me because all the gold set she’s ever bought me, not even one remains. And she did buy me some expensive pieces. To think how much they would be worth in today’s market. Not one, not the stud earrings, neither the heavy sets and chains… I don’t even have any of the gold sets I’ve bought for myself… from anklets, to heavy earrings and rings… nothing, not even daddy’s gold chain and pendant I had!
Missing, sold off, stolen and different stories… I felt she was thinking in her mind how careless I was with all the other sets and how I would probably do the same with this precious piece, that had more than monetary value…

I know she wasn’t thinking that. But that’s what self-condemnation does to you; you imagine the thoughts of everyone about you. So I acted all ‘wise’ and responsible by asking her to keep it for me, and talking about how I don’t have a safe place for it right now.
I took my other things away.

That incident showed me something.
Jesus died and our inheritance has been given… ALL things are ours.
But like me, our condemnation by our weaknesses, our carelessness and our mistakes keeps us from receiving. We pick out the one we feel we are kind of deserving… it’s a big deal, but not as big a deal as the next.
So we take health and leave wealth…
We take salvation and leave the blessings that come with it.
We’re thinking maybe we deserve to be sick because we didn’t take care of our bodies… we sinned. So lets leave the healing in a safe place and live with the little pains because God will probably judge us when we ask Him for healing… so we walk away with some other blessing that we feel we deserve.
We don’t take the wealth, because well, we don’t know how to manage money and God is angry with us… so lets leave the wealth and just live poor while we live with wisdom and good health. A poor, wise and healthy man… bleh!
Remember the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. We are entitled to these blessings… all of it, no exception and this blessing does not come with a baggage of sorrow… What is sorrow? A direct response to condemnation! Condemnation brings about sorrow… the fact that you don’t deserve it, doesn’t mean the blessing isn’t given to you irrespective of what you feel and condemnation has no place in the blessing of God. He does not condemn you.
If He did, He wouldn’t waste time and the precious treasure of heaven on you. The cross happened to wipe the slate clean and position you to receive every good and perfect gift, to receive the great riches of His grace and mercy. For our sake He became poor that we may be rich, by His stripes we are made whole. Glory to God.

Its time to take all we’ve been bequeathed in Christ death… the inheritance is an all-encompassing blessing. Don’t settle for one and reject the other. Take it all, it is your Fathers good pleasure to see you enjoy every blessing He has made available for you. I’ve taken my gold and even started wearing it, because I know it’ll be a joy for her to see me enjoy it.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Entitled... Upgrade!

The first time I was upgraded to business class, I was ecstatic… I was so excited, but I tried to be modest… I tired hard not to feel free to abuse all the services and perks that was British airways made available to me, because I felt like I didn’t pay for that class, so I ought to behave myself… because surely the hostess knew and would judge me or turn their noses up when I asked for more or requested for something.
It took me a while to realize that paid for or not, as long as I was given a pass to seat in that place, I was entitled to all that was served, to their services, to make demands and to freely enjoy all that was available, and if I didn’t use it up, it was my loss and the shame was on me.

The fact that it was given to you by grace and not your works doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy or you don’t qualify for the best of services. You are entitled to the best it has to offer even if it is a gift and you did not have to pay for it. The cross happened not because we deserved it, but His love and grace caused that price to be paid and now all the benefits are ours for the taking… its foolishness not to take full advantage of it because we feel we don’t qualify for that price paid. God knew we would never be able to earn His salvation, yet He did it and gave it to us for free. Don’t be timid when it comes to enjoying the benefit of salvation… you may not have been able to afford it, but its been given to you for free, don’t judge yourself and limit yourself from partaking fully in the rich and satisfying life it brings.

You want the airhostess to attend to you, they will… they even call you by name… enjoy it! Don’t refuse the first course or the attention and don’t be timid about accepting all that’s offered.
We’ve been given all things we need for a satisfying life and godliness(2 Peter 1:3) Its been given and so we are entitled to enjoy it without labor, without stress. It’s grace.
If you were upgraded by the airline, don’t feel like a charity case and reject the perks that come with it, thinking the hostess are judging you for enjoying the charity… that’s punishment. Adjust the seat. Ask from another glass of wine or apple juice, eat like a king when you’re served and even ask for second helpings. Its grace, so take as much as you can and even so much more… running over.

You’ve been given this salvation for free… relax in it… make demands on the cross, ask for what you want, receive with glee… enjoy life to the fullest… that’s what Christ upgraded you into… a life of grace and ease… rich and satisfying (John 10:10) You’re entitled to it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Entitled: Just Enough?

I was going on vacation to Dubai with my cousin and sister and I was the middle man between my Uncle who was sponsoring the trip and the rest of us. He asked me to get a budget together…. I tried my best to be moderate, to be considerate with him, so I got a real nice package deal, that still availed us the luxury of a five star hotel and a fabulous vacation…. He was impressed with the price I presented.

When it came to our allowance, he asked me what we were expecting from him. I was expecting a lot, my expectation was so high, I had budgeted for a Louis Vuitton bag among other luxuries. I really was expectant, but I got cold feet at the last minute especially when I saw what he was spending on tickets and accommodation, I felt sorry for his wallet…. So I told him a very minimal amount…. I could see the shock and mixture of excitement on his face, I called way way way below what he had apparently budgeted for us… and he handed over the money almost immediately. I had saved him money he was willing to spend.
When my aunt heard what I asked for, she went crazy… how could you? It was a pretty sum of money, but not pretty enough to live in abundance, just enough to have a good holiday, I could buy my bag, but it didn't avail us an excessively carefree one.
Did you put into consideration things like cab fares and meals? She asked. I didn’t even think of those basic things, meaning we would have to spend from our shopping allowance on the basics. She was mighty pissed at me, my travel companions weren't impressed with me…. I was mighty pissed at myself and my uncle was mighty pleased with me… I think he felt sorry for us in the end, so much that he had to send extra money just before we left. You see, I had the opportunity to receive more but I was feeling so sorry for him and I requested for something less than he was willing to give.
Sometimes our desire to be modest don't help us when it comes to receiving blank cheques. In the world, it's a good thing to be modest when it comes to receiving help... but with God, that's a no no.

That’s not how God works; He doesn’t want us to feel sorry for Him when we receive.  “…you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Psalms 23:5
God is the God of abundance, He doesn’t just give enough to meet the basic needs, He gives to the overflow… running over.(and he does this for our enjoyment and so we can be a blessing)
Our minds are so small, so limited and so filled with junk thoughts that limit our ability to ask and receive from God.
You are entitled to this blessings by the sacrifice of Jesus, if you have a need, ask and it will be given… believe God for the best and not just good enough and you will receive. Don’t downplay your needs for your heavenly Father, He is well more than able to give us abundantly more than we can ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Entitled... Take the Best!

I have three favorite perfumes and then others; Hermes Jour d’Hermes, Chanel Mademoiselle and Gucci Guilty. I love them and then the others that grace my table… my bottle of Gucci guilty was less than half and I didn’t bait an eyelid because I knew mum had a full bottle, thus I used hers whenever I felt like it, because I needed to save my bottle, until I eventually took the bottle out of her room. I wasn’t out of perfumes, I still had full bottles of my other two favorites and half of my Gucci and various fills of others, but it didn’t stop me from taking from mum one of her favorite perfumes, because I wanted it… It wasn’t a need, it was a want. “The Lord is m shepherd, I shall not want”(Psalm 23:1)

My sister came home one day and she needed a perfume. She looked at mums’ dressing table trying to decide on which perfume to take. Mum asked her to pick whatever she wanted. She picked the cheapest bottle on the table… although it was a new bottle, as someone had just given it to mum as a gift… I certainly wouldn’t have picked that if given the opportunity to pick any, especially if I had none. I would have picked something more expensive… not what she picked.

My siblings are considerate when it comes to mum. I am as well, but I have this crazy mindset that the best of mum belongs to me, so I take her best when she offers anything. I want to use her sunglasses, I don’t take the cheap ones, I go for the Chanel… it’s her best and most expensive. My sisters do the right thing; we are all well brought up. But I have the last-born syndrome, and so I act that way with mum… she doesn’t owe me anything, the world would tell me, but that sense of entitlement just plays out strongly, because I am her daughter, i deserve her best.
I always use the relationship between my mum and I to catch a glimpse of Gods goodness towards me… as hopelessly devoted as she is to her kids, it comes nothing close to Gods devotion and goodness to us.

And so with God, we should all act like His last-born. I do! If He’s offering me anything, then I have the right to reach for the best. In the world, what my sisters do is considered as discipline, but with God, refuse to be foolish in a bid to being humble.
Desire His best. If He throws open an opportunity, don’t downplay it and leave the change for Him. You don’t impress Him; do not be modest when it comes to receiving from your Father. I take mums best… I believe I deserve Gods best because of what He’s done on the cross, because of His love. I believe and so I receive. 

That’s why I refuse to be anything less. I want the best for myself I refuse to settle. If there’s a nice Gucci perfume on the dresser that I like, then I’ll take it even if I’m not lacking… my sister had none but she was modest in reaching out to receive… The Psalms says "I shall not want"... meaning, your needs are met, and yo do not want for anything, what you desire, you get it even if it isn't a basic need. Don’t be that way with God. You may have a stack of blessings but what makes you think you can’t reach out for more? 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3
You are a blessed man, blessed with ALL... blessings are your inheritance, the more you reach out, the more you receive and it’s the best that’s laid out for you to take from, what you want is what you get. Get the best; don’t limit your capacity to receive... stretch out, enlarge your heart and your desires and know that because your Father loves you, you are blessed and you have all... your desires are met... You are entitled to the best, it doesn't diminish God's supply. Take it!

Monday, March 6, 2017


As a last child, I naturally acquired a sense of entitlement.
I am entitled to love, affection, favor, attention… and preferential treatment amongst many other benefits. That generally isn’t seen as such a great attitude in the worlds system; we say no one owes us anything, learn to live with that thought so you don’t get disappointed.
Thus, my sense of entitlement has a little class and decorum to it. I have wisdom to know that no man owes me anything… I know not to build castles of expectations for men only to be hurt when it crumbles. I know not every kind act is reciprocated or appreciated. I know one good turn may be deserving of another, but it’s not always given.  I have watched my mother go the extra hundred mile for people and not be appreciated. I have watched her not rise up in anger, feeling entitled to the spoils of what she helped pave the way for you to get. This wisdom clause in my entitlement program has shown me to feel entitled, to be expectant, but not get disappointed when people don’t act like they owe me anything, because really they don't and my act of kindness or love shouldn't be based on what I would get in return.
But, If you are my boyfriend/husband… then I am entitled to your loyalty, your love, your time, your respect, your devotion… your integrity, your honor and some more. It is my right as far as I’m concerned… you owe me that.
And if I am your sister or daughter, then I am entitled to your love, your attention, etc.

Having that sense of entitlement from my position as a last born has made it easy to receive from God. I have been continuously schooled on His endless love for me, like putting a magnifying glass directly on paper that it burns, His love is magnified on me like I am the only girl in the world, and I burn, my heart is set on fire with all that love and so I have no choice but to feel entitled. It is my right to have the best of everything. Why? Not because I did something deserving, I could never live up to the standard of His love. It’s all because a price has been paid, a sacrifice has been made and accepted, and now I have the right to be all those things and so much more

Why? Does God owe me anything? No! God doesn’t owe me anything because He already gave me everything on the cross… ALL has been paid for in blood and the receipt is with me… the Holy Spirit.

When He died, He said it is finished and gave me ALL… blessed me, so I don’t owe him and I am not being modest but foolish if I don’t have a sense of entitlement for what’s legally mine.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3
The blood of Jesus is the currency used, my guarantee that all things are mine, and the Holy Spirit helps me enforce my right, come into the fullness of all that I have been blessed to be. So if I don’t rise up and act like I have a right to those things, I am being foolish, and I will let the world and the devil intimidate me with lies that those things aren’t mine or I am not deserving.
The fact is that I do not deserve most of them, but the truth is that God didn’t look at me to qualify me for the gifts, His grace made a way, His love made a way via the cross and the finished works to give me ALL… because I could never work to deserve a third of what I’ve been given.
Praise God.
Walk around the earth with a sense of entitlement.
I am entitled to the best husband, to the best life, to the best clothes, to the best of everything, and that’s what I get.
Desire Gods best for you.
You are entitled to the best Job, the best home, the best husband/wife, the best selling published book, the best song, the best dance, the best of the best… don’t settle for less, don’t dream small. Have the last born mentality, dig deeper for your sense of entitlement and enjoy ALL that God gave Jesus that you may have… abundance. Some may see it as pride… but it’s the life you ought to be living.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On Nando's and Waiting...

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I promised my niece Mimi, that I would take her to Nandos at the weekend. I was down with the flu when I made that promise and I told her if I felt strong enough we’d go. She was motivated by that promise to always pray for me to feel better soon.
I was out of bed by Saturday, but I still felt a little woozy and all I wanted to do was just stay home and rest, but my Mimi wouldn't let me be. I tried to bargain with her; let's stay home today, and I'll send for McDonald's (which she absolutely loves) and then next weekend we'll go to Nandos.
Baby girl wailed ... I couldn't believe she would pass off a chance for an extra treat. That wasn’t wisdom!
And so I got my woozy feeling self up and went to Nandos. 

It got me thinking how sometimes God wants us to wait, more like, He needs us to wait... Not because He's going to deny us, but because there's one or two things He wants us to catch before we get there, get to the promise. Things that'll help us mature/sustain us/help us thrive at the destination... But we get so impatient with Him and refuse to wait... We insist on having our way. We wail our way out of the waiting room… no wonder we see people crash and make so many mistakes so often.
I've realized that for every time God has asked me to wait... He hasn’t left me helpless. The waiting may have seemed so hard, but it’s always been worth it. Even in my impatience, I've seen Him throw McDonald's here and there in the waiting mix. There are always sprinkles and even showers of blessings in the waiting room. Experiences that help me grow out of myself, into something better and bigger. Experiences that ‘man’ me up.

The only reason you haven't noticed the blessings as you wait is because you're so focused on what isn't happening right now, that you fail to see that He hasn't left you helpless. And those little blessings in the waiting room count for so much when you finally get to the destination, to your promise. Those blessings help you see things differently... Help you manage your destination well because character to sustain you, to help you thrive at the top is formed amongst many other things.
Don't be so focused on the disappointment of waiting for Nandos that you miss out on the added bonus of McDonald's while you wait.
God’s got you, and His waiting room isn’t bare… look well!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Love Collision: Lamb Slain

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

The love of our Father runs so deep,  so deep He paid the highest price to set us free… He gave His only son. “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.” John 15:13
The sacrifice of the cross is everything. It is Love, and in this love is the finished works and in the finished works is our salvation, our healing, our forgiveness, our hope, our joy, our victory… and on and on.

I love this song by LB…  It's His first single about the perfect sacrifice of the lamb slain released two years ago, such a power filled song. I always look forward to hearing him sing it live.

He was hanging on three Nails
the Holy Lamb of God in my stead
such a beautiful exchange
with one perfect sacrifice
once and for all am Justified

no other sacrifice can heal us
no other signs from above compares
no other lies of men redeemed us
no other offering can save

His love has saved me… justified me, made me acceptation. Why shouldn't I rejoice?

Download this song here…

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Love Collision: Made A Way

God’s love makes ways… always! Ways of escape, ways of victory…

You made a way
When our backs were against the wall
And it looked as if it was over
You made a way
And we're standing here
Only because you made a way
You made a way

God’s love has brought us out one to many times. I’m thankful for the times my back’s been against the wall and He showed up and rescued me.

Now we're here
Looking back on where we come from
Because of you and nothing we've done
To deserve the love and mercy you've shown
But your grace was strong enough to pick us up

You move mountains
You cause walls to fall
With your power
You perform miracles
There is nothing that's impossible
And we're standing here
Only because you made a way

Song: Made A Way - Travis Greene
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