Incense... A Worship Experience!

"The time has come for a revival of public worship as the finest of the fine arts...While
there is a call for strong preaching there is even a greater need for uplifting worship."
Andrew W. Blackwood

This is the essence of incense… uplifting, unadulterated worship! Where we collectively stand as the temple of the Living God (1 Corinthians 3:16), and act in the office of royal priests (1 peter 2:9) we’ve been called into. Burning an incense of worship with our lifted hands hearts and voices to God, our King, the one who loves us fiercely… the I AM!

I’m so excited about incense and the life changing worship experience we’re going to have as we cast crowns, lift hands and bow our hearts in worship.
To see this thought planted in my heart become a reality has overwhelmed my heart with gratitude. I know God’s going to honor us with His presence.
I’m thankful for the beautiful people who have shown support and our High priests who’ll be leading a congregation of Priests in worship.
Nothing is as beautiful and sweet as the presence of God, I really can't describe how intense moments of worship are. Sometimes, it feels like a lovers dance, the merging of hearts with God as He rains down kisses on me. 
I want everyone who attends to get an intimate revelation of God and experience the beauty of His glory as we burn up an incense of worship for His presence.

Everyone who comes will leave with something beautiful, because I know no one leaves the presence of God the same way they come.
What beauty...

I’m sure Incense is coming to a city near you… be expectant!
I got a couple of my friends and our worship ministers for the evening to drop nuggets of their personal revelation of worship. It's interesting to hear different views about worship.

The Worship Ministers for the evening gave us personal nuggets...

Friends in ministry whispered some nuggets as well...


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