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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

***a day at sotheby

for the hell of it, i went to sotheby today, or yesterday? its about 1.30am so i guess its yesterday. my friend made me(okay fine i sort of mentioned last week that i had never been to an auction before and he suggested i come along with him today). I was already stiffening up before we walked into the auction house located on new bond street, wanting to dash away and get lost in the shops. Don wouldn't hear of it. I wanted an auction experience, i was going to get one.

I tried to dress the part, you know, of a rich young lady who does sotheby and Christie all the time:), there i was looking all prim and proper, in a tailored black Calvin Klein dress,and a three strand pearl set(stolen/borrowed from sis). i was desperately trying to get the Audrey Hepburn look from breakfast at Tiffany, i think i almost looked posh, i even packed my hair up:)except my hair isn't in the best of states these days. I've been carrying braids for about a month now, so i've got this sort of razz look going on. (wheres aunty funmi hair when you need it?, unreliable nonsense). and the bloody weather wouldnt let me use my borrowed sunglasses(yes i love to use my sisters things).
if i was going to be among some rich people who had nothing better to do than bid for some dumb objects, then i had to look like some rich girl who had nothing better to do than bid for some dumb object.(i think i was slightly over dressed...damn the movies)

Boring i tell you. i held myself back from yawning one too many times,or maybe i really did yawn. i mean how interesting can it be watching a set of people haggling over some very normal everyday looking pieces be? maybe if it was some fashion item i'd have perked up. A vase for 5000pounds? i could get that in some market for less than a 100quid and it'd look better, then there was some nouveau figure of a dolphin or an angel or something sold at the hammer price of 15000 pounds, i was shaking inside, thinking of the bags i could get just down the street, where the best names in fashion from oscar to cartier and nicole farhi dwelled and here i was watching people throw good money away. tsk
i mourned the waste of money, i mourned the shopping i could do with all the money spent on junk. forgive me lovers of art but common......5000pounds for some wooden side table that looks like something i used in secondary school and for all i care it could have been made by some carpenter with a make shift workshop under some bridge in lagos(before fashola sent them packing), but of course they called it Victorian so it had to go for that prize.

I looked forward to raising the paddle(i called it the stick before today) in bidding for the piece my friend wanted, but i just couldn't wait it out. i got bored enough and depressed from seeing all that money wasted, i left my companion to wander the streets.

Shopping in as many shops as i could get into, with the imaginary money i got from auctioning out the vase my grandma has in her home,(a gift from her son in law, who knows, maybe it might be worth something, maybe its Victorian. who cares, its my fantasy i can imagine whar i want, i got 20,000pounds for it by the way)

my friend Don didn't get the Ferdinand preiss(whoever he is) skater figure he wanted, he said it got sold at about 13,000 or something pounds. i've politely declined another invitation to attend another auction next week, this time for a greek sale, mostly paintings i think, i've checked online and i really don't see anything special about those paintings...no thankyou.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

na devil

we've all had our "na devil" moments. poor devil(not) serves him right for being evil.

we all have a reason to blame it on him.
i mean we know how wrong it is to do somethings but we just shrug and say "na devil" when we're brought to book. those moments of weakness, of broken promises, of naughtiness, of ego tripping and all.

I've had dozens of 'na devil' moments. very interesting moments those were.....moments when my excesses were just so excessive and all i could think of when i berated myself was 'this devil eh". Of course common sense knows that even if at all he shoved me to do it, i was the one who took myself all the way. but we're only humans thus when we cheat, be it cheating life, ourselves or those we love....after the initial thrill of getting away with it, when the wave of realization and consciene is poured down on us(maybe cos we've been found out,) and we pitifully cry "I'm sorry" but we just have to blame it on someone else, it wasnt all our fault....its the devil, of course its him, who else would push us to such foolishness.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


H&M launched its Matthew Williamson collection for H&M today. The main inspiration for this collection is a retrospective of special pieces from his past collections.

i was at the H&M store on regent street yesterday, all i could wish for was the day to magically transform to today, so i could pick up as much of Williamson wonderfully eclectic print pieces. hes so good with colors and he gets away with piling up colors on his pieces.from eye catching purple to pink and turquoise(is this the new color of the season? cos i'm turning into a turquoise junkie), makes you feel like you're staring at a peacock.

unfortunately, my wish didn't come true, so i'm home today and imagining how crazy the stores would be now, with everyone shoving and dragging on the one off pieces.
hopefully when i stroll in tomorrow, I'll be able to lay my hands on a few good left over pieces or i might have to turn to ebay.

Posted by Picasathis is my favorite piece from the collection. it's worn by nicole hilton here. it cost just 44.99 quid,and then theres this silk jumpsuit that just kills me, for 149.99.
i've just got to get them *sigh*

you would think no one's shopping with the whole recession thingy. but the shops are still so full, its amazing, what happened to savings?
i've got to commend myself though. i've never had as much self control as i do now. Everyday I'm headed towards oxford street,promising myself i'm just going to rush in and out, then i'm walking the length and breath of new bond street and regent(i swear i dont know how i get there), but the good thing is i know i've got self control cos i dont take cabs that often. usually i shop till i'm weighed down with bags that i have to take a cab cos i cant bear to think about walking one more step or doing the underground. but now with my hurting feet i still manage to walk the underground cos i'm not holding as much bags:) yayyyy, i'm really a recovering shopaholic.
i must have grown up...or i must have been bitten by the recession bug.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

beauty in the eyes of the beholder....and far beyond!!!

i never saw myself as beautiful.
yes i loved to look in the mirror, but all i saw was a little girl with chubby cheeks, and then a few years ago i began to see what people said i was, and i thought to myself 'okayyy, quite pretty. not bad at all"
i'm very comfortable with who i am now. maybe i might wish my tummy would be tucked in tighter or my hair would grow longer so i dont have to use a weave or extensions so often, but i'm good with me.

a friend of mine from secondary school tagged me on facebook, some sort of game and i was number 21 on her list of last 21 people to write on her wall. theres a couple of random questions asked about the different numbers.

the questions about number 21 was when last did you see 21?" which her reply was something about bumping into me at the mall sometime ago. and the second question was "do you think 21 is attractive?"
her response was "very, trust me, no be today"
i'm quite immune to compliments these days, or so i thought, so i went awww in my head.

there was already a comment on the note when i read it, so i was the second to comment and i blabbed about us meeting up for lunch soon.
next i know, the first person is dropping off another comment after mine, directed at me, like right at my ego.
he goes "whats the hype with no.21? i've never really seen anything exceptionally striking about her beauty, anyway beauty is the eyes of the beholder"

fortunately i'm a lot bigger than my ego, and i've outgrown the self doubt phase and i know for a fact that i, like every woman is beautiful in my own special way, so i dont need to get a nod from anyone to feel good about myself, especially not from a stranger.

i've never met this fellow, i know nothing about him, from his surename i think hes related to some other school mate who was three years ahead of me.
i tried to make light of the situation and i go...
"errr...shes right here,just a comment above you and one below, try and whisper those words"

and he goes bla bla bla"dont you think i intended for you to hear? no offence intended, just expressing my opinion it beats gossiping dont you think?"

i decided to ignore him, and then other responses to the post(from people i know) put up defenses for me:)
"well, shes exceptionally striking in my books:)" and bla bla bla.

i thought i didnt care about it till now. i mean i was at the boulevard and as i walked in the rain looking in at shops,i lost my shopping spirit when i remembered facebook and i found myself staring at my reflection in the shop windows, which was a really bad idea as i was quite drenched and cold...it didnt do anything to boost my ego.

i put my nieces to bed and went to the lowest of the low, i coaxed them to tell me how pretty i was by asking if they thought i was pretty:)):

i feel bad that i let myself get affected by the comments of a stranger. i'm used to people knowing who i am and me having no idea who they are. but with this dude its annoying that it got to me. i mean he obviously did it to spite me, cos he left the first comment without saying stuff and when he noticed i droped a comment he put out the hateful opinion.

everyday i'm reminded of my beauty when i look at my nieces and my family, cos the beauty i see in them i know i have in me.
and of course theres the one i think i love who keeps singing how beautiful i am:)
the eyes of those who behold me and
so why worry, with one strangers mean words?

i got prompted to put up this post after i watched susan boyle from britains got talent a couple of minutes ago and almost choked on my baseless and self centred ego tripping low. shes the most beautiful woman ever. shes just so sweet, it's so hard not to cry watching her. shes such a leasson to us all, never underestimate anyone because of their looks.
beauty really is skin deep.
a while ago no one would look at her twice, now shes one of the most hit on youtube.

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