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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Midnight Black, Chestnut Brown, Honey Bronzed, Chocolate Covered,Cocoa Dipped, Big Lipped, Big Hipped, big breasted...all @ the same time

so much's been going on in my life lately...hopefully it'll all be for good. i know i was made for the spotlight:) but for now i've agreed to step back,stay behind the spotlight till the drums roll out for me, now thats something to look forward to. i was going to do a mummy post on how much i love that mother of mine, but i'm too lazy to think and write something personal. all i can say is i love you mom with all my heart(and this isnt in the cliche way, i promise) and you're my hero. happy mothers day...belated!

i decided to share this poem here, i'm so in love with it, and its such a pity that the author is unknown, if i wrote something like this, everyone would hear my name so much they'd mumble it in their sleep...lol, but seriously. enjoy.

What if I am a Black Woman? Is it a disease?
Well, if it is, I sure hope it's catching
Because they need to pour it into a bottle, label it, and sprinkle it all over the people
Men and Women - whoever loved or cried, worked or died for any one of us.
So what if I am a Black Woman
Is it a crime? Arrest me!
Because I'm strong, but gentle...I'm smart, but I'm learning...I'm loving, but I'm hateful...
And I like to work because I like to eat and feed and clothe and house me,mine, and yours and everybody's
Like I've been doing for the past 300 years.
What if I am a Black Woman?
Is it insane?Commit me!
Because I want happiness, not tears; Truths, not lies; Pleasures not pain; Sunshine, not rain; A man, not a child!
What if I am a Black Woman?
Is it a sin?
Pray for me!And pray for you too,
If you don't like women of color because we are...Midnight Black, Chestnut Brown, Honey Bronzed, Chocolate Covered,Cocoa Dipped, Big Lipped, Big Hipped, Big Breasted, and Beautiful...All at the same time!
So what if I am a Black Woman?
Does it bother you that much because I want a man who wants me...Loves me and trusts me...
Respects me and gives me everything because I want to give him everything back, PLUS!
What if I am a Black Woman?
I've got rights, same as you!
I have worked for them Died for them Lied for them Played for them Laid for them...On every plantation from Alabama to Boston and back!
What if I am a Black Woman?
I love me, and I want you to love me to,But I am, As I've always been,Near you, close to you, beside you...

classic, i find myself mumbling it to myself, it was written with so much passion, i try to imagine a slave black woman 300yrs ago(somehow nina simone fits the part..lol)seating in her shack at the plantation, holding a candle light as she scribbles the words down and same time stirs some soup for her little kids....

i've watched so many recitals of it on youtube, but nothing excites me more than this pwetty little thang with a black attitude reciting it(now is that a good thing? the attitude?)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Le Petit Marche........

A piece of Portobello in Lagos...For those who enjoy a stroll down the busy Portobello road, the energy and noise from customers haggling in the market stalls and the aroma of hot dogs and corn-on-a cob and shopping for less...you would love Le petit Marche.
This is a new age market with goods varying from vintage clothing and Bric à Brac, to Art, retail clothing and greeting cards.

The market will be open every last Saturday of the month. it started on the 28th February 2009 at Lagos Toast, 12a tbs, next to Lagos lawn tennis club. Onikan, time's 12- 6pm.The Line included goods from Obsidian,CaxtonAlile Cards, Buki De La Zaria bags and leather goods,Rukky Frocks, Trak apparel by Bisola Kamson,Vintage clothing and accessories by The Lagos Look,Art by Ivie’sRetail clothing, style junkie, liam agency,cocktails dresses, accessories etc.
(so i stole the write up from the fb group page...lol)

(vintage dresses on display.)

this is like a genuise idea . i wonder why i couldnt have thought this up:(
when i first heard the name, all i could think of was a french restaurant i heard about in brooklyn nyc. and i thought 'oh my god, they're opening a restaurant in lagos'(yeah i know, but it was one of my blond moments)

think flea market meets high street, or say liverpool street meets oxford street.
cos you get the cheap to the expensive here. even the expensive comes with cheap price tags.(okay so maybe the massive sales in the west might have something to do with the discounts here, but shops in naija are still selling at cut throat prices)
i deliberately left my cheque book home and attended the event to see how it'd go, invited my cousin Ene Mya to join me and the wonderful SMARAGD(yes i've met her, she saw me at a salon and knew it was me...how weird, then i realized we've been working on the same office building since last year and i got to know on her last day of work)
anyways, i left my cheque book home thinking i had grown strong in my resolve to treat money with respect, i refused to try most things on, or even look at the jewelry on display, but then i snapped towards the end, my discipline thrown away. i got this lovely cocktail dress for just N6,000 and two vintagey frames, you know the weird cocky looking ones,(think kanyes/jay's new look), sort of an 80's wear. i'll have my optician put up new lenses for me, its gold plated and so nerdy, i might just be too faint hearted to use it...
(vintage(nerdy)frames on display.)
but my kill purchase? this cream colored vintage Valentino dress. omg, its just so beautiful, i tried resisting and pushing it on my cousin, but it was too tight on her and i knew couldn't let anyone else have it,i got it for just N10,000, all i've got to do is change the buttons and some slight alterations....SWEET!!
i was especially impressed by this young lady isoken who owns the label Obsidian, shes got some lovely ankara designs, impressive finishing. there was this stunning damask skirt, and ankara dresses for very very cheap, i made my orders and can't wait to spot my hooded dress made from the woodin fabric.
its a fun event, and even more fun when you go with two or three friends, theres cheap but good food and drinks inside lagos toast, so if you decide to go with a male friend, he can chill inside while you go crazy outside.
and its monthly so make sure you're at the next one 28:03:09(if u're interested in setting up a stand send me a mail and i'll hook you up with the young lady wonuola odunsi whos putting it all together.)

P.S the blogger awards is heating up, don't be left out of the fun event, i've selected my special dress to cheer all the winners in:)
thats all folks....have a super weekend.
P.P.S i've been so lazy with blogging and commenting on pages, i read all your blogs people, but i dont comment, so forgive me.
***pictures courtesy of le petit group page.
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