Story of the bread...

the 'iya basira'song by stylplus would be best used to describe the whole drama at shoprite...jeez, its amazingly amusing the way people including yours faithfully queue up for the bread, i mean its all hot and fresh and just so soft, but that doesn't explain why people push and shove and scream and insult just to get the bread...(come to think about it, its not exactly wow when you eat it)
respectable men and women from noble backgrounds, bobos and babes with accents and impeccable upbringing are reduced to acting like animals in a jungle....anyway, my point?...they definitely put something in that bread, wonder which babalawo they use, i'm certain about this because i'm the sort who walks away from crowds, if it seems difficult to get, then i dont bother...i mean i can get bread anywhere can't i? but we don't think that way, we just stand there like fools and those sales people have a blast, finally a chance to have their moment of fame, the only opportunity in their lifes to control some of the snotty rich..'if you're not on the line i'm not selling' they shout.....i could even compare it to queuing up for an American visa back in the day.someone should probe them, sue them for what they do to us...what they put in the bread...hope it isnt wash

me? i somehow always find away around all the sis and i would stand aside and amuse ourselves watching the whole drama, trying to figure out what to do, we could walk away but i always get a hunch that i wouldn't survive if i don't get my sandwich in the morning made with the shoprite special,we aim and look for targets, there's always a target, someone to smile at and make small talk and before you know it he asks how many loaves you want and there we sweat.i'm working on getting a friend on the inside, someone behind the counter who would give us the to die for hot bread whenever we huh?


  1. Na wa oh! What is it about that bread now?I guess I'd have to taste it to know.
    Aya, weren't you too harsh on the guy? I know some of them can be really annoying and clueless and thick skulled and em really thick skulled and love to embarass themselves but maybe you could have been a little nicer. You must be really cute to have caught his attention in a hot bread line like that. That was a compliment.Some girls stand on runways and noone spares them half a glance.

    Anyhow, have a great weekend Inyamu. That's idoma right

    Tanx for the add!

  2. @ big head and ejura: i'm sure anyother person who isnt known to be as nice as i am would have been harsher, i swear it wouldnt have made an impression even if he stepped out of a giant mercedes G7500(if ever there was one).i kind of feel bad but bread business is serious buisness pips!

    @ejura: yeah inyamu is idoma, apparantly i'm a half moms from benue and dads from kaduna. i'm guessing yours is igala...have lots of gals from there.

  3. i have a couple of idoma friends and i can recognise an idoma name is one of the reasons i stopped and read ur blog when i came across it.

    as for ur bread...hmm, lemme not talk too much

  4. @ ozav..some people actually think it's a benin name...thumbs up to u're intelligent?...might just accept the date


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