Midnight Black, Chestnut Brown, Honey Bronzed, Chocolate Covered,Cocoa Dipped, Big Lipped, Big Hipped, big breasted...all @ the same time

so much's been going on in my life lately...hopefully it'll all be for good. i know i was made for the spotlight:) but for now i've agreed to step back,stay behind the spotlight till the drums roll out for me, now thats something to look forward to. i was going to do a mummy post on how much i love that mother of mine, but i'm too lazy to think and write something personal. all i can say is i love you mom with all my heart(and this isnt in the cliche way, i promise) and you're my hero. happy mothers day...belated!

i decided to share this poem here, i'm so in love with it, and its such a pity that the author is unknown, if i wrote something like this, everyone would hear my name so much they'd mumble it in their sleep...lol, but seriously. enjoy.

What if I am a Black Woman? Is it a disease?
Well, if it is, I sure hope it's catching
Because they need to pour it into a bottle, label it, and sprinkle it all over the people
Men and Women - whoever loved or cried, worked or died for any one of us.
So what if I am a Black Woman
Is it a crime? Arrest me!
Because I'm strong, but gentle...I'm smart, but I'm learning...I'm loving, but I'm hateful...
And I like to work because I like to eat and feed and clothe and house me,mine, and yours and everybody's
Like I've been doing for the past 300 years.
What if I am a Black Woman?
Is it insane?Commit me!
Because I want happiness, not tears; Truths, not lies; Pleasures not pain; Sunshine, not rain; A man, not a child!
What if I am a Black Woman?
Is it a sin?
Pray for me!And pray for you too,
If you don't like women of color because we are...Midnight Black, Chestnut Brown, Honey Bronzed, Chocolate Covered,Cocoa Dipped, Big Lipped, Big Hipped, Big Breasted, and Beautiful...All at the same time!
So what if I am a Black Woman?
Does it bother you that much because I want a man who wants me...Loves me and trusts me...
Respects me and gives me everything because I want to give him everything back, PLUS!
What if I am a Black Woman?
I've got rights, same as you!
I have worked for them Died for them Lied for them Played for them Laid for them...On every plantation from Alabama to Boston and back!
What if I am a Black Woman?
I love me, and I want you to love me to,But I am, As I've always been,Near you, close to you, beside you...

classic, i find myself mumbling it to myself, it was written with so much passion, i try to imagine a slave black woman 300yrs ago(somehow nina simone fits the part..lol)seating in her shack at the plantation, holding a candle light as she scribbles the words down and same time stirs some soup for her little kids....

i've watched so many recitals of it on youtube, but nothing excites me more than this pwetty little thang with a black attitude reciting it(now is that a good thing? the attitude?)


  1. wow.. nice one.......there's a lot to celebrate in the black woman!

  2. So right on. What if I am a black woman? I have a right to be anything I want to be.

    Nice one and the girl is tew cute with all the attitude.

    I can imagine her as an adult.
    Mothers are the best.

  3. Where did JustDB come from? I thought I was first. :-(

  4. When i think of racism and what the blacks went through, i shake my head..but then I can imagine that it was worse for women...

    My dear, long time and how have you been?

  5. Wow! I LOVE this poem. I am bursting with pride all the time. But right now I'm overflowing.

  6. wow, that little kid is so talented...

    Nice poem, now I love my lips again...

  7. what a girl, what a girl. i really like it though. it made me want to scream from the widows. so what if i'm a black woman?

  8. Wow...........Very nice.
    My crappy non-broadband internet wont let me view the video............*hiss

  9. Hi,

    1st time here.

    ...and what an intro. Verp powerful poem. Will surely come back for more.

    God bless and yes my mum is also a person I adore.

    NB:You have an open invitation to visit my end. I am sure you will have fun.

  10. Lovely post dear.
    There are many reasons to celebrate the black woman.
    But it never helps to be reminded of more.

  11. i am chocolate covered!

    wish i was big hipped tho...lol

    deep,deep and moving!

    i was afraid i was going to have to call out a search for u! how are u?

  12. aww shuks! Everybody better watch out for that diva...

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Exactly...what if??
    You captured the sentiments well. Nice!

  14. Nice one...

    As someone once said..

    "Some say the darker the berry, the sweeter the roots.. I say the darker the skin.. the deeper the roots.."

  15. Ahn ahn...I had to ive it up for this little girl. Loved the attitude she put into the poem...and the poem makes lyrical sense too. Aww!

  16. this is the most darling thing ever! her attitude is faya! and the poem is beautiful...and what if i AM a black woman? we beautiful beyond the surface meyn!


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