love is not a gadget

I've noticed guys love to see chics as gadgets,(well some ladies see guys as gadgets too) you know one of em new toys they're so curious about that they just have to open it up, unscrew every single knot, exposing every hidden wire so they can explore the inside, see how it works, then they dont bother putting it together when they're done or some of them actually try putting it back together, but they just dont get it, they screw it back all wrong, in the process moving a wire or too....its all muddled up, thus it doesnt work properly anymore,and so they walk away, looking for some new, more blinging gadget to play with....its totally mean. thats why we have many broken spirits ploring the earth.

so dont snort at that bitter girl, you dont know what shes been through, shes been explored and exploited and then left alone by some sort of evil spirit in the disguise of a sweet hunky, handsome looking man.

or dont blame that guy that's cute as hell but aviods ladys so much you call him gay. you dont know what some pretty damsels done to him, how shes exploited and left him all bitter.

we've all got to realize that love is not a gadget, love is definately not a toy. becareful how you fiddle with it, cos it might end up in a junk yard when its too broken to be fixed.


  1. Yes oh!
    and we say the good ones have been taken ...NO. we just screwed with the good and left them for dead...PERIOD!

    liking this post a lot:)

  2. how have u been?
    ur right, love aint a gadget...... we never know what others have been through so no use jumping to conclusions

  3. lol @ we caused it?

  4. Very well said... Sometimes though maybe we ask to be heart broken by not seeking definition before crossing some milestones.........

    I have always believed though that internalizing hurt and becoming bitter only hands the victory to the one who caused the wrong in the first place tho......

    P.S. LMAO at your description (Bagucci's final home I hope!)

  5. true talk o...
    basic life lesson this is..

  6. ... er ... and why exactly are sweet hunky, handsome looking men to blame for this?

  7. yes, "love" is not a gadget.

  8. waxing philosophical i see.......

  9. waxing philosophical i see.......


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