Santa baby

Mom got me an ipod nano, I've had my previous ipod for over 4yrs. Twas about sueing me for abuse:)
My christmas list is been ticked off.

Here's britney spears version of santa baby, added my own lines to it

Santa baby
Just slip a personal spa therapist under the tree for me
Been an aweful good girl
Santa baby
A first class ticket to everywhere I want
With a black mastercard to go with it
Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Santa baby,
A fifty four convertable too
Hot red
I'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight
Yeah yeah
(Oops santa, we don't have no chimney so just walk through the door with the papers of ownership)

Santa sugar,
Think of all the fun I've missed
Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed
Think of how I've kept little kids believe in you real
Next year I'll be just as good
If you check off my christmas list

Santa baby
I want a yatch and really that's not a lot,(I could have asked for a jet)
I've been an angel most of the year
Santa baby
So hurry through the door tonight

Santa honey,
there's one more thing I really do need(well there's a lot, but I'll whisper those in your ears when we see)
The deed to a plantinum or gold mine
Santa honey,
So hurry with the purchase tonight

Come sweety santa
And trim my christmas tree,
With jewelry bought at tiffanys
I really do believe in you...sort of
Let's see if you believe in me
So hurry through the mall tonight.

Santa baby
Forgot to mention one little thing
A ring
And I don't mean on the phone
The one that's got those beautiful sparkly stones
Delivered by a man on bended knees
Santa baby
So hurry through with your babys list today.

Ok, so I'm quite bored. We're(sis and bro) on a 3hr road trip from abuja to makurdi. I got to keep myself busy:)
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  1. Just three hours and you're complaining? Have a safe trip and may Santa bring even more gifts. Compliments of the season.


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