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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rest In Peace

I was thinking about death today. That's a subject we never want to talk about, our death.
Am i afraid of dying? NO!!! What i'm afraid of is dying in sin.
More people are dying daily, beautiful, strong, young and full of life. We can't complain that death discriminates. We look at obituaries and think WOW!!! Who would have thought?

Its amazing how much we love to feel grownup, like the 'big' boys and girls of the world, in-charge and on top, but same time act like big babies who can't chew the solid truth. We would rather have it watered down, and made into smoothies for easy digestion, and there goes the stress of chewing and swallowing hard truths, things that need to be thought and talked about.
And so we lie to ourselves, dance around the fleeting thought that's floating at the back of our minds when a person dies, because its just too much info. We're not strong enough to deal with it, the truth.
What you don't know wouldn't hurt you right?
And so we say "RIP my friend, my favorite artist, my brother/sister, see you in heaven"...or, "i know you're smiling down at us."

Do we know for sure a person is in a place of rest?
When a person dies in an auto crash on his/her way from the club, highly intoxicated, pumped with drugs and alcohol...we cry and reflect on how nice he/she was, and we say RIP blocking out the fact that its a black and white case.
Its either he was born again or not. What do we think when the club was his last stop on earth?
Maybe he read his daily devotional and never missed saying his morning prayers. Maybe he never missed the first service in church..... maybe he always paid his tithe and took care of the less privileged....maybe he's got a bible downloaded on his blackberry, maybe he's just the nicest person you ever met.
But we all know there's nothing like being almost born again...you're either all in or all out, hot or cold, no place for lukewarm or like E says you'll be spat out cos you're 'meduim rare' it just wouldn't do. Christianity's been so watered down today its fashionable to be on board, update your bb status or twitter with a bible quote while you're getting drunk in clubs or naked on some married mans bed.
"See, an almost Christian looks right but lives wrong
Can't stand the conviction in Romans so they sit down to be comforted in Psalms
Never understood worship but loved to sing songs like I surrender all. . .MOST
Cuz it's far to expensive to spend your life on something that doesn't appeal to your five senses
see, nowadays, Christianity is like a Louis rag--
no function or use but we just rock it cuz it's stylish
not righteous, but right-ish" Ezekiel
The world is a crazy unpredictable place. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, wars, cancers, Aids, accidents, malaria, headaches.... The world might not end today, but your life may, it could be anything, anything at all... Don't take it for granted that you're still alive, its only by grace.

I'm no judge, but sometimes someone has to cook that big chunk of truth and force us to chew on it even when we don't want to, there's only so much watered down smoothies of truth we can have in our system before it kills us.
I'm not judging, only God knows a persons last moments and if they made it right with him.
I'm only reflecting on what the bible says...
or maybe we all have our different interpretations of the word?
Maybe i'm just too spiritual seating on some self righteous horse because i can no longer get comfortable in the clubs where people seem to have so much fun...who knows?
Maybe i'm taking life too seriously when i ought to chill and relax and just be.
Maybe i'm taking the bible too literal.
Whatever it be....
I can only sigh in pain at the death of another young one and mumble RIP
because like everyone else, thinking anything beyond resting in peace no matter how well we know what the persons life was all about is 'too much info'

I would want it to be said with so much sincerity when i'm gone (in my old old age of course :)) Rest In Peace because i certainly will be by Gods Grace. Will you be resting in peace in eternity?

I knew i had to share this here when i found it. The christian version of def poetry jam(passion for christ movement www.P4CM.com)...wholesome spoken words with so much truth. This piece is 'Almost' by Ezekiel Azounu, read it, its a solid chunk of truth, take time to chew on it and digest, we just have to stop feeding ourselves with watered down smoothie truths...Enjoy!

one of the most dangerous terms in English diction
if it could be translated into audio it would sound like
pbb-bb-bb-bb from the saxophone of Lisa Simpson
two words designed and strategically combined
to form the biggest oxymoron in the history of mankind
But see, as far as the world's concerned, you could live your life vile
and could almost get away with murder if you had a nice smile
you could almost meet folks just to almost sleep around
and stop at your local clinic while you almost had a child.
see, 'almost' is no stranger to Satan. Here's proof:
he only tells lies when they're almost the truth
and it's amazing in our incompleteness we find complacence
but if almost is one of Lucifer's many traits
then we are inadvertently good Satan impersonations
But on the contrary, Christ did his job fully
and he proved he was God when he died on the cross like it was his duty
and to pardon my iniquities that I commited rudely
he resurrected from the grave just to tell death to excuse me
but excuse me, this is your life and that's something I can't impose on
but your body is God's home which was alone about to get forclosed on
See, an almost Christian looks right but lives wrong
Can't stand the conviction in Romans so they sit down to be comforted in Psalms
Never understood worship but loved to sing songs like I surrender all. . .MOST
Cuz it's far to expensive to spend your life on something that doesn't appeal to your five senses
see, nowadays, Christianity is like a Louis rag--
no function or use but we just rock it cuz it's stylish
not righteous, but right-ish
So now all God sees is a pile of ISHmael's when he intended for Isaac's
And we're moved by how we feel so we're saved when we feel like it
so technically we've never really been saved we merely tried it.
So no wonder why we're never sold out when we return it after we buy it
Let me break it down because you need to beware
that your life could lack the very standards that need to be there
Cuz on that final day of judgment while God's receiving his heir
will he say, Son, well done or [spits] medium rare!
Cuz even by earthly standards it would be highly insane
to start spending all of your money days before you almost get paid
like parents, you wouldn't send your kids to a school that's almost safe
and ladies, would you really date a man who claims he's almost straight?
and this is the very thing about God that we all try to get around
but his standards are like between two mountains--no middle ground
so a halfway life is unprofitable to you
cuz after all the Sunday service, Bible studies, and prayer meetings
and everything that goes between, God will say I never knew you
But that's not even the worst part of living your life as neutral
it's that you were once arctic but it is your lukewarmness that is causing him to spew you
and this is the very thing that had me
I was bound and held down by the unforgiving gravity of my spiritual reality
I was a Christian, or at least I portrayed the fantasy
With a filthy personal life but a "God bless you brother, how you doin' sister?" personality
I was a male enveloped by guilt because I was stamped a sinner
My message couldn't be received because I didn't represent the sender yet I was almost delivered
Till that one day when I totally, absolutely and completely surrendered
I took heed to a modern prophet who proclaimed it was time for change
now I'm no longer bound to sin point-blank off the chain
You can ask Umar Abdul Mutallab, he'll tell you the same--
you don't almost go to jail when you almost blow up a plane
like you don't almost go to hell when you almost get saved
despised the cross that he was slain and thus the cause for which he came
but don't worry i'm almost done, but before i leave this stage
we have all worked in sin and death was minimum wage
but if it wasn't for Christ we would have almost got paid.


  1. lol! I can tell whose transcription you used!!! (mine!) awesome poem. loved seeing him.


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