Let the Past be.

You hear of her engagement, be happy for her and stop telling the story of her sleeping around In the past.
He bought a new car, celebrate with him and hush with the snide remarks about how he walked about town so much, he even knew a shortcut to the mainland. Without having to go through third mainland. Well where’s your car?
She just opened one of the biggest spa In town, celebrate with her, and she might even give you a free treatment or two. Stop the vile talk of how she used to bed wet in school and always was in the bottom two.
It's time to stop ripping our guts out at people’s success. You used the term ‘used to’ well they didn’t let the past determine the pathway to their future, and your vile talk and bitterness wouldn’t reverse their achievements. If you’re talking about a persons past then say it as a testimony to what God has done, how far he’s brought them and drop the malicious tone somewhere. Hating on them wouldn’t change their situation.
“People beneath you will always want to pull you down to their level. Shake them off and keep climbing” tony gaskin
Ignore those that talk about you, spend less time worrying about what they say and keep doing what you do that makes you so fabulous.
We all want for people to remain at the place where they were, it’s like there’s this dagger that digs deeper into our guts, the more a person climbs the ladder of success.  It doesn’t matter if you’re clueless as to what the person does, just because he’s out there and you’re not is a federal offence.  Or just because you’re up there and he's catching up makes you cringe with hate. It really Is lonely at the top. you need people up there with you. So celebrate your friends with all sincerity, wish them well, the fact that they can afford the dress you wear doesn’t make you any less than you are but hating on them makes you less than you are.
Insecure, bitter persons are the ones running around with stories to tell. Right in the middle of your celebration they're there, drinking and eating with you and telling the story of how you used to be. Wanting to drown your joy in the pain of your past. The best way to handle them is to ignore them. Your silence just gets them feeling all hot and bothered and stupid.
Even our lord Jesus went through the same .... "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?" Matthew 15:55-56(kjv)
There will always be haters, people ready to point out our little beginings or tainted past in the bid to bring us down and discredit us. But it never stopped Jesus, he still did what he came to do, he didnt go about sulking. Thus it should never stop us from doing what it is we do. Don’t let people use your past to stop you from reaching out to the glitz, glamour and success of your future.
It was my sweet sweet sister’s birthday yesterday, my one and only rasta boogie, my inspector general of English, Miss E. I love her so and yes as usual this is a sponsored shout out… although she doesn’t know she's sponsoring it, I expect a cut from that cheque after shes read this.


  1. haha, sneaky sisterly blackmail. I should get my notebook out each time I see a new post from you. So much to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very true. I liked this post. Thanks.

  3. This is such a great read.....let the past be....silence sure is the best way to go when dealing with people who always want to wave the past in
    front of us
    How have you been?

  4. love it... am going through a similar situation right naw. my cousins wldnt let me be.

  5. wow love it...This is one of my struggles. I thank God i am able to learn a sth from your posts...Godbless you btw i am following u right now :)

  6. Some people don't like people moving up and leaving them down there, hence the hating. But the truth is that when we honestly celebrate people's success, it has a way of attracting good things to us.

    First time here and following. Please, check out my blog at atilola.blogspot.com


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