28... Birthdays and Blessings.

It's my birthday today.
My little vanity party...
The best part about living is being blessed and drenched with grace.
Michael W Smith's 'Grace' is the song my heart's beating to... Grace found me, grace saved me and grace has made my life worth living, despite what life dictates.



  1. Happy birthday and may God's richest blessings abound in your life.

  2. Happy birthday dear. Your blog has been a great encouragement.

  3. Happy Birthday, What a blessing you have been!! I pray GOD blesses you so that you can continue to be a blessing to many and I pray that your fragrance/fame will go forth like sweet perfume attracting people to your gifting and I pray you will carry the fragrance of GOD always and represent HIM good at all times. AMEN

  4. Happy belated birthday. I hope you had an amazing one xo

  5. Happy birthday, Inyamu and more blessings to you :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Inyamu!
    You shine brilliantly always!.....Cheers to the jawdropping expressions of God's Unconditional love and faithfulness for you.
    God bless you.

  7. Oh, I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday! May God grant you your heart's desires according to His will in Jesus name.

    P.S. I actually thought there were 28 shots of your lovely face. Turns out there are 15. Yes, I counted. :D

    1. lol, i counted as well! should have done 28...

      Amen to your prayers and thank you!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday dear .....many blessings!

  9. Happy birthday. I wish you many more years of divine health, love, joy and peace.

  10. Thanks everyone for the wishes. God bless you loads.

  11. Happy Belated.

    Wishing you many more...


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