True Confession... I Am A Nudist!

I’m a nudist!

Well, not really. Although, I wouldn’t mind being one if I could make myself invisible like in the cartoons. The heat has been awful. If you live in Nigeria and you don’t agree with me on the heat, then please can I be your new best friend? Can I move in with you for a couple of weeks and experience your weather?
It’s been hot and the wannabe nudist in me has just been bursting to come out and express itself. But grace has kept me fully clothed. Moments when you question Adam and Eve… The garden was good, why did you have to mess things up?
I longingly look at little kids in vests and panties and I want to be them, I try not to stare too wistfully at the stark naked ones, what joy they must feel on a hot hot sunny afternoon.

But I am a nudist though, when it comes to God, I am unashamedly delightfully a nudist. I rather bare it all; I’d rather be real… folds, flaps, flats and all before Him. I’d rather come as I am. No need dressing up for Him when He already knows it all. The weave comes off, the wonder bra and the waist trainers goes off (no I don’t wear waist trainers, but you get the gist) the butt lifting jeans and the heels come off, the make up stays away. God doesn’t need us dressed up to come before Him. How would He perfect us if we come before Him acting all perfect? He knows our human nature is messed up, it needs more than fitting clothes, and it needs daily surgery to fix all the sags, that’s why He chooses to perfect us Himself. Presenting perfection when we really are broken within… how do we expect Him to fix what we pretend is ok?
“God cannot change what you pretend to be”… Steve Furtick

Eh, no, I’m not asking you to show up in church stark naked! Na, na, na… We would cast that spirit out of you sister!… No, you don’t brother!

Coming before His presence, stripped of all the religious charade as you spend time with Him in prayer, in fellowship…
It isn’t facebook with God! I have come to realize this. And so I drop the façade of perfection in His presence. I am there as I am, me, the messed up one, the hurting one, the sick one, lifting all my insecurities before Him, asking Him those deep questions that release a floodgate of tears… And there before Him, nude in all my humanity, His love is a soothing balm, giving me comfort from the heat, molding me to be the perfect person that I acknowledge I’m not before Him, healing me in places deep within that I dare not speak to anyone about. This is my God!

Try being a nudist… spiritually that is. It’s perfection!


  1. IntereSting analogy... Guess all things are plain before him already anywYs, so there's no point in fronting...

  2. Amen! I think about this often though. Like He can totally see through every thought and intention so i just lay it bare

  3. Being authentic or transparent about your belief in the western workspace - that's the one i struggle with.


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