Red Soles...

I trust my shoes. I trust my heels. It’s a blind trust kind of feeling. I put all my 55+kg on it and expect it to carry me through, and it does. I have never had a heel break on me and I don’t expect to be a victim of that misfortune, because I invest in good quality shoes!
In the world of shoes, one brand stands as queen… the shiny red-lacquered soles, the Louboutin, fondly called Loubs by those intimate with it. Every woman or well, most women dream of owning a pair of this brand, I have one pair, and I love it. There’s this instant va va voom the red soles of my shoe gives me. The last thing on my mind when I’m in my Loubs is a heel break. (I wonder how those super humans with closet full of loubs feel if I feel so cool with myself for my one pair).

I run in them heels, I dance in them heels. I feel super super feminine and beautiful in them heels and I strut my stuff in them heels. Sometimes it hurts, but we don’t let the little pinch of discomfort stop us do we? And how silly it’d be if I feel so uncertain about the ability of my heels to hold my weight that I grab a stick to support me as I walk. I’ve never sat down to analyze the science behind how shoes are able to carry us. I just wear them without giving it a second thought. That’s blind trust!

If you can trust your red soles to carry you through the day or through that event without a walking stick, then it shouldn’t be so hard to put all your weight on God and let Him carry you through life, knowing that He wouldn’t be breaking off on you, He wouldn’t be abandoning you and He will be coming through for you all day, everyday. Like you wouldn’t use a walking stick with your soles, don’t be putting your weight on God and doubting His reliability a lot that you find yourself holding on to options B and C away from His absolute sovereignty. That’s blind trust, what we call faith.

I love Easter. It gave my soul the perfect red soles, the perfect heels to strut through life in. Jesus laid down His life, spilled His blood and asked us to lay our weight on Him. Standing in the blood, we are made perfect and all things are ours. The blood that sets us free and speaks better things for us. I stand on this red sole, and walk in confidence knowing that its not going to cave under me, my weight isn’t too heavy for Him, even with all the baggage I come with. It’s the perfect fit, and even though it pinches sometimes, with trials of untold magnitude when I’m walking in this bloody red sole, it’s worth it. It’s not a hurt that would kill me. Grace is sufficient to keep me walking to the end of it all. For I overcome by the blood of the lamb…(Rev 12:11)

It’s not about me trying to understand the power of the blood of Jesus, like I don’t try to understand how a pair of shoes can carry my weight, it’s about me knowing, believing and trusting that He’s got me, cause my soul’s got the red soles.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track.
Proverbs 3:5-6(msg)

Thank God for the gift of the cross and the power of the blood of Jesus. Have a happy Easter everyone.

This piece was featured on my dearest friend Blazy Fashion's fab blog here.


  1. Hallelujah! Thank God for Jesus.

  2. Absolutely loved this and the beautiful analogy you used.

  3. I appreciate the depth of this post, it filled my heart with warmth and joy from the reassurance of God's love for me.

    Thank you for sharing this Joy.


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