Fake Prophets Be Like....

This video on instagram… both hilarious and truth laden! Got me laughing and got me pensive.

People are so desperate, and desperate people run from the simple solutions to the complicated, because less is more is a farce, but more is a more convincing truth and we have people who have risen to the occasion to take advantage of this situation, preying on the poor poor humans. The self-acclaimed prophets with the same job description as the psychics. We look for a quick fix, ‘magic’ in church that we run from the main deal… The word! We run to the sideshows, the circus houses where ‘magic’ is displayed and as long as there is deliverance ‘drama’ playing out, we’re good. We don’t care to discern if the Spirit of God resides in that house, because we can’t discern in the first place because we have refused to know the word for ourselves. We’re sold to the prophets who can tell us our eyes are brown and our mothers are females.

We’re in the last days talked about in the bible “in confusion, the lying preachers will come forward and deceive a lot of people” Matthew 24:11(MSG)
The other day I read a story of a preacher in SA making his congregation eat grass, the same preacher who stomped on their backs, who made them eat pieces of clothes and the same who made some swallow a live snake. I ask why would they go there? Because the magic that happens there is enough to captivate them and convince them that they should do what he says, because he prophesied that they have eyes to see, or something as captivating as that.

Right here in Nigeria, most houses have their TV tuned to a certain prophet 24hrs. I’m not judging, I have people close to me sold out to this psychic/prophet. Do I hear the word been preached and when I do, do I HEAR the word been preached? Do I see a Spirit filled man? No, all I see is drama, drama so intriguing, that even with my stance as a Spirit filled woman, I get drawn into the show… where the demons entertain us real good with stories that touch, and members of the congregation left intrigued and clapping profusely. Nollywood, watch out for part 5!

Driving into Abuja, you see all sorts of billboards of prophets, and right beside their shinning smiling faces are Nollywood stars… Okon, mama G etc to add flava to the service of the day, those handbills and billboard cement the fact that you’re in for one hell of a live Nollywood show. These churches are filled to the overflow… why are we so easily swayed?
Why do we let bad dreams make us foolish and afraid? Why can’t we pray against them? What happened to taking authority? Because we haven’t read the word to understand just how powerful we are. We need our pastors, but any pastor who makes you dependent on him is a suspect. If he doesn’t try to stir you towards maturing in your walk with Christ, and always has a prophecy for you, then….

Suya nights and koboko nights are not going to kill your enemies/afflictions…
Telling you that someone tied your womb isn’t going to give you a child… the word of God is! Jesus is the answer, so even if your prophet is a professor of prophecy, is he isn’t giving you a solution in the word to the said problem? Or is he demanding a fee? If yes, then you’re just in a magic show house, a circus ring, and a clown in the drama unfolding for the congregation. O, and if you have to pay for every information of doom to be spelt out for you, with no solution, I’m so sorry darling, so sorry that your mind had to be so washed up. Wake up from this sleep sleeping beauty. Let Jesus kiss you awake, and be awake to His word, to the life found in the word. Wake up and break free from this deception.


  1. Inyamu you inspire me to know the deep things of God more and more. God bless you

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