Beautified By Grace...

Heard a song by a talented young lady titled 'Beautified by grace'… and the words have been playing in my head.
Those words mean so much to me, more than words can say. I’ve always been called beautiful, all my life, I grew up hearing how pretty I was from strangers even when I didn’t feel like it. I have been chubby, slim, thin and in-between, and in all that, beauty has remained my constant. Beauty has been a part of my life, like my nose is a part of me… O, some times I see it… well more recently I’ve seen this beauty and basked in it. But the beauty that has floored me, taken over me and driven me crazy is the beauty of grace I have seen in my life. I can’t explain it; it’s beyond the physical of what my nose looks like or the color of my eyes. My goodness, how can anyone ever put to words the splendor of Gods grace and what it does to and for you?

I know just how beautiful I am. I have begun to see what strangers told me from days when I was a little girl… I have begun to see this beauty they talked about, but I see it through the eyes of grace and it makes it even more beautiful, it takes my breath away, as it rightly should. For the beauty of Gods grace should make me die to my flesh. My heart is renewed; fear has taken a back seat and o, the confidence, even in the midst of the uncertainty. Do I make sense?

It’s given me an assurance, given me a stand…. You know how confident we feel when we know we look extra beautiful on certain days? It’s given me confidence.
I can confidently say I’m beautiful. I don’t have to doubt or look for endorsements of my looks via compliments from strangers to know this truth.

You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. ( Isaiah 62:3 AMP)
The word has said it all, I am exceedingly beautiful in the hand of my God. 
Most times, when I get to meet people who've seen my pictures online, they comment on how different I look from my pictures… they say “you look bigger in pictures and you’re so small physically.”
That’s my life… it’s like what I am seen to be in pictures, and how I am seen outside the pictures. I am amplified under the lens of His grace, and I am so small and ordinary outside of this beauty of grace. This grace has given me a new kind of beauty… made me larger than life. Why would I want anything else when I’ve got all the goodness in this?
Listen to and download Beautified By Grace by Naomee Here


  1. Wonderful message in this post. Its nice of you to share, warm greetings!


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