(Was going through my drafts and saw this post I left lounging there since 2013... )

My visit to the dentist was an ego booster. She was impressed with me, said I had perfect teeth, and told me I had no reason to whiten it when I asked her to pimp up my teeth (she may rethink on that now) The nurse who scaled and polished my teeth was more impressed than the doctor. She said I had nice healthy teeth.
I was so proud of myself, I declared on twitter I would smile all day, all year and all century.
I brush, I floss, I chew minty gums and suck on tic tac. I have low tolerance for mouth odor. I have 'smellymouthophobia':)

Thus I got confused when my friend had a dream about me. In it, he gave me a birthday cake, and seated on top of the cake was a toothbrush with toothpaste, close-up toothpaste to be precise. Now that got me laughing... but I must have tried to smell my breath before laughing out loud. You see I laughed at the dream, but I didn't find it so funny.

I tried to go all Joseph on the dream, pulling out interpretations from wherever I could grab them from. Did it mean I ought to drop the Oral B toothpaste for close-up all my life or face the consequences? I mean, why toothpaste of all things? Why couldn't he have seen me flying into the sunset from my private island with my husband and all our children in our private jet?
Or maybe his subconscious was acting out what he thought, that i had stinky breath? Thus the subconscious painted a picture in his dream trying to tell me to brush with close up to get rid of the bad breath or something?

Or maybe I was taking a piss at life and taking it to seriously, maybe his dream was just a dream. Maybe we shouldn't read meaning to everything.
I just checked again, my breath is fresh and clean. In fact, I could be the breath of life to some people, I should breathe into bottles and sell. :)

Moral of the story? After days of pondering, I guess we don't have to think too deeply or read deep meanings to everything, somethings are just what they are. A hello is just a hello, a smile is just a smile and a dream is just a dream...


  1. Loooooooollllll. I have a thousand interpretations for you. Wanna hear?

    Dangerous Sex


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