Inexhaustible... The Life Wardrobe Staple

We buy really expensive things and begin the fine art of saving them! Using them only on special, super special occasions. (Who defines what’s special and what’s not? Like the wedding of your best friend even though it’s low key is special and worth that super exclusive dress, but we shelve it and wear it for that celebrity wedding where we know no one, and just managed to squeeze an invite from the printer, so what makes it special? Well, that’s by the way.)

When it comes to bags and shoes, the higher the price, the lesser the use.
Does it make sense? I buy a pair of shoes from Primark and I use it more than, say a pair of Jimmy Choos (No I don’t own a pair of Choos just yet). When obviously the Primark is of a lower quality and would wear out faster from daily use than a Jimmy Choo used as often. I have the humblest collection of designer bags… a very humble collection, and in this collection I have two Louis Vuitton bags. I have worn the life out of the poor darlings; I mean I paid so much for it so why not use them as often as I want to? Rain, sunshine, snow, headrest and travel companion… I have cheaper bags, but they have come and gone after a few good use but the durability of the Vuitton proves itself. (I have a whole chapter on the beauty of Louis Vuitton in my book. You should check it out. Here)

My sister got a pair Vivienne Westwood shoes I loved, and I went back to the shop soon after to get my pair some years ago. I saw her wear hers recently and I was shocked to see that it looked as good as new…. Mine has been worn out. It’s got scratches on it etc. well, it probably helps that she’s got loads of shoes she’s never used or barely uses and I on the other hand have just a handful of shoes that I use ALL the time. The shoes I spend good money on are worn regularly… I mean it’s expensive so it ought to be durable and usable right?
I’m so over keeping certain things away…. If I’ve got a chance to wear, then wear I would. Every occasion is special, so milk it and look fabulous doing it.

The most expensive pair of shoes in my wardrobe are a pair of Louboutins, I didn’t pay for it, it was a gift from my brother. I couldn’t afford to splurge that much on shoes, I can for a bag though :). My point here is that it was free, and I rock the life out of it. God’s grace is the most expensive possession we have in our wardrobe of life. You may be thinking, but I can’t afford it, I’m a sinner… well, that’s the thing, we can’t afford this precious, valuable thing, that’s why it’s given to us as a gift. God loved us so much, that He sent Christ to die for us and He clothed our filthy selves with His perfect cloak of love and grace. Freely He’s given it to us. So, freely, lets enjoy it. You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich”2 Corinthians 8:9 We cannot exhaust it or wear it out by regular usage. It’s as durable as they come, just like my Vuitton bags have served me in all weathers, grace is ready to serve us diligently in every season.It's inexhaustible.

We can’t have such an expensive item for our use, given for free and hide it away to use on just special occasions while we run around in our cheap shoes, what are we saving the grace for? For finding a wife and husband? We can use it for mundane stuff as deciding between chicken and beef for lunch. It’s not just for when we need favor at interviews or when applying for contracts, it’s for when we want the pimples gone, when we want to look fab in that dress, when the hairline is receding, when we want to lose that weight and when we want to stop being pathological liars and cheats.
We hold on to the law like our less expensive items in our wardrobes and use it everyday (helping ourselves, relying on our cheap selves. For no one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands....Romans 3:20), till the special occasion where we bring out grace from it’s well preserved storage to do one or two things for us.

We can never exhaust this grace, what are you saving it for? We weren’t made to toil the earth…. When you drop grace aside, you toil. We were meant to work in grace, pursue our dreams and purpose in grace, enjoy our marriage in grace, in that way we don’t labor in vain to achieve. Who are we saving it for? Does it make the price Christ paid/the suffering on the cross less painful on Him when we don’t use it always? He’s not worried that like a child who’s given a mobile phone to play with will wreck it, that you will wreck this grace, that’s not for you to worry about. You may eventually wear out your Jimmy choo, or Louboutins or Vivienne Westwood shoes like I did from regular usage, but you can never wear out Gods endless grace. 
Use it daily boo.
Be beautiful everyday. Look good everyday, wear your best everyday even when it’s just a regular day. Who says you shouldn’t use that expensive shoe/jewelry/bag/hair because you laidback today? Who says you shouldn’t bring out that pair of shoe for a night out with your friends where there’s no chance of a photo op for a magazine or instagram to show off? Who says everyday, every outing isn’t a special occasion to shine in grace? Gods grace is sufficient for you in all conditions. (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Like the music minister Chris Morgan sings “Daily as I live, as often as I breathe may my whole life be expressions of your grace….” May our WHOLE life be expressions of His grace, not just a tiny bit, or an occasional bit, but the whole of it, from our waking to our going to bed each day.
My life is an expression of His grace... from the rising of the sun to it's setting, I'm dependent on this grace.

"Grace is sufficient even though we huff and puff with all our might to try and find something or someone that it cannot cover. Grace is enough." Brennan Manning


  1. I did a bit of reading today and certainly this piece of writing is the best piece I have read today and arguably for the month. I love the way you weave words beautifully to pass across a godly message. Your inspiration and depth of analogies is immensely beautiful.

    God's grace is indeed everything. Just like you prayed, 'May our whole life be expressions of His grace...'


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