Incense... A Worship Experience: The Prison Edition!

When I began to understand Gods love, it was hard for me to accept just how deep and unassuming it is. I still struggle with the truth of how great this love is sometimes. You mean the person who hurt me… the murderers, the schemers, even the prostitutes; you mean God loves them as much He loves my then self-righteous self? Yes! And I am required to love them too... We love the people, not their actions, not their sins.

Thus I took incense, worship to the inmates… and as we know what the Nigerian system is like, some are convicted and some have no business being there. We took hope to them; we took the truth of Gods love to them, the beauty of His grace through worship.
As much as we took worship and Gods love to them, we took our love, and this love was in form of items to help make them a little bit more comfortable. We nourished and refreshed their spirits as well as their bodies.

I can't begin to say what impact it had on me. It wasn't arranged the usual way, the way I planned, but it sure was God's way. I saw women at their lowest worship God the deepest... And what presence!!!! The men had a great time as well; the sound out of their block was like one from a football match.

We took Gods love to them and I believe their lives would never be the same again, that something happened from the impartation.
Romans 8:38 is brought to light here… Nothing can indeed separate us from Gods love. Even in their guilt, God loves and does not condemn them or us... That's why He died for us!
So thankful to some of the true worship leaders I know (Paul Amuta, Owie Abutu, Adakole William, Doshai, Tessy Okewu)
who came out to help release the worship of Gods beloved children who didn't know better, made mistakes and found themselves in these unfortunate circumstance.

So thankful that God has so much faith in me to hand me such a precious thing as Incense… I’m so sure I wouldn’t have the guts to move and to do, to obey and to trust Him to come through always if He didn’t pour out His grace that’s more than sufficient to help me believe, be bold and lean on His strength to do this.


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