INCENSE… Five meetings compressed into a less than 60seconds video…  The plans, the steps of faith, the enlargement of heart, the taking God at His word, the trusting Him in the face of brick walls and empty wallets, the friends that held my hand, and the people who believed in the vision… The story so far; Makurdi, Cyprus, Lagos, Abuja, Makurdi Prisons and my heart is overwhelmed and expectant as I plan for the sixth meeting in Makurdi, Benue State. I'm quite excited as it's going to be hosted in the church I've called home this past six years.
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It isn’t a social event neither is it a religious one. It’s not about the church you attend or who sings better. It’s non denominational. It’s a matter of the heart… a love affair, a gathering of people who are encouraged to be bold enough to come as they are, naked and unashamed… you may call it a nudist event and I wouldn’t be offended. We come together as we are to worship… in one voice to sing in response to this love of the Father that is greater than any love we can fathom. It’s a gathering of people who are loved by God… its not about how great a Christian you are… and it isn’t about pointing at how far away you are from God… it is devoid of judgment and graced with love (if anything, it convicts you of the Fathers loving heart towards you) an atmosphere laced with the tangible love of God, the love that covers us and plunges us deep into the waters and releases us to free fall into a Spirit and truth kind of worship… One that sends us away revived to worship in our personal life and live a life style of worship… to live as one who knows he or she is loved by God and so the world is ours to conquer.

There’s something about a gathering of believers to worship, it awakens something within you… it makes your heart burn and revives every weariness in your personal worship life,
We’re not coming for ourselves, to be entertained or to show how righteous we are… its all about one person, one audience, the one who loves us in our sin and in our repentance, the one who cares, the one who’s good. An audience of one… together we burn the incense and we offer it to our king. As we have people to help us release this smoke of sweet incense…we experience the beauty of His tangible presence… the presence that heals, delivers restores, mends broken hearts, enlarges our hearts and cause us to dream big… provides for us, favors us, makes ways and cause walls to fall for our sake.
With lifted hands, we reach out to our Abba Father, and He lifts us up into His arms like the loving Father that He is, and we rest in Him, in an elevated position that shows us that the problems are really as grasshoppers, we are truly blessed and highly favored and loved.
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What better way to spend good Friday than enjoying the love of the Father... That love that made Him give us Jesus!
"The cross was the place where God and sinful man merged with a tremendous collision and where the way of life was opened, but all the cost and pain of the collision was absorbed by the heart of God" Oswald
Its a love encounter... A worship experience to an audience of one.


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