Sweets, Pied Pipers and Manifestations...

Some would call my cousins and nieces spoilt. I would call them spoilt occasionally…. But sometimes I wonder if the term spoilt is used loosely. I think the term is relative. They have the necessary orientation and values planted in their little minds… but the fact that chocolates were such a luxury to me when growing up, shouldn’t make me think they’re spoilt for getting chocolates whenever they desire it… I hardly had any except someone traveled abroad and it was well rationed. Or the fact that taking a bottle of soda from the fridge just like that was forbidden…. I had four siblings and our treat on some nights was a few bottles of ‘mineral’ shared amongst us… kept in the fridge overnight and made into a nice cup of Fanta/coke ‘ice-cream’ now those kids have ice-cream almost every day and every other day when they cry for it, they come to the house and it’s a miracle if they don’t attempt to drink everything they find in the fridge. I join in the indulging of these generation, what puzzles me is when mummy joins as well, like lady you were the one who raised me and you are lenient with them?

To the kids, it isn’t a luxury. Buying packs of candies for them gets them excited but not as carried away as I would have been… they don’t try to keep it to stretch for days, they just eat and eat knowing there’ll always be more. Its not a scarce resource, neither is ice-cream occasional, its an exciting though if I put myself in their shoes and try to rearrange my growing up days.
And I’m sure this has made them less susceptible to strangers luring them with sweets and biscuits, because these are things they have in excess, so don’t come playing that pipe for them expecting that they would dance to your tunes to bye bye land.

That’s how children of God should be. We should be so spoilt in walking in the manifestation of Gods Spirit, and being in environment when it flows freely and is taught liberally. Miracles should flow around us and through us, so much that the supernatural is super natural to us and it doesn’t even have to be spectacular so we don’t scare people, that’s not the idea. There’s healing here… there’s word of knowledge; there’s workings of miracles, we prophesy etc yayyyy… but not yayyy because it’s an uncommon practice, but yayyy for the goodness of God.  In our secular jobs, we operate in the Spirit of seeing and knowing, we operate in the wisdom of God etc. Of course we don’t trivialize them because they occur constantly, we never get used to the joy of it… You see when we get to this point where we are walking in manifestations of the Spirit easily and regularly; we wouldn’t be easily moved by the ‘magic’ churches springing up everywhere.

But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man for profit. 1 Corinthians 2:7
This manifestations has been given to everyone, not just your pastors, but you too, you who has been saved.
Children of God are so desperate for something spectacular, the dramatic… but we’re too sophisticated to go to native doctors and so the native doctors got sophisticated too, they dressed in suits and built bigger shrines and named them churches and children of God are dancing there stunned by magic shows because they are not used to miracles. They love the entertainment they receive where demons throw stunts and act proper nollywood dialogues before they are cast out, where account numbers are called out etc. That’s why they are easily scammed and easily duped, used and dumped. Thus they go around lumping all pastors in a group and cussing out, when their lack of knowledge and understanding led them to the slaughterhouse.
We’re not surprised that God healed… but we’re excited at the multiple ways He shows Himself and that He would choose to use us.

The Spirit of God isn’t for a select group of people, it isn’t just for the pastors or the mature Christians, its for everyone of us… its been given to everyman to profit withal. Ask for a fresh outpouring of the spirit on you, ask for a stirring, desire it, and know that when you ask you are granted and walk in it. Walk in the power gifts, in the utterance gifts etc. God loves you and His spirit is made available to you to profit.
Its not a scarce resource, its flowing all around, and when you’re constantly feeding on it, you wouldn’t be easily deceived when the pied piper pastor comes to deceive with magic tricks.


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