Imagine if a Macdonald staff always goes to have lunch at Burger King.

Imagine a Coca-Cola staff who only drinks Pepsi.

Imagine a Starbucks staff always drinking costa coffee.

Imagine Arik airline md who never flies arik.

Imagine an apple staff who uses only android phones.

Imagine a glo manager using mtn (well, not so far fetched)

Imagine a child of God preaching hate ... that’s what we do sometimes, when we send people out of church for their sins. Refuse to dedicate a child because they’re born out of wedlock.... 
If we send them out where should they get comfort, healing, forgiveness of sins and teachings to overcome from? 

When you’re so numb in your hurt that you don’t feel compassion enough to reach out to the one who’s hurt you in deeds and words when they are in grave danger...

Imagine a Christian preaching hate...


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