Undaunted, Dreams and Fashion...

I bought this Deola Sagoe pants for an event about eleven years ago, and I haven’t worn it since.⁣
And the top about the same time on one of my trips. I only just took the tag off it today. (I only used the top for a photo shoot this year.)⁣
Both were pretty expensive. But as expensive as they were, they were packed and forgotten! ⁣But they didn’t become obsolete all the years I ‘forgot’ them.
Truth is, on this day if I had the same amount of money I wouldn’t have spent it on a pair of pants. The cost of what I wore and the bag I held was more than what I had in my account. But that that’s not a redesign to shy away from shinning because you don’t have the money your outfit insinuates you have at that moment. 
Sometimes we have big dreams that are ‘expensive’ ; profound and a wonder to behold. But after writing the vision down, we fold up because... well, just because life happens.⁣
A lot of expensive, potentially explosive dreams are packed away for flimsy reasons... fear being the root of every excuse.
I believe it’s time for you to look at the ‘lofty’ dream(s), to bring it out from where it’s packed and forgotten, to not be intimidated by it or where you are now and just start.⁣ 
It’ll look just as beautiful now as it looked then when you saw it on the rack and grabbed it as your dream. It’s not going out of style/obsolete. Wear it, it looks good on you. ⁣
After all the body changes I’ve had in ten years, the outfit still fit! You may have had the dream when you were younger, and now in the years between, a lot of things have happened: married, divorced, mother, graduate, drop out etc, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t fit anymore. 
God loves you! You can’t fail even if the path you take meets with obstacles and situations that make you feel like it’s failed.⁣
Gods’ perfect love casts out every fear. Take the hand of Love and walk the path.⁣
“Relax, everything's going to be all right; rest, everything's coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!” Jude 1:3(msg)⁣
It was Color Sunday when Bobbie Houston spoke on this scripture and my heart grabbed at it as I sat there listening...⁣ Today, I’ve published my first book, I host incense meetings even if I can’t sing and I’m quiet daring with the expensive dreams in my heart, because Love is on the way.

Love (Jesus) is on the way... on the path you’re walking to your dreams... He’s on the way, holding your hand and leading you. Step into your dream(s)... things are coming together as you launch out.⁣
If you dreamed it, then you qualify to have it. Don’t disqualify yourself because of the size of it.
How can it fall in place if you never take the first step, by dressing up and showing up?⁣
“You can’t use your current situation to stop yourself from dreaming” - Nkechi Harry Ngonadi @nhn_couture 

Be undaunted... Love is on the way! 
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  1. "How can it fall in place if you never take the first step, by dressing up and showing up?⁣" I wish more people understood the power of that statement. For me. It was life changing. In 2008, just before the end of my NYSC in Ibadan, I was invited to an interview in Yaba, Lagos were I saw other graduates trying to intimidate each other with their 2.1 and 2.2 degrees. I was a bit skeptical as I had a 3rd class, barely making it. Even though only 12 were invited for the interview, 122 showed up all dressed and doing their best to psychologically put the next person down. When I was finally called in. I was interviewed by 4 people who seemed excited about me for reasons I couldn't tell. My interview lasted a little over 15 minutes, much longer that the rest. A few days later I was called and asked how soon I could start.
    That was my first job after graduation. I wasn't the best dressed but I woke up that morning, got dressed and showed up.......and was chosen over 121 other applicants. That job led to my next job where my pay cheque was doubled and then made it possible for me to relocate to the US, where I'm now a US Army soldier......


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