Childlike... Wide Eyed

We should come to a place where we aren’t moved by certain things. A place where we are Lords of things, and not subjects of these luxuries/things. Paul learned to abound and abase…. Doesn’t mean we should want to stay in a destitute place in the name of religion… that’s religion.

Christ said to be child like in our faith…. That is, trusting Him blindly right? We have heard that being preached time and time again.

When I was much younger, I got the opportunity to travel to a certain ‘hostile’ country in Asia. I was in the company of a serving head of state’s son and his two nephews, a serving minister’s daughter, the governor of the central bank of Nigeria’s son, a top air force officer’s daughter, a past head of state's (who’s presently the president) daughter, an oil mans daughter, and a secretary to a state government’s son… I was the ‘least’ in the group when it came to positions of parents, my mum was  ‘merely’ a commissioner, and I wasn’t even to be in that group but for the insistence of a certain governor who put me instead of his son(favors been working for me) But was I intimidated? No! Did I try to suck up to them? No!
I really didn’t care in that way that gets you insecure and hot and bothered and trying to prove yourself.
We were flown in the presidential jet, it felt good, but I wasn’t especially out of this world wowed.

We received VVIP treatment on the trip because we had the head of state of a powerful nation’s child… Ambassadors hosted us; the foreign minister of the nation we visited courted us, and all the way it was courtesy and grace dished out to us.

On our way back to Nigeria, we had the chance to spend time in Paris, but I was in the group that objected vehemently, we just wanted to go home, I just wanted my mummy. Home, where the sheets weren’t five star hotel classified. Home where breakfast wasn’t a spread of all things glorious (and then back to the room to have some kilishi and garri, because what is this life without garri?)

I had my dairy where I documented those nice moments in, but all I wanted to do was go home. I wasn’t impressed by the ‘banquets’ the ambassador prepared for us… I was more interested in using his phone to call home. I wasn’t moved by the hotel meals in two of the countries we stayed in… but I loved the shopping.
We got back to Nigeria at night after two weeks away from home and had the presidential jet waiting to whisk us from Lagos to Abuja… VVIP right? We got to the presidential villa and I refused to come down to greet the president and his wife, I stayed back in the bus because I was sleepy and I just wanted to go home… so I dozed in the bus while some others came down.

That was a beautiful time I had. Thinking about it now, I’m wowed by all I experienced, I was barely a teen then. If it happened today?
I would take selfies with the president’s son… I would post things about the jet and show myself shaking hands with foreign leaders. Show off the gifts we got. Do an insta-story on the grand hotel and grand receptions we got. As much as social media was so far off in the day of my experiencing this, I had a camera and I didn’t even think of taking pictures in the presidential jet… I didn’t see a reason to. I took some vital pictures but not half as much as I could have. I didn’t see why I should suck up to boys; I was at an age where boys weren’t a big deal. No thought of finding a way of becoming the president's daughter-inlaw. lol
I didn’t care about the food; I munched on kilishi every chance I got.

As children of God, these grand things, that really are just little things shouldn’t floor us. Enjoy them, but don’t let them lord over you… fly first class and private if you may, but don’t let it determine how good you feel about yourself as a child of God.
I’m in that place where I want to learn to do just that because God knows, I’m outside that mindset of where I was then. If I’m in a private jet now, not just any, but Nigeria’s own presidential jet, I would post pictures, not just because I want to give information… but because I want to show off (I’m being honest here) I may caption it with a deep quote, but you’ll know as much as I do that I’m rubbing it in your face, especially you, yes you, I really posted it for just you to see… eat thisI’m onboard, and hey look, that’s a selfie with the first son, we’re on bestie levels.
I would rush into the presidential villa before the invite is given and take even more pictures with the head of state and his wife, even if I was tired (because in Nigeria, meeting with men in authority somehow translates to cash gifts)… I’ll be so moved by the food and the ambassadorial treatment, you’d hear all about it.
But that’s because my mind is small and has refused to comprehend my kingship, that even though this isn’t my normal life, I should expect this things and not be so overwhelmed by it that I loose myself.

You enjoy it, but it really doesn’t matter that much.

Posting about your life isn't bad. It entertains us. :) Its fun. But it all depends on the foundation of your mindset... is it to pepper them enough to envy you? meaning your situation in that moment defines you?  Like I said, it is a lesson to self as well.

I was in a luxury car in London recenlty(not pictured). It was so nice to be chauffer driven, and i desperately wanted a picture in it... it was a picture of the movies, the lifestyle, and here I was having a taste of it. I didnt get the picture because... well becasue i realized just how crazy and shallow it sounded. It was going to be a picture where i would pretend I didnt care, it was my everyday reality, it was no big deal... but it was, and what would happen after the hour or two of living the life faded?
I saw a quote somewhere that resounds with this ”detachment is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you

“Real joy is not found in what we own but living for the right purpose”- Joyce Meyer.
 A child is wired to understand what mama Joyce says. That’s why a child would delight with a gift you give, but be sober because as much as they love it, all they want to do is go out and play with Jane…. Well that’s the kids in my day, now kids hardly go out to play. But that child delights in his purpose more than the gifts. His purpose to play and just be wide eyed and mystified by simple things like fireflies and dolls and sand and tickles and asking endless questions that pop up in their minds.

Are you delighting in the material gifts more than your purpose? Enjoy those things, live to the fullest… but don’t get lost in it. Let your purpose be before you, and when those benefits are added to you, delight in them, don’t drown in them.

The songwriter says may we never lose our wonder… "wide eyed and mystified, may we be just like a child, starring at the beauty of our king." – Wonder by Bethel music.

Don’t loose your authentic wonder in the artificial wonder the world presents to you.


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