A Little Bit of Randoms.

I’m really not bothered that I don’t look like the lady in this picture these days. I’ve been going live on Instagram, and it takes an effort to wear lipstick, or make my hair laid and slay my edges. Lock down doesn’t mean we lock up on feeling good. But it is an effort, and so I reach a compromise, I don’t make too much of an effort, but at least, I do try to make an effort. I can’t be scaring people away from my videos looking dishevelled, you never know who’s watching. 

Its been an interesting couple of weeks. I mean Nigeria isn’t in total lock down. I left Abuja for Makurdi just before Abuja was locked down. I wanted to be with my mum at this time. To be close to her and you know… be a source of comfort in this time. 
My sister made a tray of yummy peppered goat and put it on the group chat we the siblings have. That got me reeling with hunger or what we call here in Nigeria “longerthroat” so I mentioned it to my mum, casually. And the next thing I know, the lady is on the phone arranging for a whole goat to be brought to the house, killed and prepared for me. So I had goat meat fried, peppered, as pepper soup.

Isn’t that the love of the father? He sees us, knows the desires of our hearts and even before we ask, he provides. I’m thankful for little mercies, for the gift of family, for the gift of my mum.

Like I mentioned earlier, I started an Instagram live program. A very huge step for me. Standing on a stage before people feels like torture… clicking on that live button is a higher level of panic. But I’m doing it. Daily I wake up to face another day. Is it tiring? Yes it is. Do I want to quit? It feels that way sometimes. It is a sacrifice… to what end? Well it is a walk of obedience, hearing God speak and stepping out with his instruction, knowing lives are blessed. Knowing people are blessed daily. That’s the end, and God knows how much a lot of people need to hear the truth of his word now than never before.
God is not angry with us. God is not punishing the world. He already punished Jesus, laid the sin of the world on him, why would he punish his children this way? Is there judgement coming on the world… yes, I believe so. But not to those who have received Christ. So don’t look at God with weary distrustful eyes, trust Him through this season and ask for wisdom to come out better.
Its going to feel like a whole new world after this, and we need to find our place and thrive in it, as believers, we need the wisdom of God to show us the way and lead us into good success. 

I can’t wait to travel after now. I can’t even begin to picture what international travel would look like. It just took one human attempting to board a place with plastic explosives in his shoes to change the way travelling through airports is. Taking shoes off, and all of that security check. But we trust God, any which way, we’ll be fine, and visiting all the countries on our list. 

So, just in case, you can hop on my Instagram (@inyamuakut) and watch my live sessions at 12 noon daily, except Sundays. 

Stay safe,



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