Come Dine With Me...

Sometimes, after I have been introduced to a restaurant that I like, I would go back alone. Bask in the joy of the new discovery and treat myself either in my day dreams(hahahha) or physically. And then I invite someone else to joy in this new found delight. 


I don’t invite anyone to come with me until I know I can afford to pay for them, just Incase they can’t afford to splurge on eating out in that moment, I make sure my purse can cover what I expect them to order, and if they don’t follow the script, I can still cover what they order. 


Because it’s selfish and wicked to go out to this place I gush about, and order for my meal while they watch me eat because they can’t afford it. Why bring them out if they’re only going to watch me.


Now that’s what it’s like sometimes. People go to church and hear this ‘revelation’ that excites them, or even hear God reveal certain truths to them... and just like that, they rush to post it on facebook even before they have digested it for themselves. The people on their timeline can’t afford to pay for the meal they serve, thus they cause confusion and unnecessary arguments under their post. Because people don’t understand the point they’re trying to make.


Until you’re able to pay for the next man’s meal, don’t take him with you to eat out. Meaning, until you’re able to explain in the simplest terms the words you have heard, don’t feed another person. 


I don’t post all I’ve heard or all I know, and goodness, my head and heart is saturated with so much, some that bless my socks off, others that still get me thinking, because I haven’t fully digested it. But until I catch the spirit of those words, and I’m able to express them in simple terms, I wouldn’t be taking anyone out to eat with me, unless I know they can afford to pay for themselves, then we can discuss these things together and I’ll learn from them as they maybe even pay for me, by broadening my understanding of what I bring to the table.


You don’t just drop ‘Rhema’ you have heard online and then when people come to argue with you because they can’t afford to swallow what you wrote cos they don’t understand it, your responses are so vague and make no sense, making you look foolish, and undermining the truth of what the message hears. You don’t give people a ‘take it or leave it’ clause, when they don’t understand what you’re trying to tell them. That’s wicked and evil.


“He must have a firm grasp of the trustworthy message that he has been taught. This will enable him to both encourage others with healthy teachings and provide convincing answers to those who oppose his message.” Titus 1:9 (TPT)


You must have a firm grasp of the message you have been taught before you run out to serve others, like the scripture above says. People pervert the message of grace because they have not understood it. So they peddle it as a license to sin when in truth, it empowers us to live above sin. They pervert the gospel because in all its simplicity, they’ve put too much spice in it to confuse people. 


“The depth of revelation is by how simple the message is.” Moyo Akin-Ojo


“So train your heart to listen when I speak and open your spirit wide to expand your discernment— then pass it on to your sons and daughters.” Proverbs 2:2 TPT


Train your heart to listen and open your spirit wide to discern so that you can pass it on to your sons and daughters with ease. 

Until you have chewed the word for yourself and broken it down to the simplest bit for easy digestion, don’t be in a hurry to share... even if it’s the truth. Because when you’re unable to answer a question or pay the bill of the meal served... Na problem o. You’ve driven the person further from the truth. 



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