On... Film Tricks.


I was one confused little girl the first time I experienced a sun shower. I just couldn’t fathom how the sun was still shining bright while it was raining. I remember calling out to my brother in wild wonder screaming "JoeJoe, they're doing film trick"(I can still hear my voice say that). Whoever 'they' meant … probably angels, certainly not Hollywood. LOL!
That was my only logical explanation... it had to be a film trick! Where the special effects are always top notch, but so subtle you almost forget it isn’t reality.
I always asked my dad loads of questions when we watched movies... “Daddy, would he die?” “How come this and that…?” I probably learned about film tricks from my endless questions, especially when watching those Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and Terminator movies with incredible fight scenes with my siblings.
Life with God can sometimes feel like a film trick, the way He works… the way He turns situations around. The scripture says “When the Lord turned again our captivity, we were like them that dream...”
How He raises a man from the dunghill and sets him up amongst princes. How He heals the blind and raises the dead. How joy is seen radiating through person who has gone through an earth-shattering experience. How He works miracles.
The wonders of God are like film tricks… that special effect that makes the impossible seem so real; be it the appearance of the rainbow or a beautiful sunset, or watching in awe waterfalls, and how the sea keeps to its boundaries. And thank God, these special effects, are the real deal, often too good to be true, but so God it’s got to be true.
I’m tempted to scream 'Film trick'… as I see the goodness of God play out in my life, the supernatural in and through me, and the manifestation of words spoken over me. The reality of my life is way high above my qualification; not by hustling, sheer grace and favor... May you experience the heaven kind of film trick in your life, the boundless love of God.


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