okayyy. i eat my words, as vile and negative as the taste, how dare i dare to hiss and grumble and cuss the bourne ultimatum movie even before i had deen it...was mad when it was vetoed that we watch it, despite the fact that i didnt want to see it(so broke as i am, had to go with the flow, after all i wasnt paying for jack), was with T and a cousin of mine. But damn! i mean i've read all the three books in that series, but never really grabbed it(and i'm the master code breaking mystery solver...so you can imagine how confused i felt after reading and still being lost), the last two movies identity and supremacy lost me somewhere far off too....but this, i was tripped to the core, had all this flash backs to the book when i watched, and finally got to put some sense in it all, like i couldnt do with the rest.its explosive, action packed, and spice with a little wit, and stunning stunts... i loved it...
my weekends been going nice and smooth so far, was out with big sis T and OD and his friend last night(cant remember his name, but i can remember he is a lawyer),friday and stuff...we were at news cafe at the palms,had fun with the live band, although i kept tapping on my phone all night, doing the text exchange thing...which when others do i feel is so bloody annoying. i was a good spot for a while, by twelveish i was already restless and homeward bound, good thing we took the car or else we'd have had to drag Od to get him to drop us.
hopefully my weekend will only get better....


  1. The bourne books were off the chain!

    I think the movies are too simplistic (I've seen only Bourne Identity though) there's no mention of Carlos who was the reason for Jason Bourne being created. Its like removing Jerry from Tom and Jerry.

    Though I learnt all that is with good reason; Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez aka carlos is still alive and on a life sentence is some french prison and thats why he cannot be mentioned on the movie.

    I seriously wonder how Bourne Ultimatum would be that captivating.

  2. I haven't read the books or really even watched the movie.
    Thanks for stopping by Inyamu-sounds Idoma. Are you from Benue?
    I'd be back Inyamu's Eldorado. Good to know we have an eldorado in blogville!


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