ronney my lunney

Posted by Picasaman u played against chelsea for the community shield, i kept bitting my fingers, worrying myself to the jeepers when we got to the penalty phase, but we came out on top with a 3-0 win...gosh, was i estatic or what? i mean, my eyes were so full with a flood ready to happen when chealsea beat us to take the championship title, this was such a sweet relief.
okay, i love football, but i'm not a fanatical, like to the point of stabbing and fighting over what club beats what, or getting into all those annoying senseless arguements. but i've always been loyal to manchester united, it started with my big uncle, a die hard, travel to watch most matches live fan. i said i loved man u, because i had a and still have this terrible crush on him, i used it to gain favors, then it turned to interest, then a passion....


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