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"I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself." - CS Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

Friday, May 22, 2009

i want to be bigz

 my niece, eager to go out.

i called for a cab about 5mins earlier, i was going to take the girls out. but lil' miss G aka my mummy aka my blanky was so impatient, she kept peeping out through the mail slot and asking when the taxi would be here.
and of cos typical her, 2hours into our outing,she was already tired and wanted to go home NOWWWWWW(after having her mcdonalds that is),sulking,sucking and pulling me outside the shops.

it got me thinking how as children we're so impatient with life, we cant wait to be adults,to be grown ups, to break free from boundaries. we keep peeping out through the peephole of our childhood into the assumed glitz and glam of adulthood and hopping around impatiently waiting for those years to come, but when we're finally let out,we realize its a cold cold world, the glitz and glamor are just illusions, oh we have fun for a bit,but we're tired already and we want to get back into our cocoon of warmth and the wall of innocence that surrounded us.

the irony of life.
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  1. Hmm.. insightful... Maybe as human beings we are always wanting more of what we don't have... The best job, and then after that we suddenly realize its not all it promised to be, the hottest guy/girl on the block only to realize they're not all they promised on the outside...

    Maybe we are just.......wired to long for the next new thing!

  2. odd shey.....we cant wait to be grown then when we are grown we wanna be kidz again....*sigh*

  3. great illustration..... ur so right..... so many times, ive been so impatient to start a new thing and when i eventually do, i really wanna go back to scratch

  4. The irony of life is just too true.
    As we get older, it gets colder...

  5. HA ha ha ha ha! The story of my life! WHeh i was a child and was asked what i wanted to be the answer i responded with was an adult. Now that i'm here i tell myself that i'm not there yet...i still have a few years to get away as a child. Crazy huh?!

  6. "it got me thinking how as children we're so impatient with life, we cant wait to be adults,to be grown ups, to break free from boundaries".....you are dang right!

  7. She and I seem to have a lot in common, I am also impatient to go out and tire out quickly once out….


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