temperature rising....

i woke up with this crazy fever and as i lay there with a temperature of 503(i can swear it was), all i could do was hallucinate that i was lying in moms bed, the smell of her pillow, the feeling of her beside me , rolling over every minute to feel my temperature and ask me how i feel, i clung to that feeling, but the shivers brought me back to my senses enough to realize there was no mummy in bed with me...

next day, i got worse, my throat was burning i could barely take in fluids or food. the question was to go to the GP or not? GP ke? in the peak of the swine flu outbreak...i'd rather die at home. With the whole swine flu wahala, they'd quarantine me for fun and borehamwood news would state "first suspected case of swine flu in borehamwood" lai lai

and like a knight in a shining armor, the mister i think i might be in like with came into London, and in his suitcase were weapons of flu destruction, naija style, the strongest of antibiotics(of course recommended by his doctor) and just like that, after days of constant throwing up, incoherent talks,shivers and nerve wreaking headaches and struggles against baths as exposing my body in any form was repelled by me,in one day,after a dose of the antibiotics i could walk and laugh a little, and look, i'm even blogging today:)
the 100% baby of the house treatment has eased out today, no ones asked me if i want a refill of my tea:( these past days i was waited on hands and foot by everyone including my nieces who were sad i couldn't play or listen to their stories.i miss the attention already:)

and i'm done with my other checkup, i just have to learn to manage myself well. eat healthy, avoid triggers bla bla bla plus i've got to join some silly support groups to discuss and share stories. For the hypermobility thingy, i need to join a group on HMS. most people suggest acupuncture for the pain, but i've read stories i'm not so impressed with in the different forums i've read, says sometimes after the treatment, the pain comes back more intense although you feel relieved initially. anyone have any ideas about that?

so here i am doing the usual blabbing instead of resting in bed like i should, i've been lying down for days and i'm beginning to feel like crap. hopefully i will be well enough to be allowed to have reasonable fun this weekend with some other friend i LIKE LIKE(yeah i like them all). he says hes taking me for dinner on Sunday evening, he wouldn't say where, but says its in park lane, keeping my fingers crossed, hope its the Marriott:) i know, maybe the fevers given me hefty dreams(not like i care, i'm not crazy about food and trying new things, i love my spicy chicken and rice or chips n stuff, i just want to brag a little..."oh, we had dinner at the Marriott the other day) lol


  1. sweetheart i can see u're enjoying being taken care of just make sure u get enuf rest while u're at it

  2. glad ur feeling better........ and better share the fancy dinner story

  3. aww c njoyment, dearie r u sure u ill.....(na harmless question o':-)
    *take care now

    BTW to be sure u r rily resting, wat happened on today's episode of *super story???? (no guessing/ no phoning a friend:-)

  4. feel better soon o

  5. Hope your feeling better madam.
    lovely bloh you got

  6. So glad u're feeling better luv!
    abeg, enjoy the pampering to the fullest.

    take care.

  7. awwww, glad to know u are much better love...will cal later.

  8. FQ, i miss u na, pls come back!

    pele about the malaria (isnt that what it was?), glad u are better.

    u are such a mummy's child! which one is all this dreaming about ur mum covering u...bla bla? agbaya...lol

    Mister who? *cocks eyebrow*

    lmao @ ur auction experience.

  9. and that there in my Avatar is a kiss for u.

    do u mind if i ask exactly what u are learning pain management for? it's okay to tell me it's not my business but i can't help being curious.

  10. lol missy, some hypermobilty syndrome stuff. they tellme i have to pay a prize for being too flexible:)

    would be back soon. i think i'm being held hostage here.

  11. i hate to see you in pain queeny

    take care of yourself sweet pea

  12. Ahh... Trust you're over this now then? Thanks for stopping by.....

  13. sorry about the malaria

    you would not be nigerian if u didnt understand self medication!!!!!!!

    GP's can quarantine you for morning sickness.......flu or fever.you will be cordoned off....

    take care of u......

  14. Sorry to read you are under the weather...do take good care of your self...and with Sis around, you are in good care.

    God bless


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