be prepared.

Its that time of the month again. I’m not meticulous like most ladies, I don’t mark calendars. I just know when the day comes and I’m ready. It starts with the usual, abdominal cramping, bloating, weird food cravings, headaches, muscle aches, moodiness, then breakouts, then I wear a tank top and I feel like somehow my body has been taken over my Pamela anderson.

So imagine you’re a lady, you’ve got all pms signs,but on the day you’re so sure Mary would appear she doesn’t. You keep expecting her everyday, looking out for her. You take time out to calculate and you discover Mary’s about 3 weeks late. In didos words ‘Mary’s in India’ Why? No, you’re not pregnant…you’re sick of expecting her each day, thinking, yes she’s here, and going oohhh, she isn’t, sick of having to stuff your purse with security just incase Mary decides to show. So you forget about her,and go on with life as usual. And then you go for that talked about party in those really smoking hot white pants, feeling all fly in it and putting an extra bounce to your sashay when you notice all eyes on you…till you realize the only reason they’re staring is cos you’ve got company. Mary came back after all, Just as you let your guard down, thus your cute behind's got the map of india splashed on it, a souvenir from Mary. How embarrassing.

So weird but this is what i relate it to, the second coming of Jesus, the expected unexpected. These are the times, the end times, you’re so certain you’ve come to the end, even without the preachers screaming it in your ears. Signs he said will be seen before he comes, famines, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars and rumors of war, plane crashes are more rampant than ever, everything just keeps happening.(mark 13:8)

Thus you have your guards up, expecting him at every and any moment.
You’re spirit filled, going to church, praying without ceasing, being right with him, giving up smoking and drinking, and all the sexing about. You’re waiting for the moment, it wouldn’t be long till you see him riding on the clouds. Any moment now they’ve been saying. But then its been 5years since your spiritual eyes were open, you’re getting tired of being on guard. You didn’t imagine you’d have to wait this long, are they really sure these are the signs,you start to doubt, to question what its all about. Something tells you they saw they same signs a hundred years ago, the great depression, black Monday, world war 2……. But hey the worlds still standing, it hasnt ended.
The doubts start to grow. and as it grows, You start to miss having a smoke,you miss the clubs, you miss mtv and lilwayne and all the hot banging beats. You’re tired of praying into the night, you’re tired of it all, seating bored at home on a Saturday night when your friends go dancing or go out for drinks.Its not fair, you should be having fun too.
So you drop your guard bit by bit. You don’t pray as much, you club just a little, you have a few sticks of cigarettes a day. Who says you always have to attend Tuesday fellowship? You slowly slide back to life as you knew it, the easy way. oh how easy it was to live life without the rules of religion. And then you’re completely drenched in it. You completely forget about church, you’ll find your way back when you’re older, cos really all the pastors and holy of holies in church are all oldies, they’ve enjoyed their lives as its meant to be. Right now you just have to enjoy life as it is.
You forget about the second coming, you forget about the signs, maybe it’s a myth, a fable some disillusioned souls are fretting about. Your unborn children’s children might go through the same things and maybe live through that illusion that the end is near.You forget how wonderful it felt fellowshipping and being drunk in the holy ghost, cos you’re high on some 24 hour champagne diet and everyone in the club seems to know your name. You’re popular again, its v.v.i.p baby.
Then it happens, while you’re doing a strip tease on some table in rehab or say you’re chatting up some girl to take home for the night at insomnia……the trumpet sounds, but its drowned out by the noise of some heavy music blasting at tribeca, only the faithful hear it.
When you realize he’s really come just like you were warned he would, its already too late, CNN and all the news stations, facebook and twitter, bbm and skype will have news of strange disappearance, the clueless with their own idea, but you and many more know what’s really happened. You're stunned. You’ve been left behind…… how could you have been so stupid as to miss it?
"then everyone will see the son of man coming on the clouds with great power and glory. and he will send out his angels to gather his chosen ones from all over the world- from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven" mark 13:26-27

it pays to pay attention to the signs,no matter how long the delay is. be it pms, or the end times. you wouldnt want to be caught unawares.The end may be at the sound of the trumphet or it may be death from a headache.
May we not be left behind in Jesus name.
Reading the tim lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins left behind series has been such an eye opener, you should get it if you can, it sheds light on a lot of things. very insightful.


  1. As a lady, that was a powerful analogy to talk about this message. I have read one of the series and always this teaching. May we not be left behind o..Amen.

  2. Amen. I've always wanted to read the Left Behind Series...I've started on Book 1, but haven't finished. I just know that when I do it would be a real-eye opener like you said.

    The bible says that we should "watch and pray, for we know not the hour..." and like you said people slowly get tired of waiting, especially when nothing seems to be happening.

    Thought-provoking piece, thanks.

  3. i was reading,, it brought back memories of the left behind series.. and then .. you said it..
    God help us to not get tired..amen

  4. Wow!!!...i was totally blown buy this article. Beautiful constructive write-up, i think i need to visit here more often. It is sooo true abt the coming of Jesus, He will come like a thief in d nite, wen no one expects it. God help us stand strong all thru

    Thanks for this!

  5. Yah..that series really did sth to me too.

  6. Great Piece Ma'am.

    We also need to remember that if we die right now, our own Jesus has come. It would be unfortunate to get on the other side and realise that the things we lived for, or the little things we held on to that stopped us from living fully for God through Christ, just weren't worth it.

    Another reason we hold back at times is when we say churhes and pastors are just there for th money...well salvation is so personal and one only has to account for ones's self irrespective of what the person next to you is doing. No matter the level of fakeness, there are true worshippers right next to you and all you have to do is desire this whole-heartedly and the Spirit of God will guide you accordingly.

    Like you mentioned "rules of religion" are indeed enslaving but guess what...True Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life. It's about loving God, loving Jesus soo much...& nuturing an such intimate relationship with Him that you NATURALLY do not have taste for anything that is against CHRIST'S NATURE. You definitely do not need "rules" when you get to this point, you live "above the law". You discover the truly easier and enjoyable life, different from what the world's standard of pleasure and enjoyment. Your spirit just rejects anything or place or type of living that is not of God! When you're at this point, you definitely miss nothing from your past.

    My prayer is that everyone reading this finds this kind of life.

    Well God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 that if we seek with all our heart, mind, soul and strength we can have find Him abnd find the above. That's all. You just have to seek with a no-holds barred search and surrender all of you totally to Christ.

    What is it that you think you have to hold on it your pride, the parties, friends, fashion, music, binges,
    sex...well Christ has the true alternative to all these. He has the alternative to every situation that's seemingly enjoyable but temporary and unfilling, making one go back for more temporary highs. He promises the living water of which you'll drink and thirst no more. Being a Christ-follower doesn't mean the end of life's struggles, but the beginning of a life of perfect peace, joy, love & power above all of life's struggles. You can enjoy life here on earth and yet be ready for heaven at anytime! Isn't that beautiful?

    Well dying now or around till the rapture, let's all BE PREPARED and find Heaven now.

  7. Someone might need to say this prayer now...

    Lord Jesus,

    Right now I lay down my all, all my drawbacks at your feet. I repent of all my sins. Please forgive me. I confess you right NOW as my Lord and personal Saviour. Please come into my life, live in me, change me and make me a whole new creation. Give me the grace to love you and seek your ways with all my heart. The grace to live above sin.

    Thank you saving me and bringing into your Kingdom!


    If you said prayer, go ahead and develop that intimate relationship with Jesus DAILY through worship, prayer and studying the Word of God, the Bible. You will need to fellowship with other true believers in a local Bible-believing and Christ preaching church. Ask the Spirit of God to direct you to true worshippers.

    You're welcome into the Kingdom!

  8. wow! powerful message! thanks

  9. Powerful write up and great analogy


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