I heard my president was dead when I was daydreaming about my life with tony stark....I had just come home from the premiere of Ironman 2 and decided I was going to remarry Tony(I got a divorce somewhere between part 1 and the release of part 2) and that scarlette lady....shame on her, displaying all that sexiness. She should show solidarity to womanhood and hide it all for the sake of we who've got waist that exist like real women should.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand, inbetween daydreaming about a fictious character and wondering if It'd be wise of me to go view the new obsidan collection in this financial times, I heard umaru musa yardua was dead....well we've heard that a dozen times before so I'll rephrase he's officially dead!!!!
Its so unfortunate that the greedy people around him who were drunk with power didn't let him die in peace. Wonder what becomes of them now.
Well at least turai's still in government, sort of, she's the 'wicked' 'tough' mother-in-law to a couple of governors and some...who knows,she might get herself married off next.(Ok, that was mean) hope he found his peace with God. I really do.

Its so hilarious the way Nigerians are now pro Yardua, don't follow naijas, or else you'll be left out cold and alone. Those who called for him to die and 'go away jare' are now top mourners on bbm and all d social networks, saying how sad it is and bla bla bla.
The politics already begun. Those justling for the role of VP et all. I definitely love politics in nigeria, as dirty as it be. it'll be a nice movie to watch, the only dirty movie I'm publicly allowed to enjoy without shame.....from the behind the scenes to the in your face scenes. Things are just getting really interesting in my country.

R.I.P uncle Musa.

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  1. This one is insider information...when i saw this post, I knew you could not be joking about it and then the news confirmed it.

    RIP to our former president.


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